How to get a Taurus man to chase you

How To Get A Taurus Man To Chase You

In order to attract anyone, you have to first focus on you and being happy.

This is how the law of attraction works, but you can tap into the cozy, well-being energy of Taurus for yourself to increase your chances of getting a Taurus man to notice you for the right reasons.

Relationship Astrology Anna Kovach explains the top mistakes women make when trying to capture the attention of the Taurus man. Find out what they are, so you have an advantage, it’s called Taurus Man Secrets.

An Earth Sign

Taurus is an Earth sign and appreciates the physical world. The zodiac sign Taurus rules the material things we can accumulate like our values, physical possessions, and resources for example money, homes, and transportation.

It is grounded and calming energy.

If there aren’t other aspects of the natal chart that interfere with these positive traits, a Taurus person is naturally responsible and business-minded. They don’t mind hard work and are dependable; many women are attracted to these qualities in a significant other.

Ruled By Venus

Taurus is also beauty and luxury-loving. They are ruled by the planet Venus representing beauty, harmony, love, and appreciation.

Venus is about enjoying the luxuries of life.

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It is a happy and stable sign and its energy is grounded and sensual. They are really tuned into the five senses:

  • Smell
  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Taste

As an Earth sign, they are very physical. A Taurus man probably has a collection of colognes and enjoys his woman to wear lotions and perfumes as well. They enjoy spending money on good food, good harmonious music, and cozy decor.

They enjoy the beautiful things of the Earth.

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Taurus has a good, high-end taste and enjoys the simple pleasures of life such as enjoying a beautiful meal at an elegant restaurant or having a fine glass of wine as they sit and watch the sunset.

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The Taurus guy is concerned with possessions and they are good at accumulating money.

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If he asks what you’re into, I don’t recommend mentioning activities like amusement parks, sports, skydiving, and being spontaneous because he doesn’t find these kinds of activities enjoyable in a romance with a partner and may turn him off.

Let him know you enjoy staying in sometimes.

If you are wanting to date a Taurus man, know that he likes high-end things and surroundings.

He wants someone to wine and dine with and to experience the finer things in life with. I suggest you should start talking to him about a new restaurant that just opened that you are thinking of trying. This will make him a man in love.

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He also may enjoy shopping and receiving luxurious gifts, so you may get his attention when you contact him making sure that you sharing your knowledge of high-end quality labels.

Let him know you’re interested in art galleries and botanical gardens. This will make him feel that you’re on the same wavelength and enjoy the same things in life.

The Taurus man is patient and not the type of partner to rush and if you uphold high standards, he may wait as long as it takes for you.

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Taurus In A Relationship And Compatibility

Once he has you, he can tend to be somewhat possessive because they like to hold on to what they’ve gained. Especially if you made him “earn” your affections. As a stable sign, they don’t like change too much and want things to stay the same.

Fast-paced environments and hyper people make them anxious.

Coming on strong will make him pull back.

Fire signs are not the most compatible with a Taurus because fire energy is enthusiastic. Earth likes to chill, so if you are full of fire, I suggest trying to tone it down.

Taurus rules values and self-esteem.

Carrying yourself as the prize and someone who has high self-worth will be attractive to the Taurus man.

Taurus can tend to have a serious nature, Taurus men will feel comfortable to see you enjoying your life and focusing on the positive.

Astrology is a super powerful entity that once understood, provides an unfair advantage on the dating scene. To find out how astrology can help you to tap into the mind of a Taurus, read this in-depth guide called Taurus Man Secrets.

Taurus Energy

There is a mysterious quality to Taurus and because of their natural magnetic quality (Venus) they often don’t have to chase. Mirroring their calm and harmonious energy within yourself will allow you to match their vibration and hopefully catch their attention.

They aren’t complicated people and don’t care for:

  • Drama
  • Toxicity
  • Being the center of attention

Avoid being:

  • Over-emotional
  • Controlling
  • Problematic

Taurus men are attracted to peace and a cool, calm, and collected personality.

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Their Venus nature makes them very open to compromise in relationships and they prefer practical communication over melodramatic scenes.

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The Taurus Man Committed

Taurus men make great lovers, husbands, and fathers.

Once committed, Taurus men are traditional people and they are very dependable and will make you feel comfortable.

They are very laid back and water signs will find great comfort in being with a Taurus. Find the comfort within yourself to attract these loyal and sensual men.

How To Get A Taurus Man To Chase You

If you are relaxed and enjoying yourself within any environment, Taurus men will feel at ease to approach you.

In order for a Taurus man to chase you, you must be calm, patient, and appreciate yourself and your surroundings. Feel that you deserve the best and expect it. 

Your own self-confidence is irresistible.

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Self-Care Is Important

I find that you need to be a woman who is heavily involved in self-care and feeling good in order to attract a Taurus Man. Going to the spa, decorating your office, and dressing well are good things to practice.

Embrace spending time in nature because Taurus men are highly likely to be an outdoorsy type and will love watching the sunset or exploring different locations as he loves nature. This will make make a Taurus man very happy.

Talk about your love of painting, singing, or dancing.

A Taurus man will appreciate your:

  • Healthy boundaries
  • High standards
  • Elegant taste

Be A Stable Person

If a Taurus man likes you, accept that he is doing things to make you feel comfortable.

He enjoys what life has to offer and he wants to experience that with you.

If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to chase you, have a sense of stability within your life, and have practical long-term goals and plans as well.

The Taurus phrase is, “I have” so you need to have these things in order to attract a Taurus.

Having your own possessions related to finances including, a home, and other material goods are attractive to a Taurus man as it shows that you are independent. He strives for or has obtained these things himself and likes his woman to have the same potential. This will make the Taurus man chase you. 

I suggest being secure and able to provide for yourself when you are ready to date a Taurus. When you have security within yourself and the world, you radiate confidence as well and this will draw the Taurus man to see the confidence you carry because you’re not clinging on to him for your survival.

If you want a Taurus man to chase you and fall in love, tap into his energy by loving and providing for yourself and only expect the best to win his heart.

Before you know it, he will be showering you with the best he can provide and make your dreams come true.

Once you grasp the power of astrology, you’ll soon understand why the regular approach just won’t work with a Taurus man. But that’s okay, as Anna Kovach has got you covered, follow this 5 step strategy in Taurus Man Secrets.

Check it out here.

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