How Does a Leo Man Show Interest?

How Does a Leo Man Show Interest? - 5 things to look for

Like a lion, a Leo man is fierce, popular, and dominant. This means it can often be hard to tell whether men of this zodiac sign are interested in you. In order to make sure you have a chance with a Leo male, you’ll need to understand his feelings and what really turns him on.

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In this guide, I’ll show you how a Leo man shows interest in a woman and go over some important personality information that will help you win over a Leo. Keep reading to find out if that sexy Leo in your life is flirting with you or is just being nice.

Leo Man Personality: The Basics

The first step in understanding how a Leo man shows his interest in a woman is knowing his personality type. Typically, these men are:

  • Adventurous

Like the fire sign they represent, Leo men are outgoing, brave, and confident. They are always ready for the next adventure and love conquering challenges.

Meeting new people, making good friends, and seeing the world are of great importance to him. He values his social connections and the benefits they can bring, but he’s always ready to buck the crowd and go his own way if he sees fit. Alpha males, these men are the leaders of their own pack and love a woman who is up to the challenge of dating them.

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  • Passionate

Leos are also passionate. A Leo man loves what he does and never strays from his vision. In short, he knows exactly what he wants in life and will head that way with all the power of his being. He will give this same passion to his relationships and to the woman he loves (and also expects it in return).

Signs a Leo Man Shows Interest

With all this being said, how does a Leo man flirt? Generally, a Leo guy will exhibit the following behavior to show interest in a woman:

1. He Entertains You

Guys of this zodiac may play the strong and macho card, but deep down, they really want you to like them. That’s why a Leo man in love will put his efforts into making you happy. You having fun is really important to a Leo man if he loves you.

To keep your interest, a Leo man may tell you jokes, take you to fun places, and plan exciting dates that will really sweep you off your feet. He’s always looking for ways to impress you and keep you satisfied—one of the best things about dating a Leo man. As such, this is one of the most commons signs that a Leo male is into and wants a relationship with you.

2. He Talks About You

A Leo man loves talking about himself. And why not? These outgoing men are generally very accomplished. Still, when a Leo man shows his interest in a woman, he’ll steer the conversation in your direction. He’ll want to know about you personally. He’ll ask questions about your home and work life.

In part, this is because he’ll want to see if the two of you are a good fit. He’s feeling you out to find out if a relationship with you is viable and enjoying his chance to see you in a different light.

3. He Asks for a Date

I know, this seems painfully obvious. What sign doesn’t ask someone out when they’re want to show interest in them, right? It’s not quite that simple, however. While some signs (such as Cancers, for instance) may be reticent about directly asking for a date—especially in the beginning—Leo guys have no such qualms. These confident men will go after what they want (especially if it’s a woman) and make it clear in no uncertain terms that you are the object of their affection.

Still, don’t think that you’ve won the lottery just because he’s asked you out on a date. These critical men may be judging you the entire time to see if you’re really a good fit, so you’ll want to show out and leave a good impression.

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4. He Pays You a Lot of Attention

It’s hard to spot a Leo man alone. That’s because this fire sign is nearly always surrounded by admirers. That’s why you should take notice if he singles you out of a crowd. When a Leo man likes a woman, he’ll make her the center of his attention—even if he’s got all eyes on him.

Despite their free-loving nature, Leo guys latch on strongly to the women they like, which means a ton of attention from a Leo man is a fire sign that he’s interested in you. This is especially true if he’s paying you tons of attention in public, which is a sure sign he’s wanting to show you off.

If your Leo man is exhibiting this behavior, make sure to pay it back. A Leo guy likes feeling loved and is very confident, so stoking his ego is a great way to make and secure a relationship.

5. He Introduces You to His Friend Circle

Leo guys may be popular, but they maintain an air of exclusivity. In part because they have their pick of the litter, they keep their circle of true friends relatively small.

If you’re introduced to them, then, consider it an honor—and a definite sign that a Leo man likes you. In other words, you’re definitely someone to him, and he likely wants to get even closer to you (perhaps even in terms of starting an official relationship).

For this reason, be sur to take him up on his invitations to meet his friends so that you keep yourself in the loop—and on his mind.

The Bottom Line

Confident and direct, Leo men aren’t afraid to ask for what they want or show interest. Even if that Leo man in your life hasn’t asked you out, however, there are still other signs that you may examine to see if he’s got interest in you.

By using the information in this guide and downloading Leo Man Secrets, you’ll be able to see if your Leo crush sees you as a woman or as just a friend. Make sure to examine the situation closely to see if you notice any of these signs in your life and to judge whether a relationship with that sexy Leo is possible!

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