How to Make a Leo Man Want You

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Dominant, selective, and wildly attractive, a Leo man doesn’t get with just anybody. 

Leo men enjoy having their pick of the litter and often have many options to choose from.

This means that you’ll need to know just how to win him over in order to make a Leo man want you.

But this is a mere glimpse of what you’ll discover once you read Leo Man Secrets, it was an eye-opener for me, and I’m sure it will be for you too. 

Fortunately, you can do just that with the right steps. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to attract a Leo and make him fall in love with you.

I’ll also go over what Leo men want in a woman and some basic personality traits so that you can up your shots at forming a relationship with men of the Leo zodiac sign.

Keep reading to see what you can do to make your Leo romance bloom!

Leo Man Personality Traits

If you want to make a Leo guy yours, you’ll first need to understand his basic personality traits. One of the most fearless of the Zodiac signs, these men know what they want and how to get it. Generally, Leo guys are:

  • Ambitious

More likely than not, a Leo man has big plans for his life. These guys love setting big goals and doing what it takes to achieve them.

Whether in their home or professional life, Leos focus on things that others may deem too daring or hard to reach.

This drive carries them forward as they chase wild success. This same drive and passion for achievement can be found in their romantic lives, as well, so those looking to date a Leo man must be prepared for it. 

  • Dominant

Like a lion, Leo guys are also dominant. They are the king of the jungle, so to speak, and they command respect wherever they go.

These males aren’t afraid of letting their voices be heard and working things so that they go their way.

The classic alpha male, the Leo man is looking for a woman of a similar brogue to be his queen.

Together, the two of you will be able to do what you want and make everything possible—or at least that’s the way he sees it in his mind. 

How to Make Yourself Desirable for a Leo Man

Keeping this in mind, how can you catch the attention of a Leo man? While it may require some work on your end, it’s surprisingly simple to do. 

  • Be Confident

Want a Leo man to fall in love with you?

Give him something worth falling in love with. Sorry introverts: these top-of-the-pack males love women who are really confident and sure of themselves.

One of the best ways to snag a Leo man is to display confidence in all that you do, from the way you walk to the way you talk.

Open body language is a must. A Leo male wants a woman who is able to communicate and act effectively in social settings, as this confidence matches his and can be a big plus in his own life. 

If you’ve found a Leo man you’d love to know, then, make sure that you aren’t cowering in his presence. Don’t sit in the back of the bar or restaurant where he is and simply hope he will notice you.

Instead, keep your head held high, your eye contact on point, and your posture erect. All of this will tell the Leo man that you are a woman who is sure of herself and ready to take on any challenge—including the challenge of dating him.

By following this advice next time you see him, you increase your chances of being noticed by him (in a good way).

  • Be Outgoing

On a similar note, you should also be outgoing. These men love a woman who isn’t afraid to let her opinions and thoughts be heard. Be the one who directs the flow of conversation and sets the tone for any meeting.

You can be sure that your Leo crush will notice. Simply put, a Leo man loves a woman who can speak for herself and doesn’t back down in the face of the crowd.

That’s because he sees himself as a leader and doesn’t want to be with any woman who can’t match him and his worldview. 

For this reason, be sure to make yourself noticeable when around him. Have the confidence to go up and talk to him and see what he’s all about. Similarly, don’t be afraid to let him know what you think about a variety of topics, and be sure to have an answer for each of his questions.

Don’t allow other women an avenue to come in and steal him away from the conversation. By showing your dominance, you’ll definitely be more attractive in his eyes, and he will already begin to think of ways he can make you his. 

  • Give Yourself Priority

Another way to attract a Leo man and to make him really interested in you is to simply give yourself priority.

At first this may seem counterproductive. After all, shouldn’t you be doing things that make him feel important?

The truth, however, is that you should never let your Leo man think that you desperately need him. Remember: he’s not looking for someone who’s clingy but rather for someone who can hold her own (even with the king of the metaphorical jungle). 

Like a lion, a Leo guy wants to chase his prey. So make a Leo man chase you! He doesn’t want the game to be easy.

Instead, he loves someone with whom he can match wits and truly meet his match. You won’t be able to provide this to him if you’re a woman who simply bows under the pressure of trying to be with him.

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Accordingly, you should work on making yourself more assertive if this type of behavior and confidence is unfamiliar to you. Though it may seem difficult at first, doing so could help you land a Leo man and create real sparks in your love life. 

  • Don’t Shy Away from Yourself

What does this mean for you? In part, it means that you shouldn’t shy away from yourself. Show your Leo man all of you, even your quirks. To him, these will help make you more unique and desirable.

In other words, they’ll cause him to want to find out more about you. If you want to keep him interested in you, you’ll need to be unequivocally you. Let him know what it’s like to be you and to live your life. This will help a Leo become and stay attracted to you.

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This doesn’t mean, however, that you should come across as stuck up and rude. Instead, it simply means that you don’t relinquish your ideas in the face of opposition and are willing and able to stick up for yourself, your opinions, and your friends when the situation requires it.

Make a name for yourself by being nobody but yourself and not letting others walk over you (especially when you are around him). If you can do this, you’ll be the one he will feel like knowing better and more intimately.

  • Boost His Ego

With all this being said, however, you should also be sure that you’re doing your part to boost his ego.

A Leo man loves feeling elite, and one of the ways in which he secures this feeling is from input from those he cares about (and in particular, the woman he cares about).

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Make him feel special by telling him how smart and attractive he is, and be sure to genuinely compliment him when you see he has done something praiseworthy.

Not only does this serve as encouragement for him to keep going, but it also helps guys of this zodiac sign appraise their worth and grow more interested in their partners. 

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If you understand this aspect of Leo personality, you’ll be able to attract a partner of this zodiac and build a relationship that’s unique and special with him. Show him why he’s better for you than other people and how he singularly makes you the happiest woman on Earth. He will undoubtedly pay this back by treating you like a queen. 

The Bottom Line

To get a Leo man to fall in love with you, you’ll have to know the right things to say and do. Fortunately, this guide makes that easy with common Leo personality traits and some proven-effective tips at making Leo guys more attracted to you.

If you’re looking to catch the attention of that sexy Leo man in your social circle, you’ll want to make sure to follow the tips and tricks in this guide. 

By making yourself more confident, outgoing, and flattering, you’ll find that getting to know a Leo man isn’t as hard as it initially seemed.

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Those these lion-like men are some of the most popular of the entire zodiac, you can snag one of them with patience and dedication.

Be sure to use this guide as your ultimate reference when doing so to secure your relationship with at alpha Leo male! 

Thus, if you are hungry for more, I invite you to read Leo Man Secrets by top Astrologer Anna Kovach, here’s the link.

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