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When a Scorpio Woman Is Done with You - 5 Signs She's Over You

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Let’s cut to the chase: you’re here because you’re worried your relationship with that gorgeous Scorpio woman may be coming to an end.

Though you can’t say for certain, you definitely feel she’s been acting differently and wondering what it says about your future.

The cold truth is that you suspect your Scorpio woman is done and she may not love you anymore.

Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that can shed some light on the status of your relationship. Based on astrology, you can find out quickly whether your relationship is on the rocks. In this guide, I’ll go over five of the biggest red flags that could spell doom for you and your partner. I’ll also touch on some major turn-offs for Scorpio women that could help explain her behavior.

Keep reading to find out more!

What Turns a Scorpio Woman Off

If you want your relationship with that special Scorpio to stay happy and full of love, you must never do the following things:

  • Laziness

Women born under the zodiac sign Scorpio are all about progress—and they want their partner to be about progress, too. Therefore, if you are complacent in your work and home life, there’s a good chance you are putting her off and the could be a possibility the Scorpio woman is done with you. Simply put, she’s not looking for relationships with someone with no career aspirations or greater life ambitions. Ideally, a Scorpio wants someone who can find a balance between work and home, making time for both her and a successful career. If you show signs of laziness, then, it could be a deal-breaker.

  • Shyness

A Scorpio woman or a Scorpio man wishes to be with someone who is outgoing and can hold a conversation. Shyness is not cute for this zodiac sign. Instead, she’ll take it as an inability to express yourself and get things done. The best way to please her is to be able to know when to take the lead and have a clear idea of where you are going and what you are aiming for. In other words, give her something to be excited about and get to know her more.

How to Know When She’s Done with You

With that being said, I will tell you some specific signs (grounded in astrology) that relationships with a Scorpio woman may be coming to an end. Keep reading to know whether your Scorpio partner still in love or if she’s at her breaking point and ready to move away and end the relationship.

  1. She’s Sarcastic

One of the first things to go when a Scorpio woman is done with you is her respect for you. When she decides to end the relationship, she will repeatedly belittle you and excuse it as sarcasm—even in public. A Scorpio will have no problems making you feel small in front of other people and make you feel like an inconvenience. In fact, she may even tell you that you are being too sensitive in an attempt to put the blame on you. All of these are clear, astrology-based signs that there are some unexpressed problems between the two of you.

Attempts to push back on her constant criticism could lead to the dissolution of your relationship, as she blames you for being rude and a problem starter. Unfortunately, this is often the best route when a relationship reaches this stage, as it is extremely hard to earn back her respect or her love.

  1. She’s Vengeful

A woman born under the zodiac sign Scorpio and someone who has been wronged by her partner can turn surprisingly vengeful. She will no longer care about your feelings or the health of the relationship and instead will actively sabotage it in a bid to get back at you and make you feel like a bad person. This is doubly true if you cheated on her. She may even flirt around with other guys to get back at you. It hurts—but it’s part of her astrology.

Scorpios will also get back at you in other ways, including by embarrassing you in public or intentionally leaving you out of the loop so that you look foolish in front of other people. Scorpios will even go as far as to destroy your existing relationships so that you are left with nothing. If your relationship gets to this point, the safest bet for all parties is simply a clean break. Simply put, when a Scorpio woman gets like this, all signs are trending negatively for you—and it’s better to just give up and cut your losses.

  1. She’s Controlling

Scorpio women may also become controlling, trying to micromanage every aspect of their relationships and your life. Unless you’ve wronged her severely, she may have second thoughts about ending the relationship with you, and this doubt will lead her to stay in a relationship in which she isn’t content. In other words, she’ll have a hard time making up her mind. If this is the case, she’ll want the relationship to be totally on her terms, despite the infeasibility of this on your part. The idea is that she can stay secure until a better opportunity arises, while possibly even being happier in the relationship.

While this sounds bad, it actually leaves an opening for you. If a Scorpio has doubts about the relationship ending, you can use this to show her again while you are the right person for her life. Make sure to capitalize on this positive sign if you feel that you  have the chance to rekindle any lost love.

  1. She’s Unforgiving

A Scorpio woman who is over a relationship may also become unforgiving, no matter how small the transgression. Whether you washed her whites and her colored laundry together or got caught texting her friends behind her back, she will feel the need to treat each blunder with an inordinate amount of anger. She’ll blow up over any perceived slight and hold them over your head, making you feel miserable. None of these are good signs for you.

She may not realize what she is doing at first, but she won’t care even if she does. In fact, Scorpios may enjoy abusing you this way—a sure sign that your relationship is over.

  1. She’s Angry

A Scorpio woman may also feel the need to become inordinately angry towards you. She will be moody all the time, frustrated by your actions and by her inability to leave the relationship. Compared to what she was when the two of you started dating, she may seem like a different person. Often, it will be as if your Scorpio woman simply wants to find something to be angry about. This is a bad sign for you.

In this case, you can be positive that your Scorpio partner has some underlying issues with your relationship—and with you. Whether you can resolve those issues and win your Scorpio lady back is up to your unique history together and current circumstances, though you can almost count on the relationship ending if you were disloyal to her in the past.

The Bottom Line

Find out what you wanted to know? Hopefully, none of this sounds like you and there’s still hope for your relationship.

If the signs in this guide look familiar, however, it may be time to cut your losses in 2020.

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While it’s always possible that you can win your Scorpio woman back and rekindle that love, pressing on with a relationship she doesn’t want may only make matters worse.

For this reason, make sure to use the astrology-based knowledge in this guide to have a true heart-to-heart with your Scorpio partner.

Who knows? You might just show that you are the one for her.

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