Signs a Taurus Woman Secretly Likes You

She’s Patient With You

Women born under the sign of Taurus can be stubborn. In fact, Taurus is known as one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac! A Taurus woman can get stuck in her ways. When she likes you, though, she’ll try to be patient with you and accept your ways as well.

You might do things that are out of a Taurus woman’s comfort zone at times. When she cares about you, she will be understanding about this. She wants you to feel comfortable as well.

You might do things that annoy your Taurus lady at times. She will still try to be patient! She knows that is necessary to make a potential relationship with you work.

Your Taurus Girl Wants You Around

When a Taurus woman has deep feelings for you, she will want you around all the time. Even at the very beginning of your relationship, your Taurus woman will show a lot of interest in you.

A Taurus lady with a super massive crush on you will do anything she can to keep you around. Even if she’s on the shy side, she will still initiate small conversations any time she sees you.

Taurus people in relationships are still capable of being independent, of course. They just really like being around the people they love.

She’ll Spend Time With You

Quality time is one of a Taurus woman’s love languages. When she likes someone, even if she’s keeping it secret, your Taurus woman will want to spend a lot of time with you.

One of the signs that a Taurus likes you is that she will make plans with you all the time. When she’s interested in you, she will do everything she can to hang out with you and have time together.

When a Taurus woman likes you, she might not necessarily ask you on a date. She will however try to spend as much time with you as possible.

Taurus Women in Love are Nurturing

When a Taurus woman cares about someone, she wants to make their life easier. She will take care of anyone in her life who she loves, whether they are a friend or a potential partner.

You can expect that a Taurus woman will be nurturing when she likes you. Even if she hasn’t confessed her feelings yet, she will still try to take care of you.

It is just a Taurus person’s nature to take care of the people around them. Taurus is a very caring sign.

She’ll Make You Dinner

Taurus is a sensual sign. One of the clear signs a Taurus woman likes you is that she will want to make you good food.

Making dinner for someone is one way a Taurus woman shows she cares. It is a good sign of her feelings if she is always making food for you.

This will be a good dinner too. Taurus women have a good sense of what tastes good and they are some of the best cooks. She will keep your preferences in mind too and make something you’re sure to love.

A Taurus Woman Likes Routine

Taurus is an earth sign. Taurus people crave stability and routine. A Taurus woman might be willing to change things up for a love interest, though.

A Taurus girl will mix up her routine for the person she likes. She will let this person into her life and even make them part of her routine if she is thinking about having a relationship with them.

If you notice that a Taurus woman is mixing up her schedule for you, she might be in it for the long haul.

She’ll Share Her Interests With You

If a Taurus girl is always talking about her interests and hobbies with you, she might like you.

Taurus women don’t always know how to emotionally connect with people. One way they show they care is by sharing their interests with the people they love.

If a Taurus woman falls for you, she will want to share everything about herself with you. She will talk about her favorite movies, discuss her hobbies, and tell you all about the things she likes.

She’ll Tell you Secrets

Another way a Taurus girl tries to connect with someone is by sharing her secrets with them.

A Taurus woman does not easily fall in love or easily trust someone so this is a big deal if she starts opening up to you.

When a Taurus woman loves you, she will share things with you she doesn’t share with others. She might even open up about her emotions in ways she normally doesn’t.

She Might Become Possessive

Taurus is one of the more possessive zodiac signs. A Taurus girl might not be as possessive as a Scorpio but that side can definitely come out when she likes someone.

A Taurus female might become possessive over you if she secretly likes you. She may become jealous if she sees you flirting with other women.

If your Taurus friend suddenly seems upset whenever you talk about being attracted to others, she might have a crush on you. She might try to avoid any conversation that involves your crushes on other people.

She’ll Be Romantic

Taurus is a highly romantic sun sign. It is ruled by Venus, after all. It is the very nature of a Taurus girl to make romantic gestures to the people she cares about. She definitely knows how to woo someone too.

A Taurus girl might give you expensive gifts when she likes you. This is a definite sign that she has feelings for you. She might also plan an elaborate date when she’s ready to reveal her feelings to you.

Taurus ladies love to go on romantic dates. If one likes you secretly, she might not be obvious about her romantic gestures, though. She might give you small presents, compliment you a lot, do favors for you, or be affectionate in small ways.

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