How To Get Capricorn Man To Chase You

Relationships can be complicated when you want the other person to come after you. While it is a little difficult, it isn’t impossible, especially when the other person is a Capricorn man.

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This zodiac sign is a little different from the rest and Capricorn men are likely to be attracted by different things than your average man. If you want a Capricorn man to chase you, I suggest you take note of the following tips.

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1. Stay Confident

One of the best ways to get a Capricorn man to chase you is to display your confidence. Capricorns are signs of hardworking and ambitious individuals and are confident about achieving their life goals.

Capricorn men appreciate a woman who stays confident at all times. When your in his friends company always replace any negative words with positive ones, this will show your bright and confident side to the best people in his life.

It is always key to make eye contact when having chats, whether they are serious or joke filled conversations with the guy your interested with as well as his friends. Making sure you are not nervous when you are having a conversation with a Capricorn man, as he will definitely read this signal straight away, let him see your sense of humour, show yourself of to him and express that you are confident as well as being down to earth person, this will definitely want to chase.

This will make a Capricorn man more serious about you, this shows signs that he like you even more. Remember to be proud of everything about yourself and you will get a Capricorn man’s attention straight away.

If you want to know how a Capricorn man feels about you, then it’s time for the book of secrets “Capricorn Man Secrets“. Anna Kovach has all kinds of advice in here that can transform any relationship with this sign.

2. Be Honest And Truthful

Honesty can go a long way in a relationship, especially with a Capricorn guy. This zodiac sign is always appreciative of honesty and truthfulness.

Trust can make a Capricorn man chase and you and once you earn his full trust you will have a long term healthy relationship with him.

Once you get a Capricorn to break down his barriers and their hearts start to melt they will stay committed for their lifetime. A Capricorn man cannot stand lies and feels like the woman is playing games with him, he is some who likes stability in a relationship otherwise he will take this very personally.

For this reason, I suggest make a Capricorn man feel comfortable by establishing trust. By showing him these two things it will get a Capricorn man to chase you for a long time.

3. Don’t Rush Into Things

Having patience is another important thing to consider when dealing with a Capricorn man and you wanting him to be the Capricorn man to you, you will need to not be forward and take the laid back approach.

Start taking things slow between the two of you, when you are starting the romance, and don’t rush into things as your hastiness can ruin your relationship with your Capricorn man.

They usually like to keep it light and make a woman wait. This shows a Capricorn man to get to know that you are truly interested in him, you understand his emotions and are serious about the two of you being serious about each other and, to show him  you’re starting to fall in love with him and this will show them that you are prepared to commit to him long term.

For Capricorn male you need to invest time, effort, and energy to give them the feeling that you want them to come after you. 

When you are sitting down together having a deep talking session, approach him saying that you like to spend some of your free time out with friends, having your families company instead of wanting to spend 24/7 with him and letting him having his freedom if he wants to spent some time with a friend.

This will show you are a professional and mature person. Which is probably what he wants to hear from you.

Let him listen to your emotional side, this may be way to get a Capricorns man’s heart is take a romance nice and slowly and will lead him to be the man to chase you. It may not take a short time but it will be worth the wait.

4. Be Open About Your Life

It is very common for a Capricorn guy to be curious about his love’s interests. They are often intrigued by other people’s experiences.

If you open your soul up to him about your life, getting to know more about who you are, you can get any Capricorn man to chase you for a long time.

Even if you keep things light headed or to open up on more of a deep level he will knows that you like him, talk about your life,  what his career plans are, how you like to spend your free time, tell him some interesting information about you and for him to get to know more about you as this will increase his interest in you.

Tell him about your secrets and next time ask him to share things with you too.

No matter how hurt you’ve been in the past, you will need to start this relationship with a fresh pair of eyes, giving him the chance to make you happy.

You will need to display that you are someone who can slot into his life plan. 

5. Flirt With Him

A Capricorn man is not new to the flirting game. In fact, this sign can make all the other things irrelevant if you are good at flirting.

Strike up a passionate conversation with a Capricorn guy and add an element of fun to it.

Flirting can also get a Capricorn man to start to chase you and keep the physical connection hot and exciting towards your Capricorn man, healthy and fun to be in.

Start to show affection and slowly seduce him, by luring him to the bedroom wearing a classy dressing gown and lingerie set, he loves someone who is looking attractive and natural avoiding anything to trashy.

