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When a Pisces Man is Done with You (8 ways to tell)

When dating a Pisces man, it’s important to watch his behavior. Personality and behavior changes could be a red flag that he is over your relationship. These changes often happen suddenly and could be your warning that your relationship is in trouble.

Not sure what to look for? I’ve got you covered. Below, I’ll go over some of the most common ways Pisces men behave when they are done with you.

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How to tell when a Pisces man is done with you

You may have already noticed that Pisces men show their emotions. This is true at all times during the relationship, but it may be the most important at the end. I recommend keeping an eye out for the following signs to know exactly how your Pisces man is feeling.

1. He Starts Thinking About Himself Only

Pisces men are known for being considerate—when they’re in love.

If you’ve noticed that he’s become more self-centered lately, it may be a sign that he’s over your relationship. He will begin to act more selfishly and may not consider how his actions affect others—including you.

You may experience this in several ways. For instance, he may stop complimenting you or just become more prideful in general. He may also stop talking about the future with you or tell you that you’re holding him back if he does.

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2. He Finds a New Focus

When a Pisces man is done with you, he will move onto other things. Because each man is different, this may change from man to man. You can be sure, however, that his interest will be taken by something else.

For instance, he may find a new hobby or even devote himself to work. His goals and ambitions may change, or he may become particularly focused on one goal. Importantly, this goal will not include you.

If you try to discuss your emotions with him at this time, he may directly tell you he is not worried about them. He may also completely ignore and neglect your needs.

3. He Starts to Doubt Himself

You may notice that he starts to doubt himself or become more withdrawn.

In other words, he may start to avoid conversation with you altogether. You will likely find that even when he does talk with you, he doesn’t say anything substantial. Instead, difficult conversations get postponed, as he is unwilling to make any commitments at this point.

As a Pisces, he will become more withdrawn until he finds a new relationship. Once his attention is on a new relationship, he will become devoted to that and will quickly leave. It’s even possible that he will leave without saying goodbye.

4. He Becomes Lazy

Once he is over your relationship, he will stop putting any effort toward it. You may think at first that he is just becoming lazy, but it’s more than that. When he is genuinely disinterested in your relationship, he will stop nourishing it altogether.

This may include not responding to texts or phone calls. He may also stop doing “the little things.” This means he may not want to spend any money or time on you. His attention will be on other things.

If you try to address his lazy actions and statements, he may be cold or dismiss your concerns.

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5. He Acts on Impulse

A Pisces man who is over you will also begin to act more on impulse. As he lets his intuition guide him, he will become harsh toward you.

As a result, he may start to abruptly end conversations with you—if he has them at all. His words may be cold and indicate that he is over your relationship. This is a technique of pushing lovers away Pisces tend to use once they are finished with a relationship.

6. He Becomes Unusually Emotional

It’s likely that you are used to your Pisces man being kind toward you. A Pisces man can be caring and loving when interested in a relationship.

However, if you’ve noticed that he is becoming more emotional or angry, it could be a sign that he is done with you. In fact, a Pisces man will allow his emotions to guide his behavior and will become increasingly cold to you.

Because of this, you may notice that he tries to interrupt or speak over you during conversations. He may also begin to insult you. This is a sign that he is through with your relationship.

7. He Jumps to Conclusions

He may also become irrational and judgmental. As he begins to focus his attention somewhere else, he will spend less time and emotional energy considering your relationship and feelings.

During this time, he may also begin to feel guilty of how he is treating you. Instead of apologizing, he will likely blame you for what he does and feels. It is likely that he will also become jealous and suspicious as he projects his feelings onto you.

He could possibly start to criticize you as well. This can be hurtful, especially because he will likely criticize things about you that he hasn’t before. This may include your decisions, clothes, or even the way you speak.

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8. He Focuses on Ideology

When a Pisces man is done with you, he will find something else to pay attention to. This often comes in the form of new ideologies and philosophies. He will become noticeably more interested in these aspects.

This interest can result in him being critical of your beliefs. You may be forced to defend your belief system as he becomes more critical of you.

Additionally, this new interest can cause him to become more of a risk taker and more unpredictable in general. As he explores different philosophies, his worldview may change, and this could result in other behavior changes.

The Bottom Line

Dating a Pisces man can be a wonderful experience—until the relationship is over.

Once a Pisces man decides that your relationship is over, he can become cold, distant, and even critical. Sometimes, it may seem as though you are talking to a new person.

If you’re dating a Pisces man, I recommend being aware of the above signs so that you know when your man is unhappy in his relationship. This can help you make informed decisions if you find yourself in this situation.

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