How to Get an Aries Man Back Fast - 5 Top Tips!

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Getting back together with your Aries ex may not be easy—but it’s certainly possible.

Headstrong, confident, and infamously private, Aries men are hard to win over one time, let alone twice.

That’s why you’ll need to know some important personality traits regarding the Aries zodiac sign, as well some specific strategies if you look to really get an Aries man back.

In this guide, I’ll explain how an Aries man acts post-breakup, as well as detail five effective strategies that could help you get back together with your former Aries lover.

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Else, keep reading to find out more!

Aries Men Post-Break Up

Want to get back together with your Aries man? You’ll first need to be able to read him. Naturally confident and private, these men can behave in a number of ways following a breakup. Specifically, Aries guys are:

  • Reclusive

You don’t need me to tell you what it’s like trying to get personal information from an Aries man. Unfortunately, once a relationship is over, an Aries will be even less inclined to share things about his life with you. They’ll once again box themselves off and keep how they feel hidden, no matter how amicably the relationship between the two of you ended. Obviously, this might complicate your strategies to win back an Aries man.

  • Fast-Moving

Even worse, however, is the fast-moving Aries. If your relationship were rocky for a while, an Aries might be quick to find a new woman. Kings of the jungle, so to speak, Aries guys have their share of options to pick from when it comes to dating. The flip side to this, however, is that an Aries man staying single for weeks or even months could be a sign that he misses you. 

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How to Win Back an Aries Man

With this being said, let us take a look at some potentially useful ways to get an Aries man back after a breakup. These strategies, proven effective in many cases and designed with the Aries zodiac sign in mind, could grab your ex’s attention and make him want to be with you again.

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Specifically, consider doing the following to get back your Aries ex:

1. Compromise

You had to know this was coming. With an Aries man, it’s virtually impossible to get everything you want. There’s simply too much will bundled up inside these men to capitulate—that’s likely why the separation occurred in the first place. If you truly wish to get back with your Aries man, may have to make some compromises. They may even sting a little. 

It’s important that you listen to him, though, and really hear him out. Consider the things he is saying, admit when you are wrong, and be willing to settle on issues of disagreement. This will help show him that you feel strongly for him and that (more importantly) the two of you can make things work despite conflict. Never simply tell him what you think he wants to hear, however, as this can be an instant turnoff—you don’t want to look desperate in front of him.

2. Take Care of Your Appearance

You don’t want to look unkempt, either. Remind your Aries man why he was dating you in the first place. Whenever you’re around him, you’ll really want to take special care of your appearance. One thing is guaranteed: he will miss you more if you are a total knockout. Get the sparks flying again by wearing good clothes and heightening your feminine beauty with great makeup. The goal here is to make him regret ever leaving a woman like you.

If you’re around your Aries ex looking like an eleven out of ten, you’ll play right into an Aries man’s natural weakness. He’ll begin to question why the relationship ever ended anyway, reflecting on his love for you and thinking of all the little things that attracted him to you to begin with (including things of the mind).

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3. Give Him Space

One week post-breakup is not the time to chase your man. Aries men love having their own space, and they’ll likely need it as they assess what went wrong and what they want to do moving forward. The end of a relationship is a confusing time for everyone—including the confident Aries. For this reason, make sure to give him time and the space he needs to cope with the separation and figure out what he wants to do. If you try and win him back too soon, he may feel too pressured and simply decide that things are better with the two of you over.

4. Let Bygones Be Bygones

When the two of you finally do start speaking again, you’ll have to let the past stay in the past. While it’s okay to talk about your former relationship at first and iron out any kinks that may still exist (remembering to compromise, of course), you don’t want to bring up his past wrongs or long expired problems all the time. This is one way of making sure you fail from the get-go because Aries men don’t appreciate being nagged or around negativity. Remember, the goal is to get an Aries man back, not to push him away again.

For the health of your connection, then, make sure you are fresh and new as you court him again, which can help you keep his attention and also help him fall in love with your personality again.

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5. Play Hard to Get

What if your Aries man comes calling first? It’s time to play hard to get. While you don’t want to stay out of his reach, you don’t want to simply leap back into his arms, either. If there’s one thing Aries men love, it’s the chase. By falling right back into his arms, you surrender the charm of your independence, which can be a major source of attraction for Aries men. Be sure to make him miss you. By playing your cards right here, you can get back with your Aries man in no time!

The Bottom Line

Winning back an Aries man isn’t easy, but it can be done with the right know-how and the appropriate steps. With the tips in this guide, you’ll know the things to do to get an Aries man back at your side and loving you like before.

Make sure to follow this piece and keep this advice in mind to increase your chances of getting back together with your Aries ex-lover.

If you’ve hit a brick wall with your Aries man, and he’s not responding to your messages. It’s time to check out Aries Man Secrets by astrologer Anna Kovach. She explains in great detail a step by step way to get your Aries man to fall for you all over again. 

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