Signs a Leo Woman Is Falling for You (10 ways to tell)

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As radiant as the sun and as dominant as the lion, Leo women are the rulers of their social world. These beautiful women command the spotlight and are generally the center of attention wherever they go. A Leo woman is overflowing with unmistakable charisma and charm and can often seem out of reach to most guys who see her. Despite this, it’s not impossible that that sexy Leo in your life has her sights set on you.

In this guide, I’ll go over some important signs a Leo woman likes you, as well as go over some important personality information relevant to this zodiac sign. To help you gauge your chances at a relationship with one of these beautiful women, I’ll also provide a quick overview of what a Leo woman is searching for in a partner.

Keep reading to find out if your Leo crush is falling for you!

Leo Woman Personality Traits

Understanding a Leo woman’s personality will help you determine whether you’ve got a real shot at romance with one of these vibrant women. Given this, let’s take a look at some important characteristics of a Leo woman’s personality:

  • Full of Life

Ruled by the sun, Leo women are charismatic, energetic, and ready for whatever the world has to throw at them. A Leo woman is constantly looking for the next adventure and is constantly spearheading the next fun activity among her social group. Simply put, these women are totally enthused about life and are among the most positive people you will ever meet. 

  • Extroverted

A natural lioness, Leo women love getting out and meeting new people. They’re the queens of their social circles and thrive off positive social interaction. These gorgeous women simply don’t know how to have a bad conversation and always expect the most out of any given situation. Their strong sense of self enables them to charm just about anyone, meaning these women rarely have a hard time fitting in no matter where they go.

What a Leo Woman Wants in a Partner

Knowing these basic Leo personality traits, it’s time to examine some of the characteristics a Leo woman is searching for in her partner. Specifically, she is looking for someone who is:

  • Competent

Because a Leo woman is the de facto queen of the social jungle, she is constantly in search of her king. This means, in short, that a Leo woman wants a man who is competent at what he does and knows where he is going in life. Though she’s not condescending, she has no interest in men she perceives to be below her in status and is instead attracted to men who are able to achieve something of real value. 

  • Adventurous

It helps if these men are adventurous. This fire sign loves adventure and won’t compromise when it comes to finding a partner who can match (or exceed) her sense of daring and fun. A Leo female thrives off the thrills that can come with adventure and simply getting out and seeing the world and sees this as an integral part of her future and relationship.

Signs a Leo Woman Likes You

Do you check any of these boxes? Then it’s possible that a Leo woman likes you. Still, you’ll want to pay attention to the following signs to be sure:

1. She Surprises You

When a Leo woman is falling in love, she’ll go out of her way to surprise you. She’ll use her natural creativity and passion for the unexpected to give you a gift you could never see coming. Whether that’s something you’ve been wanting for a while or something you never even realized you wanted until you got it, you can bet the gift will be as amazing as the sentiment behind it.

If your Leo crush has been acting this way, it’s a good sign that she’s got some romantic feelings for you, even if she hasn’t confessed them yet. 

2. She Makes Plans with You

Another of the signs a Leo woman likes you is if she’s constantly making plans with you. Here’s the truth: a Leo female is in hot demand, both from other women and men. If she’s carving out time to be with you exclusively, you can bet that she’s into you. Simply put, she won’t spend time or energy on people she doesn’t deem worthy of her time, so you shouldn’t take it lightly if she’s always inviting you out, especially if she doesn’t bring any other friends along.

3. She Hangs Out with Your Family

Leo women in love will also make time to hang out with your family and friends. Inherently social, these women understand the importance of getting close to the people you’re close to if they see you as a long-term partner. If your Leo crush is attempting to get to know your parents, siblings, or closest friends, then, it’s most likely because they are trying to make social inroads with you as a person who will play an integral part of her life. 

Of course, it also helps if you show interest in her family. A Leo woman is proud of her kin and will love the fact that the people she is closest to are getting to know each other. 

4. She Treats You Like a King

A lioness, herself, a Leo woman understands the importance of treating her partner like a king. She will make sure you are taken care of, happy, and on the right track in your life and will always be there when you need her. She’ll also really consider the problems in your life and strive to give you advice that’s appropriate for your situation. At the core of this is her deep desire to make sure her partner is living a life that’s as vibrant and fulfilling as she believes it should be. 

5. She Makes You Laugh

Leo women are naturally charming, but they can turn on something extra for the people they love. One of the ways in which a Leo woman will attempt to win you over is by making you laugh. She’ll exercise some of her hidden wit and will play to your unique sense of humor to try and get you to have a good time with her. If you’ve noticed a lot of this behavior from your Leo crush, it’s likely she’s trying to win your favor. 

6. She Calls You Randomly

A Leo woman in love can’t hide her affection. These women may be the center of everyone’s attention, but it will be your presence she is after. If she’s in love with you, she’ll call you randomly, even early in the morning or late at night. She’ll enjoy simply being on the phone with you, and you’ll likely notice that simply being with you will elevate her mood. 

7. She Creates Sexual Tension

As social magnets, Leo women naturally carry some degree of sexual charge wherever they go. If they’re in love, however, they’ll turn up the magnetism. A Leo woman who likes you will be touchy and will dress sexier when she’s around you, all part of a conscious effort to gain your romantic favor.

8. She Listens to You

A Leo woman might be in popular demand, but she can always make time to listen to the ones she loves. She’ll answer your phone calls when you call her, and she’ll text back when you text if she truly wants you to be a big part of her life. She’ll also be there in those moments when you feel like you don’t have anyone else to lean on. 

9. She’s Always Looking at You

When a Leo woman falls in love, she finds it difficult to turn her attention to anyone but her crush. If your Leo friend is always eyeing you, then, it’s likely that she’s attracted to you and wants to make things more official. This is especially true if she watches over you in public, like a protective lion guarding her cubs, making sure that no other females get close to you. 

10. She Goes to You for Comfort

A Leo woman has many friends, so if she goes to you for comfort, it’s a definite sign of trust—and potentially romantic attraction. Pay attention to it if a Leo female confides in you or tells you something personal, as these social butterflies typically don’t like exhibiting negative emotion. By responding appropriately, you can gain more of her trust and perhaps even more of her affection.

The Bottom Line

For most men, dating a Leo woman may seem out of reach. If you suspect that special Leo girl in your life is sweet on you, however, you’ll want to know what to look out for. In this guide, I went over ten of the most common signs a Leo woman likes you, as well as some important personality and relationship information that can help you tell if she likes you as a friend or as something more.

Ready to make your move? Make sure to use this guide for the best timing and outcome!

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