What does it mean when a Taurus man kisses you?

Taurus is a hopeless romantic but does nothing without first calculating the consequences (just like all earth signs). This zodiac sign only kisses when genuinely interested in the person in question. 

So if a Taurus man has kissed you, take it as a very good sign. These natives value security and physical affection, so they wouldn’t give you a kiss if they weren’t aiming for something serious.

He is definitely ready to pursue you, so make sure you let them know you are on board with this affair.

What does it mean when a Taurus man kisses you?

People born under the Taurus constellation are very romantic but don’t fall in love easily. They need to feel secure about their feelings before making the first move in the romance department.

If one of these natives kisses you, it means he likes you. And I’m not talking about a fleeting attraction. He genuinely wants you and is waiting to build a solid relationship together.

Eye contact, long kisses, and a gentle touch are the main ways the Taurus man loves to express his emotions. After all, the Bull is highly sensual and uses physical pleasure to build a strong bond with his partner.

So if he is manifesting any of these behaviors, take it as a passionate love letter.

This person won’t kiss you and disappear like other zodiac signs. For the Bull, kissing is the first step in establishing a meaningful relationship.

What should you do?

The Taurus man doesn’t usually make the first step. He patiently waits to see how the other person behaves and what they will do before making a move.

But once he does, he’ll strive to be in charge of the relationship. So a kiss confirms that he is finally ready to pursue you.

However, he must be sure that you want him to continue courting, so go ahead and text him after he kisses you.

Taurus men don’t initiate conversations. They are too shy and quiet until they are sure of what they want.

The Taurus man is a private person, so it might be difficult to get to know him at first. But once you do, shower him with attention and compliments.

This will ensure he’ll think of you as someone more than just a friend.

Taurus kissing style

Taurus men have different kissing styles, so you can never know what they will offer when you lock lips.

Taurus kisses are delightful, keeping their lips closed one minute and going straight into a breathtaking, passionate kissing session.

The Taurus guy expresses his love and gratitude through kissing. If you are dating one of these natives, you can attest that their kisses are the best cure against the fights and crises you might go through.

You can tell when a Taurus man falls in love because he gives his everything when they kiss.

People with this Sun sign like to intrigue their partners by acting slowly and in a sensual manner.

They love to leave their partner wanting for more, becoming an open highway that offers as much pleasure as possible.

Still, they belong to the Earth element and don’t care about passing flings. They are looking to establish a real emotional connection, so don’t confuse them for a one-night stand.

As soon as the Taurus guy feels comfortable, he will offer the best kisses you’ll ever taste in your life.

Taurus men kiss softly and gently

The Taurus man is a passionate kisser who takes his time to please others. He can patiently wait until identifying the perfect moment for the best kiss, leaving his lover completely delighted.

The Bull loves extra sensory passion and makes a big deal about his intimate encounters. He’ll touch every part of your body with his lips, enjoying every second of it.

He will also use his hands and fingertips during your make-out sessions, enjoying your smell and using every one of his senses to taste what’s happening.

He won’t talk too much during these intimate moments as they are too focused on feeling everything.

However, as mentioned above, his sensual lips won’t be in just anyone. He needs to trust the person he is dating to unleash his sensual talents.

A Word of Caution

A kiss from Taurus doesn’t mean that he is ready to hop into bed with you.

He might be very attracted to you, but he has an old-fashioned approach to love and prefers to take things slowly.

If you dive in too early, he might take it the wrong way. The Taurus guy will think you are only interested in a physical relationship and won’t believe you are ready for something serious.

Therefore, take your time and embrace the slow approach of Taurus before getting intimate.

How to know he is in love?

A Taurus man kisses more intensely when he is in love. He will also look into your eyes while he gently kisses your lips in a slow, meaningful way.

He’ll also kiss you more often, and you’ll notice that your make-out sessions will increase.

Remember that his physical expressions are better indicators of his feelings than whatever he says.


How do Taurus like to be kissed?

Passionately. Taurus natives are very sensual and like to feel their kisses, caresses, smells, and tastes to the fullest. True love is measured by how passionate their kisses are, as they communicate through physical actions instead of words.
How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?
Taurus does not kiss just anyone. Being earth signs, they take their time to decide if the person chosen is the right one. For these natives, a kiss is the beginning of a stable relationship, so if he kissed you, it’s because he is interested in something serious.

How do you tell if a Taurus man is falling for you?

You will realize that Taurus is falling in love with you because his kisses will be longer and more passionate. They communicate their love through the intensity of their physical expressions.

How does a Taurus man express his feelings?

Taurus men are not very verbal and express their feelings through their five senses. That is, they show their love with caresses, kisses, hugs, and deep looks.

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