If we were to line up men out of the entire zodiac and ask someone unrelated to choose which one of them is the player, I could bet we’d get Libra at least 60% of the time. Indeed, Libra men took the art of charming pants off girls to whole new levels. Of course, this gives birth to the question: how to know if a Libra man is playing you? 

Well, it’s hard to tell when they look at you in that… *that* way. But you need to keep a clear head and always make sure to analyze his actions. You’ll find a lot of useful information in this Libra Man Secrets, which I used to refresh my memory a bit when it comes to Libra players. 

1. He keeps his options open. 

A Libra man will never run short of options when it comes to dating. Many of them will keep close relationships with various women so they can dive right into them in case of a break-up. However, when he is really in love, he won’t have eyes for any other woman. This is not to say he won’t continue to flirt. He will. 

But he won’t keep a list of women with whom he wants to get together when you’ve gone out of his life. So ask some more questions about his friends, especially the women, whenever he mentions them. If he is not talking about his childhood friends or if he doesn’t really have any stories including her, you can assume he’s keeping her on the backburner. 

2. He remains friendly but formal. 

Friendly and pleasant are two qualities that make Libras tolerable. A disinterested Libra will keep a close connection, but he won’t go into many details about his life, won’t seem too eager to spend time together, etc. If you feel like you’re being treated in a professional relationship style, your Libra is probably playing you. 

When it comes to a serious relationship, a Libra will probably take out his biggest, shiniest guns. He won’t leave anything to chance. This is why a friendly but disengaged Libra is probably just losing some of your time before he finds the one. 

3. He’s not showing you off. 

Social credit is vital for Libra natives. They usually see their partners as their business cards, which means they won’t miss a chance to show you off to their friends. If you two are enjoying the real thing, you can expect to walk alongside him into all kinds of social events. 

If you’ve been spending an awful lot on his couch and you haven’t met most of his friends, he is probably not that serious about you. Of course, this all depends on the person. Maybe he’s afraid you will think his friends are stupid. Communication is key. 

4. He is overly critical. 

Libras love nothing more than to preserve harmony. In a world where everyone is a Libra, there will never be verbal arguments of any kind. They despise conflict and will do anything to avoid breaking the harmony. Thus, you can expect that he wouldn’t be too eager to pick up fights with you. 

If he’s critical of what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, where you’re going, he might not care about keeping things pleasant between you two. Libras have a sixth sense that tells them when they’ve offended people. 

If he did, he probably knows he did. The sweet Libra man in a serious relationship won’t dare tell you how to live your life. But a Libra player who only wants to get into your pants certainly will. 

5. He cranks up the charm factor. 

By this point, most Libra men should already know they’ve got a superpower on their hands. Their charm is so smooth that it usually gets them out of any problem. Cashiers can’t resist it, taxi drivers can’t resist it, and most women on Earth would have a pretty hard time saying no. 

While it’s perfectly normal to use that charm when you two meet, so he can make a great impression, you should check when he appears most charming later on. Is it right before sex? Is it before he will ask you for a favor? Did it appear after he stood you up or messed up your plans? Then he’s probably using it to get out of trouble, which means he considers he can always use that on you in a pinch. 

6. He doesn’t talk about his feelings. 

Libras aren’t necessarily emotional since they’re Air signs. They prefer cold, hard logic and ideas; they like talking. And a mature, well-adjusted Libra man would love to talk about his feelings from a rational, breezy point of view. 

If he’s avoiding talking about his feelings, you can expect that he doesn’t yet know what to tell you. This can be because there are no feelings at all or because he didn’t get to process them yet. But if you’ve been trying to make him open up for a while to no avail, this man is probably playing you. 

Final Words

Libra men are a phase I recommend everyone to skip, but sometimes that’s not possible. For the brave girls out there chasing Libra men, I feel your pain, and I salute your courage. You need all the help you can get. 

This is why I, once again, come to offer you the holy grail. Libra Man Secrets will teach you all you need to know and more about the twisted mind of a Libra man. I got mine a while ago and printed it out in my office. Of course, I only did that to warn any Libra man that I’m onto him if he dares cross my space. 

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