How to Attract a Libra man Through Text

How to Attract a Libra man Through Text Messages

Have you found yourself a bit tongue-tied or can’t quite work out the right way to send him a text message without sounding too needy or forward? If so, you’re in the right place.

I’ve been exactly where you are, I’ve dated a few Libra men in the past and believe me when I tell you, they aren’t the easiest to seduce.

The Libra man is very observant and skilled in psychology, so will look into pretty much anything you text him, he’ll overthink even the simplest text messages. 

So if you’re looking to seduce a Libra man via text, make sure to read these nine helpful tips.

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It is important to know that a Libra man is very smooth and charming with his looks and his words. He can entice you into believing that you two can be #relationshipgoals. He’s excellent at telling you what you want to hear, especially handy if you want to fall in love.

The Libra man is very skilled in social psychology. He is a social butterfly who is:

  • Engaging
  • Responsive
  • Extroverted
  • Fair
  • Compromising

He loves all things that are beautiful, especially his woman. He enjoys things that are luxurious and of high-quality.

A Libra man will take time to notice and mention your new hairstyle, makeup, clothing or new purchase and compliment you on it. He wants to see your natural gifts and what makes you beautiful inside and out.

The Libra man keeps himself well-groomed with fresh hair cuts, smelling nice and well-fitting clothes.

He also loves being in a relationship and wants to fall in love with a compatible partner. He’s not only seeking a lover but he’s looking for a best friend, a partner in crime that’ll support him.  Libra men love a partner who is gentle and patient, not insensitive or harsh in their words and behavior, sophisticated and elegant, the Libra guy does not want someone who is clingy. He likes this kind of chase that’s indirect.

He is an air star sign ruled by the planet Venus and loves intelligent conversation, debates, and discussions of all kinds. So you can definitely seduce a Libra man through meaningful text messages that get him thinking about you all day.

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In order to seduce a Libra man via text messages it involves:

  • Flattery
  • Confidence
  • Push and pull flirting
  • Having an interesting life
  • Being allusive
  • Wit
  • Complexity

How to seduce a Libra man via Texting

A great trait about a Libra men, is that they are social butterflies. They want to engage with new people, and feel very comfortable doing this via text. This article will help you attract a Libra man via text messages, all you need to do is sit back and read these 9 tips!

Especially if you often find yourself going to pick up your phone to send a text message to your Libra man, only to not a have a clue what to say. That’s ok! Make sure to read these 9 tips on how to seduce a Libra man via text messages, you’ll of a completely new perspective on how to talk to him.

Pay attention to what he says

A Libra man can easily scope out your desires and taste level. Libra men love when you notice what he likes and doesn’t like. Look for these types of clues when texting. Then you can impress him by making suggestions for dates or getting him gifts that he’ll remember you by. However this means you need to be very attentive to what he’s saying to you, make sure not to miss anything.  Don’t rush to reply to him, first study his message and then reply with a concise witty response.

He also sees this as take-charge behavior and that you can make your mind up about things because he can be a little indecisive.

Text him about a positive moment you shared together such as how you can’t stop thinking about the last time you spent together or how you met.

Be assertive and confident

Libra men need to love someone with goals and life direction. As mentioned previously, the Libra man likes it when you take charge sometimes. He’s the sign of balance and is responsible for juggling a lot in many areas of his life, so he can be attracted to someone who makes decisions quickly. However, you need to be willing to initiate activities for you to do as a couple.

Make the first move by texting him to set up a time to talk on the phone or meet up. Feel free to ask when’s the next day he’s got some free time to be with each other.

Tap into his knowledge

The Libra guy wants a lot of mental stimulation and verbal foreplay. Always ask him questions and be genuinely interested. He’s smart, so don’t try to impress him with all that you know. He’s in the know about a lot of things and it will make him feel good to answer questions about topics he knows about so he can show off his knowledge.

He is flattered by your skills in emotional intelligence and authentically trusting in what he knows.

A creative way to keep his attention through text is to use the voice option to send a message.

Give him plenty of compliments

Your Libra guy is going to compliment you from your looks to the things you’re interested in. As this star sign is ruled by Venus, the Libra man will appreciate your sincere compliments about his style. Always mention how much you liked his cologne the last time you saw each other.

Also, be sure to mention that you notice his efforts in romancing you. Always compliment him on what other people haven’t gotten a chance to see or know about him.

A creative way to keep his attention through text is to use the voice option to send a message. This is a bonus especially if you have a nice-sounding voice.

Make it a two-way conversation

Talk about things that you enjoy to keep yourself entertained. Have fun!

Try to always be aware if you are taking over too much of the conversation. Libra guys are turned off by one-sided, self-centered discussions. He appreciates when you are interested in what he has to say.

Ask him to tell you more about him while mentioning the qualities you already like about him.

Pro tip: Don’t text frequent updates about the mundane parts of your everyday life.

Avoid arguments and conflict

Libra men like to keep situations harmonious. Starting an argument will not help things go in your favor at all because he doesn’t want to fight or have conflict. He does not care for big displays of anger and aggression. You will soon find, he is sensitive to this. Always avoid “yelling” with exclamation points and capital letters. Also, avoid hostile opinions.

Don’t text frequent updates about the mundane parts of your every day life as well. He doesn’t care. Instead find an interesting topic of conversation such as travel or shared interests.

Pro tip: Use emojis to emphasize your words and to keep it fun and light.

Keep the conversation airy and light

Don’t dwell on the same topics for too long, instead find interesting topics to discuss. He appreciates going from one conversation to the next with ease. Try to let the conversation be free flowing. Be open to him analyzing both sides of situations instead of being fixed on one idea.

Some people flirt by poking fun or being offbeat. The Libra man does not find flirting this way and does not like having to stay on their toes because you may say something that pokes at his insecurities or shocks him.

Libra men like positivity. Bringing up traumatic experiences or heavy emotional situations that happened to you can be offputting to him if brought up too soon.

Use emojis to emphasize your words and to keep it fun and light.

Send pics

But keep it classy! The Libra man loves a gorgeous woman. You can attract a Libra man by sending photos of you that play up your feminine aspects like well-done makeup, hair and outfit. He will admire you and you will stay on his mind. One thing to remember is, he will also show you off, so always put on display your best self when texting.

The Libra man is a extremely romantic zodiac sign, so avoid vulgarity as this is a huge turn off to him. He likes tasteful and modest beauty. Make certain to be as humble as possible.

Be reciprocating

A Libra man may be expressive with his emotions and tell you how he feels about all kinds of people and situations.

Make sure to show him that you understand him and that you care too. Text your Libra guy and tell him how he makes you feel when you are with him to show a little vulnerability.

Final Thoughts on how to seduce a Libra Man via text

There you have it, 9 insightful ways helping you attract a Libra man. Don’t be put off, a Libra man might seem to be allusive and complex at first, but once you understand how he works you won’t struggle to seduce a Libra man. 

Looking for more top tips? Check out Libra Man Secrets.

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