Scorpio woman in bed 4 steamy tips!

Scorpio woman in bed: What is she like and how to please her

Are you dating a Scorpio woman, and things are starting to get serious? If you’re worried about how compatible you will be with a Scorpio woman in bed, I have some good news. It’s really not too difficult to figure out what this sign likes.

Now that your relationship is getting serious, sexual compatibility with a Scorpio is not the only thing to think about. Keep reading to find out how to connect with her on a deeper level, too. A relationship with a Scorpio is only healthy if she is satisfied in all areas, and not just in bed. Anyway, let’s get back to the matter at hand!

What is a Scorpio woman like in bed?

In order to know what turns Scorpios on, it’s important to first understand what kind of sexual partners they are. Here are some of the most prominent traits of Scorpio women in bed:

  • She is almost insatiable. Scorpios have a very strong sex drive. In fact, they are considered to be the most sexual Zodiac sign. If a Scorpio woman is in the mood to make love to you, she will make it abundantly clear. And don’t be surprised if that happens very often.
  • She can be dominant. Because of their high sex drive, Scorpios can be quite dominant – and even aggressive – in bed. So be prepared to follow her lead and keep up with her seemingly endless sexual appetite. 
  • She puts her feelings into it. It is a common misconception that Scorpios are cold lovers. On the contrary, she will truly make you feel loved in bed. This is also the reason why they’re not too big on one-night stands and casual dating.
  • She likes to experiment. When a Scorpio woman is comfortable with her sexual partner, she will likely want to try out new things. One thing is for sure – she will expand your horizons in bed if you are open to it.

How to please a Scorpio woman sexually?

Now that you know what she is like in bed, it will be much easier to figure out how to please a Scorpio woman. Here are some general guidelines.

1. Take your time

Don’t think that her sex drive means you can just jump straight into it. Scorpios like to feel that they are wanted. Take your time, especially with foreplay. The main erogenous zone of this Zodiac sign is their genitals, but you should still make sure you don’t forget about the rest of her body. 

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2. Focus on pleasing her

Scorpios don’t like selfish partners. Sexual intercourse should be as much about her as it is about you (if not more, if you ask her). Show her that you want her to feel good and get the most out of the experience, too. If you’re not ready to dedicate yourself to pleasing her, don’t waste her time.

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3. Be open-minded

As I already said, Scorpios like to experiment in bed. This can get too much for some people, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you constantly refuse to try out new things, she will quickly get bored with you. Even worse, if you judge her for her experimental nature, you’ll probably never see her again.

That being said, genuine consent is always the number one priority in sex. So if you’re very uncomfortable with some of her ideas, it might be better to part ways (you seem to be sexually incompatible anyway) than to do something you will regret.

4. Don’t always follow her lead

Yes, Scorpios are dominant and aggressive lovers who like to dictate the pace of sex, as well as of the relationship. However, if she is always the one who has to initiate things, it might lead her to believe you’re not as attracted to her as she is to you.

So in order to keep a Scorpio woman, show her that you’re up to the challenge and that you can keep up with her. She will appreciate that you’re reciprocating her level of sexual energy. Consequently, that will also make your relationship stronger as a whole.

Which Zodiac Signs are sexually compatible with Scorpios?

Are you still not sure if you’re sexually compatible with a Scorpio? To make things a little easier, here are the Zodiac signs that click with Scorpios the best:

  • Taurus. Tauruses are dedicated partners, both sexually and emotionally, making them the best sign for a Scorpio woman. 
  • Virgo. Virgos are a very detail-oriented Zodiac sign, and they take their time pleasing their partners. They are sexually compatible with Scorpios but might run into issues on the emotional level.
  • Capricorn. Capricorns are all about pleasing others, so it comes as no surprise that they made it to the list. They are also just as eager to experiment.
  • Other Scorpios. When two Scorpios meet, you can expect either of the two extremes. They will absolutely fall for each other or hate each other from the get-go. There is no in-between.

Improve your relationship with a Scorpio woman in all areas

Exploring each other’s bodies and getting to know each other sexually is a great way to deepen your emotional connection with a Scorpio woman. For her, sex and love are inseparable. But there are other things you can do to make sure the bond between you two stays strong for a long time. This guide – has helped me deepen my relationship with my partner, and it will surely help you, too. Trust me, your Scorpio partner will appreciate it.

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