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How to attract a Gemini man Sexually (7 steamy tips)

Are you trying to make your Gemini man take note of you? Does he often call you cute when you’re trying to be sexy? Well, that’s okay – I’ve got you covered, you’re in the right place to find out how to attract a Gemini man sexually. One thing’s for sure, you’re in for a treat.

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The talkative Gemini zodiac sign is the sign of communication and thinking ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini season is between May 21st- June 20th.

It is a mutable sign meaning it is changeable and adaptable. Because of this, their personality can change with different groups of people. The way that it expresses itself can be irregular and flighty.

Traits that describe the Gemini man are:

  • Quick-witted
  • Good students and teachers
  • Messengers of new thoughts and ideas
  • Intelligent
  • Analytical
  • Knowledge-seeking

This sign can also express its energy as:

  • Indecisive
  • Endless talking
  • Non-committal to people, situations or causes
  • Multi-tasking

The Gemini man is on Earth to be a forever learner. They are talented at listening, understanding and talking all at once. They can process information and data.

They tend to experience many kinds of friendships, jobs, homes, and locations.

As an air sign, Gemini’s are on the go. They have lots of acquaintances and large network circles. They know a lot about what’s going on around them.

If you find a Gemini man who is a homebody, they are a productive homebody. You will find them at home writing a book, working on their YouTube channel, learning a skill or studying. Otherwise they are out and about making connections.

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What are Geminis attracted to?

  • Good conversation
  • Mental stimulation
  • Spontaneity
  • Play
  • Multilinguistics

A Gemini man will commit to a relationship where he has his open space to be the people person he truly is. They have big resistance a woman who wants them home all the time, who is jealous, or needy.  They’ll soon bore easily  from this routine. Being held down too tightly makes them want to flee.

Wordplay, smart communication, and clever language is what attracts a Gemini man. If you want to know how to attract a Gemini man, know that he loves a detached, open-minded discussion or debate.

He is attracted to a partner who will listen to his ideas and help expand them. He needs a  woman who believes in him.

He is attracted to a light-hearted person. A Gemini man wants to play and just like Leo’s, they can be child-like. He likes pranks, jokes, exploring, games and engaging activities.

Plan surprise getaways and allow him to surprise you.

What Gemini Men Are Like?

Gemini men love surprises and spontaneity. Plan surprise getaways and allow him to surprise you. He likes to be playful when hes in a comfortable relationship. Be open to his pranks, humor and playful ways. Be silly with him.

He needs variety. He likes to go to random places, hang out with different people and have adventures. He needs his freedom and space.

If you can accept this and not be jealous or offended, you will win his heart and he will start spending more time with you.

A Gemini man can be a smooth-talker. He is the master of communication and can cleverly tell you that he likes you. If he likes you, you may notice that he talks to you a lot about romance, relationships and intimacy, which means he’s curious about knowing what it’s like to be with you.

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Gemini men love to flirt, they revel in the art of romance, they are old school in a sense. They crave change and excitement. Gemini, after all, is a mutable sign which essentially means inconstant in one’s affections. The thought of a daily routine soon is something they don’t want to comprehend. The Gemini man wants mystery, surprises and spontaneity.

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What's Sexy about Gemini Men?

The dual nature of Gemini man means  You may meet the smart, funny, affectionate, pleasing and caring side or the more deep, serious and cold side. 

What’s so attractive about the Gemini man? 

  • Confident
  • Intelligent
  • Funny
  • Daring
  • Adventurous

How to Attract a Gemini man sexually

Flirt to your hearts content

As a Gemini guy, he’s the master of communication. He loves a back and forth volley of flirting. Be careful not to get caught out, he’s like a walking talking dictionary or thesaurus. So make sure to give a little internet search to good words to use.

Stay open-minded

The dual nature of Gemini guy means you’ve just got to go with the flow, be prepared for a wild ride. If there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s that your journey is going to be unpredictable. 

Stay open to his playful sense of humor, he like’s to prank and joke around. This is true when it comes to his sexual appetite as well, playful that is. Don’t get too comfortable in your relationship or with the sex you’re having, he’s likely to switch it up and suggest things you might not of done before.

Keep surprising him

Gemini men are daring, they like constant excitement and surprises in their sexual relationship. Take him away for a steamy weekend getaway or spring some new lingerie on him. 

He’ll be intrigued about your alluring ways, and soon you’ll be irresistible. He craves mystery.

Speak out

Gemini’s love to talk and he will notice and appreciate if you are listening. But it’s important that you speak up about things you care about or topics of conversation. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, especially in front of his or your friends. He loves intelligence and confidence.

Be a sociable

The Gemini male needs variety. He likes to go to different places, hang out with different people and have adventures. He needs his freedom and space. 

His social life will be pretty busy, if you want to keep him then you’re going to have to just go with it. I’d suggest getting ahead of it and organize weekends away with his friends. Remember, stand out from the crowd when it comes to parties or gatherings. Mingle with everybody, don’t just hang close to your crush. He needs to know that you can handle yourself, and he doesn’t need to babysit you.

Dress with confidence

Gemini men are visual beings, they are intrigued by a woman who dresses with style. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, he’s craves a woman who is unique and bold. So if you’re one of those who likes to dress vintage or punk rock you’re in luck. This is going to work in your favour, don’t follow trends. Instead set them!

In order to maintain your Gemini man’s attention, try to think of new ways elevate your look, change up those jeans for knee high socks and a skirt. Try to dress in a way, which he hasn’t seen before. Show off your curves and assets! Those subtle accessory additions will go a long way. 

This also applies to the bedroom, the Gemini man wants his sex life to be full of excitement. The Gemini man likes to have a wild sexual relationship. So when it comes to intimacy, try to surprise him with a new kinky outfit. Has he mentioned one of his fantasies? Make sure you surprise him one weekend away, you’ll soon satisfy his sexual appetite. 


Have a sense of Humour

He likes a woman with a cracking sense of humour, someone who is capable of turning the most awkward situation into a joke.

The Gemini male seeks someone who will pick him up when he’s down, someone who doesn’t get uber serious all the time and is just as playful as he is.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, 7 tips to sexually attract a Gemini man. Follow these guidelines and Anna’s advice in Gemini Man Secrets, otherwise your Gemini guy could get bored easily. As long as you remember to be constantly trying new things, both in the bedroom and in social gatherings, you’re on the right track. If you’re a relationship for the long haul, make sure you keep your Gemini man on his toes.

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