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8 Signs an Aquarius Man Secretly Has A Crush On You

8 Giveaway Signs an Aquarius Man Has a Crush on You [2022]

If you know someone who is an Aquarius, then you would know that people born under this zodiac sign are a hard nut to crack.

They are extremely mysterious and talking to them can make you feel like you are talking to a wall. They won’t give any hint to you even if they are interested in you.

Therefore, it will be hard to find out if an Aquarius man actually likes you or has a crush on you.

An Aquarius man in love or in a relationship will be anything but traditional. They do not like the idea of customs and tradition and will go out of their way to challenge traditional relationships if they are interested in someone.

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This is why it might be hard to detect signs if an Aquarius man likes you or not. You will need to get to know him. Want to find out signs an Aquarius man likes you or has a secret crush on you?

Knowing, where you stand with them, will help you the next time you meet them. Check out the signs below to make sure that an Aquarius man is into you before taking a step further

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When An Aquarius Man Has A Crush On You

8 Giveaway Signs an Aquarius Man Has a Crush on You [2022]

1. He Lets You Invade His Personal Space

Aquarius men are one of the quirkiest men of the zodiac signs. Their personal space and personal life are very dear to them and he likes to stay private and secretive. 

They do not just let anyone invade their privacy, as they are very much reserved. You would never find an Aquarius man giving details of his personal life to just anyone unless he finds you worthy of it.

So, when you notice the men born under this zodiac sign opening up to you about their personal life and insecurities and acting comfortable around you, it is a clear indication that an Aquarius man likes you and wants to include you in his personal life. This man has a crush on you.

2. You Will Be His Best Friend

Out of all the zodiac signs, people born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are famous for their excellent friendships. Being a friend of an Aquarius guy, I can testify to it without a doubt.

An Aquarius man when in love will first try to make you their best friend before pursuing a romantic relationship.

When an Aquarius man likes you, he will try to make you feel comfortable first by being your friend. It is easier for them to share their feelings with their best friend.

Also, according to him, the best tactic to win a girl over is by being their friend first.

So, when you find an Aquarius guy acting like he is trying to be your friend, it is a clear sign of an Aquarius man in love and that he likes you. He wants you to be a part of his life.

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3. He Flirts With You

An Aquarius man is one of the men of zodiac signs who are very reserved and nerdy.

As they are very ambitious, they are always working hard to achieve their goals in life. If he likes someone, you will find it in their actions. Being the best friend of many men born under this zodiac sign, I have noticed many Aquarius men who are nerdy and do not know how to flirt.

Therefore (change to so), watching them flirt with someone is a sign that they like them, or else they would have never taken this huge step. But, this does not mean that they do not have a romantic side.

Aquarius men can be very charming when they want to and make you feel very special even without flirting much.  When an Aquarius guy acts like this, you should know that he likes you. Clear signs he wants you to be in his love life.

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4. He Has Intellectual Conversations

For an Aquarius man to maintain his sanity in this insane world, he wants to have someone with whom he can have an intellectual conversation. An Aquarian man loves doing it as this is very important for him.

So, the next time you notice an Aquarius man having intellectual conversations with you, you should not be taken aback as he is not challenging you, nor does it mean that he does not like you. Indeed, it indicates that he likes you.

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Even if you two have an argument over something, you should not feel there is something to worry about.

This is their way of showing affection and love. It is in fact one of the signs an Aquarius man likes you and finds you worthy enough to have intellectual conversations. When they do this, you should know that they like things about you and want to spend more time with you.

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4. He Will Take You On Dates

My best friend who is an Aquarius male is a huge fan of art and movies. This is how I got to know that all Aquarius men support and encourage art in any form. Besides being projected as nerdy, an Aquarian man has a personality that has a very creative side as well.

So, when an Aquarius man likes you, you will find him taking you on dates to all the creative and artistic spots of which he is a fan.

When an Aquarius male takes you on dates, this shows that he wants to make it work.

The Aquarian man wants to make you a part of their life and make you feel involved in whatever they do, along with their likes and dislikes. He wants to spend more time with you.

This is one of the signs an Aquarius man wants something more than being a friend only and is interested in you romantically.

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5. He Is Affectionate Towards You

An Aquarius male is one of those zodiac signs who are not a huge fan of public displays of affection. If you talk to a friend who knows him, they will tell you how reserved they like to stay.

The Aquarian men act very shy in public and will even hesitate in making eye contact with you.

But, if an Aquarius man likes you and wants to make you a part of their life then it will be a completely different story. One of the signs an Aquarius man likes you is they will start being affectionate towards you both in public and private.

The Aquarius male will make eye contact with you and send all the love your way. He will make you feel special.

When I noticed my Aquarius best friend being affectionate towards a girl and making frequent eye contact with her, I understood immediately that he was into her and wanted to impress her even when he did not tell me.

6. He Acts As Your Fan

When a man born under the Aquarius zodiac sign has a crush on you, it will reflect in his opinion of you. The Aquarius male will be infatuated with everything you do. You will feel like he is your biggest fan and you will have a strong friendship bond.

When my Aquarius best friend had a crush on a girl, he acted like her fan. Everything she did would impress him. For him, it was like she could do nothing wrong. You will know immediately when the Aquarian men want you to be a part of their life or not. You will be best for them.

He will love the way you talk, walk, and smile. This is quite rare, as an Aquarius man never thinks highly of someone except for themselves. This indicates that an Aquarius man is really into you.

He will do anything to impress you just like the way he is impressed with you. In this way, he will make you feel special.

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7. He Intently Listens To You

Aquarius men are the ones that can very easily get distracted. It is very difficult for them to give their full attention to anything, as so much is going on inside their head.

Therefore, a sign that an Aquarius man has a liking for you is that he will listen to you intently and give you all his time.

This is their way of making you feel that nothing is more important than you, and you will know that they like you. This is what my friend did, and he won the girl by giving her his time and doing things that she liked.

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Final Words

An Aquarius man is very mysterious and it is hard to tell what is going on inside their heads. But, if you want to get to know if an Aquarius man likes you, look for these signs that I have mentioned in this article.

 If you want to know more things about an Aquarius man, take some time out and download Aquarius Man Secrets.

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