Leo Man In Bed - 7 Top Tips To Follow!

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Dating a Leo is a rollercoaster ride. They are one of the most passionate zodiac signs that can give you intense pleasure. After all, they are the king of the jungle, and rightly so. 

If you want to know what a Leo man wants in bed and how to turn him on, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about what a Leo man wants. I also highly recommend downloading Leo Man Secrets for even more seductive tips!

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman 

Before you get your Leo man in bed, you need to ensure you are the right woman for him. Here are some of the things that Leo men love:

  • They are active attention seekers
  • They love when people make a fuss out of them
  • They love shiny and expensive objects
  • They are willing to be adventurous, and they will try anything with their woman
  • They love feeling desired and special

These are the five essential traits of a Leo that you can use to your advantage. If you want him to make love to you, then you need to make him feel like the king of the jungle by giving them what they love. Once you do, they will want to be in a relationship with you and take you to the bedroom. 

How To Turn On A Leo Man In Bed 

If you are dating a Leo for a while now, you may have noticed they love it when their ego is boosted. That is what you need to do in bed for your Leo partner, too, so they can be happy. Here are the top ways you can turn on a Leo man in bed:

1. Let Him Lead 

Leo men are incredibly sexual. They have intense passion, and they love to lead whenever they are in bed with a woman. That is why you must let them lead so they can feel turned on. 

A Leo guy derives power from being in control of a situation, be it in the bedroom or outside. So, let him take the initiative. He loves to be dominant, and it gives him an ego boost which turns him on. 

Let the Leo man come up with role-playing ideas or other things they want to do in bed. Once they take the lead, you will see how good he is in bed, and it will be a fantastic time for you as well.

Leo Man Secrets has some great tips on how to turn a Leo into your perfect lover in bed.

2. Flattery Will Get You Everywhere 

The ego of the Leo man in bed loves it when his partner boosts it. That is why flattery will get you everywhere with the Leo man in bed. It will make him happy, and as a result, he will make you happy in ways you never thought were possible. 

You can flatter the Leo man by complimenting:

  • His appearance
  • His sexual performance
  • How happy he makes you in bed
  • How happy you are with him even outside the bedroom

Keep in mind that the flattery should be genuine, and you mean everything you say. A Leo man is highly perceptive, and he will know if you are falsely flattering him. It will shatter his ego, and he will not trust you again. 

That is why you need to ensure everything you say to him in bed is true so you can have a fruitful sexual relationship with him. After all, chemistry is one of the essential traits of a successful relationship.

3. Create A Luxurious Ambiance 

A Leo man loves luxury. He loves it when his woman makes grand gestures that show him how much she loves him. That is why you can turn him on by creating a luxurious ambiance in the bedroom. 

Here are the following ways you can ensure this happens:

  • Open expensive wine or champagne
  • Pamper him in bed by giving him a massage
  • Celebrate and make him feel important by indulging in one of his fantasies
  • Have scented candles and essential oil diffusers everywhere to create the best sexual ambiance

Secretly, a Leo man wants his partner to plan grand romantic celebrations so they can enjoy each other in bed. It is one thing that will turn a Leo man on the most. So, don’t be afraid to go all out because this zodiac sign loves attention.

4. They Love Dirty Talk 

A Leo man will obsess over you if you do dirty talk with him. They love doing it with their women, and it is the best foreplay for them. That is why don’t be afraid to talk dirty with him when you are in the bedroom. 

However, the most important thing to remember here is that you need to do it right. How you deliver your words will impact if your Leo man is turned on or not. Don’t worry, because we know how you can do this brilliantly. 

Firstly, you need to let the Leo man initiate the dirty talk. Once he does, you need to follow his lead and be submissive because they love that. However, don’t mention anything related to physical pain. 

Talking about such things during the dirty talk will turn off the Leo man because doing such acts is not in their personality. They are lions, which means they are incredibly loving, caring, and protective of the people they are close to. Their alpha energy does not allow them to hurt anyone close to them. 

So, keep it dirty and submissive, and he will love that. The Leo man will take the lead and will make sure he delivers what he says so both of you can enjoy each other.

5. Be Considerate 

A Leo man does not like a selfish woman at all. That is because they are givers in bed, and they expect the same from their women. So, you need to be considerate in the bedroom and please him too. 

The Leo man needs to know what you want in bed, but he also wants someone to listen to him and give him what he needs. That is why oral sex with the Leo man is a two-way street. If you want it, you will also have to give it to him. 

Being considerate is one of the best turn on for a Leo man as he will be interested you more than before. He will also be more giving and pay more attention to your needs. The Leo is a giving zodiac once you are attuned to their needs.

6. Match His Passion 

A Leo man is a lion for a reason. The zodiac sign is incredibly passionate, and they want a woman who can match this passion. They love a woman who can keep up with them and spend as much time as they want in the bed with them. 

Once you are in a relationship with the Leo man, you will realize they have a sexual appetite that is never satisfied. They will want to spend a lot of time in the bedroom and be physically close to you. One can feel overwhelmed, but you should be pleased instead. 

If they want to spend as much time as they can in the bedroom, it means they really like you, and they want to love you. So, all you have to do is go with the flow in the bedroom, and the Leo man will fall for you further. That is because all Leo men want an equally passionate woman.

7. Being Adventurous In Bed 

Leo men love adventure. Being in bed with them will always bring new surprises because they don’t like the same routine repeated. That is why you need to be adventurous with him so he can fall for you further. 

You will have to go out of your sexual comfort zone from time to time, but it will not be difficult because Leo men never do anything too difficult. They are not into too many weird things, so that is a worry you should not have. Being adventurous allows women to understand what Leo men like in bed. 

Once you figure this out, you will keep him happy and keep things in the bedroom always fun. Remember, Leo men are always thirsty for adventure and attention. That is why you need to give them a mixture of both in bed to fulfill their fantasies. 

Final Words 

That was your complete guide to making love to a Leo man in bed. Leo men are caring, supportive, protective, passionate, adventurous, and fierce. That is why you need to reciprocate and give him the same amount of love and passion. 


In the end, Leo men want to keep things fun with their partner because that is what helps them thrive in a relationship. Now that you know everything Leo men want, it is time to heat things in the bedroom. With these tips, your sexual life will always be fun, adventurous, and passionate. 

Leo men fall easily for women that give them what they want, so be sure to give all of this. Once you do, you will successfully be with him for a long time. 

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