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Signs a Capricorn Man Is Not into You - 5 Obvious Signs

Capricorn men are among the hardest-working and most loyal of the Zodiac, but it’s not always building a relationship with one. If you suspect that that Capricorn man in your life is pulling away or losing interest, you’ll want to know what signs to look out for.

Learn how to read and understand your Capricorn man’s actions or lack of in Capricorn Man Secrets.

In this guide, we’ll go over some important qualities a Capricorn man likes in a woman and also examine some clear signs that a Capricorn man has no interest in you. Keep reading to find out whether you’ve lost that spark or whether something else is going on.

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What Capricorn Men Like

Let’s start by asking a simple question: “What is it that a Capricorn man likes?” By really understanding the answer, you can better know why you are in your current situation.

Boost your chances of dating success by understanding the following about Capricorn guys:

  • Loyalty

When a Capricorn man enters a relationship, he is going in it for the long haul—and that means years. Unlike other men, he’s not after simple one-night stands or brief flings that lead to nowhere. Rather, he’s looking for someone to spend time with over the long term. For this reason, he is always looking out to see if the person he is with is truly has him in her heart or if her priorities lie elsewhere.

  • Open-Minded

Additionally, a Capricorn guy loves women who are open-minded. Rather than be with someone who is rigid and thinks they know it all, a Capricorn prefers women who are willing to try new things—whether that be in the bedroom or in other avenues of life. To him, this is a sign of her independence and autonomy, which are very attractive to men of this earth sign.

Signs a Capricorn Man Is Not into You

Does the above sound like you? Perhaps it doesn’t. If things still aren’t clear, take a look at the following signs a Capricorn Man doesn’t want to be with you:

1. He Never Talks about the Future

Remember what I said before: nothing excites a man of this Zodiac sign more than talking about the future with the woman he loves. Therefore, you should take it as a major red flag if your Capricorn guy never really talks about the future with you. This is a clear indication that he doesn’t have any desire to build a life with you.

This is particularly true if a Capricorn who used to love this type of conversation with you never engages in it anymore. Once a man of this Zodiac sign loses interest, he’ll totally pull out of planning your life together. As such, you should take it as a warning sign that things have gone south if he never talks about your plans, hopes, dreams, or goals anymore. Simply put, this is a clear indicator that he doesn’t want to make a way forward with you.

2. He’s Always Busy

Do things always seem to be keeping your Capricorn man at the office? Is he never with you like he used to be? While you likely don’t have to worry about your Capricorn man cheating, this reluctance to be around you is a sure sign that he is ready to move on. He may say that he really has too much work or that he has another commitment with friends—and this could even be true in the short term. If these problems become long term, however, there’s simply no getting around the fact that he doesn’t want to do anything with you because he doesn’t view you as a viable romantic partner.

If he’s really started to pull away, it will be hard to get him to come out in the open about how he feels in his heart. For this reason, he may continue to give you the same tired excuses over and over in a bid to not hurt your feelings.

Capricorn Man Secrets by relationship astrologer Anna Kovach provides even more information on Capricorn  males. She tells you everything you need to know to know if a Capricorn man is not into you. Make sure you check it out.

3. He Never Takes Responsibility

If responsibility were a human, it would be a Capricorn man. Knowing this, you shouldn’t take it lightly if your Capricorn partner never takes responsibility around the house or for things that are going wrong between you. He might simply blame everything that’s going wrong on you, even though he never used to do that before. He’ll make excuses to try and get out of prior commitments, no matter how important, and to somehow rid himself of the blame. No matter the situation, he’ll find a way to pin the blame on you.

Trying to talk it out or ask him what’s wrong may not lead anywhere if he’s too far gone. Instead, these guys can refuse to take responsibility until the very end if they are truly done with you and the relationship. If this is the case, this is a clear sign that there’s little sense in continuing further.

4. He Doesn’t Defend You

If your Capricorn guy is quiet when someone does you wrong, something is seriously wrong between the two of you. These guys are known for their loyalty, and they’ll do anything to protect and defend the women they love. If another person insults, demeans, or puts undue blame or pressure on you, then, you should expect your partner to jump up and defend you instantly—if he really loves you that is.

A Capricorn male who doesn’t defend—whether in person or on social media—is definitely not someone who will want to be with you over the long term.

5. He’s Quiet in the Bedroom

Getting to know your Capricorn man, you likely found out that he’s really a powerhouse in the bedroom. With a libido that’s nearly unmatched by other Zodiac signs, a Capricorn man loves satisfying his woman under the sheets. He loves taking his time and giving her exactly what she wants. Whatever the move, he knows the best way to do it. He’ll love to get close to you and make you feel him.

If he’s not doing this or does not make sexual advances at all, it’s clear that he’s lost the passion he once had for you. Under happier circumstances, your man would love spending loads of time with you in the bedroom.

The Bottom Line

Being with a Capricorn man is almost always sweet—but not if he’s decided to move on. If your Capricorn male partner is displaying the actions in this guide, it’s likely that he’s losing interest or even wants to part ways with you. For this reason, I encourage you to sit down and discuss what’s going on to see if there’s hope for the two of you or if things have gone too sour.

Whatever the outcome, I’m sure you can use this guide of signs a Capricorn man is done with you to make the right decision for your relationship!

Capricorn Man Secrets: The Guide to Life’s Most Important Questions is a must read for anyone who has ever been in love with an astrological sign. This book will answer all your questions about Capricorns, from what they’re like as people and how you can reach out if one of these guys likes you back but doesn’t seem interested enough–to knowing whether or not being single forever would bother them too much!

Anna Kovach provides insightful insights into each zodiacal type so don’t miss out on learning more by reading this delightful guide just because it seems boring (it isn’t).


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