When a Pisces Woman Is Hurt

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Pisces women are known for being naïve and optimistic. While this makes them great partners, it unfortunately means it can be quite easy to hurt them at times. If you think you’ve said or done something to hurt your Pisces partner, now’s the time to make sure. 

So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about a Pisces woman when hurt.

Pisces Woman Personality Traits

The best way to understand how a Pisces woman acts when hurt is to have a good grasp of the core elements of her personality. For this reason, I’d like to go over two major traits that are characteristic of women of this Zodiac sign.

Specifically, Pisces women are:

  • Sensitive

A water sign, Pisces women adapt to their surroundings—emotionally, that is. These women will pick up on the vibe of whatever place they are in and can adopt it easily. This is especially true when it comes to people. If they feel something is off with the person they love, this can heavily affect their mood and put them in a different headspace.

  • Idealistic

Pisces women are natural optimists and born dreamers. One of their biggest charms is that they always see the best in everything. They are easily pulled into dramatic and daring romances and fall hard for their crushes once they’re in love. 

How a Pisces Woman Acts When Hurt

Given all of this, what behaviors does a Pisces woman exhibit when hurt? Let’s take a close look:

  • She Acts Unpredictably

Partly because they are so sensitive to the people and environment around them, Pisces women can really “go with the flow.” When they are hurt, especially, they may ride the tides of their emotions to some totally unpredictable behaviors. Because Pisces women naturally like to see the brighter side of things, being hurt—and especially, being betrayed—can send these women into a dark space where it’s hard to predict what they will do next.

A Pisces woman may, for instance, seem totally fine one second but then be set off by a seemingly innocuous comment of yours. She may appear happy in the mornings but grow forlorn in the evenings. If your Pisces partner is acting this way, it’s a good sign that you may have said something to hurt her.

  • She Appears Emotionless

There’s also a chance that the beautiful Pisces in your life will simply grow emotionless. Partners of Pisces women should always take this as a red flag, as these outgoing women are generally bubbling with emotion. Instead of saying how she feels and causing conflict, a Pisces woman may simply prefer figuring things out on her own. If this is the case, there’s a strong likelihood that she’s depressed, especially if you’re making no overtures to help her feel better.

If you’ve noticed your Pisces woman suddenly grow flat and lifeless around you, your best bet is to ask her directly what’s on her mind (this is doubly true if you suspect you’ve done something to hurt her).

  • She Pretends Nothing Is Wrong

One likely scenario is that your Pisces woman will pretend like nothing is wrong at all. Here’s the plain truth: even if a Pisces has been hurt deeply, she’d rather cling to her fantasies than admit a harsh reality. She may go through a period of denial and rationalization wherein she attempts to make what happened better than it actually was. In other words, you may not be able to tell at first if your Pisces woman has been hurt.

Over time, however, you can expect her pain to manifest. A Pisces woman’s charming innocence will eventually give way to the reality of the situation, and she will begin to grow dissatisfied in the relationship. This is especially true if you continue the actions that hurt her in the first place.

  • She Becomes Overly Sensitive

On the opposite end of the spectrum, she may make no bones about what’s bothering her. In this case, she will become overly sensitive, overreacting to your statements in an angry or depressed manner. She will take everything you say as slights until the truth comes out in the open. When you apologize to her, she may wax poetically about how you have broken her trust—and will likely cry a lot, too. 

The good news? In many cases, this is just part of a Pisces woman’s coping process, so as long as you didn’t hurt her too badly, this phase shouldn’t stretch indefinitely. To increase your chances of fixing your relationship, make sure you are hands-on with her when patching things up—be sure to hug her, give her compliments, hold her hand in public, etc. These actions should help you get back in her good graces faster and bring her spirits back up to normal.

  • She Gets Passive-Aggressive

While a Pisces isn’t the vindictive type, there’s always the possibility that a woman of this zodiac sign will get a bit passive-aggressive when hurt. Instead of confronting you directly, she may ignore your phone calls, leave you on read, and cancel plans at the last minute. All of these are signals that she isn’t happy in the relationship—and likely because you hurt her. 

If this is the case, make sure to approach her gently and find out what’s wrong. If you’ve picked up on her signals and come to her willing to apologize, she’ll be much more likely to forgive you and carry on as usual.

The Bottom Line

A water sign, Pisces women are some of the most mysterious of the zodiac. They can be equally thoughtful and rash and are charming in their ability to dream without reserve. This natural optimism can be put to the test when a Pisces woman is hurt, however, causing potential personality shifts you may not have seen coming.

Here, I went over some important signs a Pisces woman has been hurt, as well as some traits relevant to this zodiac sign that could help you get your relationship back on track. If you think you’ve hurt your Pisces woman, make sure to review this guide to be sure. 

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