How Does a Libra Man Act When Hurt? - 5 top tips!

How Does a Libra Man Act When Hurt? What Happens When You Hurt a Libra Man? 5 Signs To Look For ♎

A Libra man always wants to be in love.

While he makes friends wherever he goes, he wishes to take a little more time in truly falling in love and finding a life partner for himself.

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For a typical Libra man, relationships should be natural, and he should be able to feel comfortable and safe around his partner. 

However, Libra men are also highly indecisive. When their relationships end, they find it difficult to acknowledge the fact that their love and care has been rejected. 

In this way, Libra men tend to make excuses for the behaviors of their partner in an attempt to save the relationship. 

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Not only does this mean that Libra men tend to be fair in their decision-making, but it also makes them sensitive towards equality. 

If you ever mistreat a Libra, they are likely to notice your behavior straight away and start reacting accordingly. For Libra men, nothing is more important than their own mental peace. 

While Libra men are rational and tend to think before they act, they still tend to react in different ways when they find themselves hurt or heartbroken.

If you are wondering how a Libra man would act if you hurt them, here are a few things they are likely to do:

1. Grow Distant

The thing about Libra men is that regardless of how much they love their peace, they also hate being mistreated. If they constantly feel like you are undermining him or trying to hurt him on purpose, he will avoid conflict as much as possible. 

Instead of engaging in arguments and fights that hurt the relationship and his partner, the typical Libra man will always choose to grow distant instead. 

Libra men do not grow distant from their partners overnight. Instead, they tend to give many chances to the relationship before deciding that it is finally time to let go. 

This trait makes Libra men especially vulnerable when it comes to relationships. Even when he is hurting, he will choose to avoid hurting his partner and simply back off from the relationship instead. If you’re wondering what happens when a Libra is mad at you, give him his space and if he wants to talk to you, he will. 

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2. Hiding His Feelings

If you truly hurt a Libra man, you may never even know of it. Libra men are unlikely to display anger, especially towards those they love. Since Libras love their mental peace, they do not like to actively engage in arguments that might end up hurting others. 

When a Libra man is hurt, you may find him pretending that everything is okay. Instead of displaying his anger or feelings in front of anyone, the typical Libra man tends to keep to himself every time he has his feelings hurt. 

This Libra trait probably comes from the fact that Libra men do not like to portray themselves as vulnerable in front of anyone. Since Libra men are very particular about their close friends and relationships, they do not like portraying themselves as upset or angry. 

If you ever find a Libra man angry at you, just know that they have been pushed to the limit.

3. Ignoring

One of the most popular traits of Libra men is how they ignore people after getting hurt. 

Libra men are sensitive, especially when it comes to people they genuinely care about. If you are wondering why you are being ignored by a Libra man, then consider whether you said something offensive about their friends, family, or loved ones.

 The easiest way to hurt a Libra man unintentionally is to pass a comment regarding somebody in their life – which is a topic Libra men are highly sensitive about. 

If you hurt a Libra man in this way, then you are likely to receive the silent treatment. Instead of opting for confrontations, the typical Libra man will simply choose to ignore and become biased in front of those who hurt him. If you continuously hurt a Libra, they may cut you out of their life for good.

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4. Trying to Make Amends

We all know how much Libra’s value their peace. By trying to avoid conflict as much as possible, Libra men will always try to find a way to make things better even when they are hurt. 

When a Libra man is hurt, he will still be the one who comes forward to find harmony in the relationship. This makes dating a Libra man particularly easy – especially when you know they will always be the first to apologize after an argument. 

Libra men are rather sensitive about their music or artistic traits as well. In case somebody hurts them regarding their creativity, they will first still try to find validation by seeking acceptance.

5. Making Sense of the Situation

If you ever find yourself in a heated argument with a Libra man, you should notice the way he reacts. Chances are that the Libra man would never be yelling at you. Instead, he would be trying to make sense of the situation by considering all the reasons why this argument started in the first place. 

While disagreements in relationships or friendships are common, maintaining a healthy bond with a Libra man is difficult. Yelling, shouting, and being aggressive with a Libra man will only make him more upset, thus driving him away from you. 

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Even when a Libra man is hurt, you will always find him using a calm voice to tactfully figure out what went wrong in a relationship. 

One of the best traits of Libra men is how understanding and cooperative they are when it comes to finding a resolution to the problem at hand. 

Final Words

If you are in a relationship with a Libra man, you probably already know how they behave when they are hurt. 

While many people have Libra men in their lives, they tend to remain confused about when or how Libra men get hurt. 

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The main reason behind this confusion is that Libra men are not very expressive about their feelings.

Now that you know what happens when a Libra is hurt. Instead of creating drama, Libra men would either find a solution to the problem, or simply walk away. 

For Libra men, life is all about keeping it simple and real. 


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