He will like to start to take things slowly, cuddling whilst having a deep conversation and looking into each others eyes for a while. It will also help you ensure avoiding awkward conversations and you can focus on enjoying yourself.

6. Get Close To Him

This method always works and you can get any Capricorn man to chase you with it. He will have already built barriers up and won’t just let anyone into his life, so, It is best to start off by becoming friends with a Capricorn guy for a while and understanding each other before you slowly bond and he will start to lower his barriers towards you, showing you more of his softer side as well as on a more of romantic level.

To get a Capricorn to want to pursue you, having a close connection helps lead to making him fully realize that he needs you in his life and he will start chasing you.

Your effort of getting close to him will be seen by him and he will appreciate it and will start to feel completely close to you.

I would recommend you are prepared to discuss things you like and the ones you don’t.

It will also help you learn more things about him before you get into a relationship.

A Capricorn man will always make an effort to do everything right. He will want to take you to the finest restaurants and bars, he will always make sure that you got home safe for example he would insist on paying for your cab. 

7. Tell Him About Your Dreams

A  Capricorn man’s trait is someone who very ambitious individuals and they like women who have aspirations as well.

Sharing your career plans with him is a great way to make a Capricorn man chase you as he will find this very attractive that you are someone who is independent and driven about your life plans.

Telling him about your goals for the future will greatly impress him.

When you share your dreams it will make a Capricorn man will always respect the dreams that you want achieve in your life time he will know that you are driven by goals and value this quality of yours.

While you are discussing this, you can also tell him why you would like to achieve these things in your life time, expand on the reasons why you have these certain goals, it will give him an insight to your dreams, think of your past successes and express the positivity in brought into your life, this will always show him that you’re a confident individual.

Get a Capricorn man to open up to you about his dreams, It is always good to comment on the Capricorns future passion and hear what he is interests are and what makes him happy in life, support and give advice on his personal projects and goals. Remember where focus goes, energy flows.

8. Look Good For Dates

Looking good and attractive at all times is important for any woman. However, it is even more essential if you this gut to be surprised when he sees you and will get the Capricorn man to like you.

Dress attractively according to the situation and wear all things in a glamorous way, even if its smart work wear, your Capricorn man is someone who will notice it straight away. He is a guy that’s likely to chase you if he finds you really attractive all the time and will always leave a reply on the way that you look, whispering in your hear that you look stunning and you’re just his type.

Get a Capricorn man to  see you wearing that favorite dress and expensive shoes of yours looking all sophisticated and someone who knows how to take care of their physical appearance , this will definitely catch his eye and not look at anyone else in the room.

It will also leave a good impression on people around you when they see you look stunning with your Capricorn man.

Showcasing good taste when it comes to fashion is a great way to impress a Capricorn. Dress to impress!

9. Be Transparent When Talking About Feelings

Capricorn men like to keep things out in the open. If you want to make a Capricorn man chase you, you need to be transparent about how you feel. Be clear and straightforward with your feelings so you don’t show signs of nervousness.

A Capricorn man will respect your confidence and guts, falling in love with you. It will also prevent him from interpreting your feelings in the wrong way.

Being transparent and straightforward is extremely important if you want a Capricorn man to be with you.

10. Focus On Enjoying

Enjoying and having fun is crucial for both; men and women. You should know to be confident around a Capricorn man and stop worrying about irrelevant things.

I suggest you keep your focus on spending a good time with the person you like and it will all turn out to be good. Capricorns can sometimes come across as cold, so they will enjoy relaxing from to time to time, so you might find that he might want to enjoy doing things separately, without having to always engage a conversation with each other.

If you’re worrying less and enjoying more, your Capricorn man will also enjoy spending time with you and would love you for it.

Having fun is a sign of a healthy and happy relationship as well. This will make your relationship go from strength to strength.

Live in the present without worrying about what happened yesterday or would could happen in the future, just live in the moment and enjoy each other’s company.

Final Words

It is vital to be confident and goal driven around a Capricorn man. Making a Capricorn fall in love with you is never an easy task. However, if you use these tips, I’m sure you will be able to attract any Capricorn man and make him chase you. 

The Capricorn man is a difficult creature, but there are ways to make him love you. For more advice on how from relationship astrologer Anna Kovach in her book “Capricorn Man Secrets” she provides everything that one needs for this task – I would recommend reading it here!

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