How to Make a Sagittarius Man Fall in Love with You?

Some girls really like a challenge, which is why they will fall head over heels over boys who can’t be tamed. Yet, some of them are lucky enough to win the hearts of the free-spirited Sagittarius men. This makes me think there must be some sort of secret formula one can employ when centaur hunting. 

I went deep into what Sagittarius means for me and referenced some of the information I got a while back in Sagittarius Man Secrets. I feel like I’ve cracked the code and discovered the perfect plan you’ll need when crushing on a Sag guy. Let’s dive right in. 

What’s the Sagittarius Man’s View on Love?

A Sagittarius is nothing more than freedom embodied. They hate to feel constricted or trapped, in any way. They need to know that the choices they make are theirs, and theirs alone. They will openly laugh at themselves to be released from feelings of shame. 

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The archer wants to roam and explore life, break free of social norms and moral restrictions. When it comes to relationships, these natives would prefer having and offering complete trust. They don’t want to impose any rules and they don’t want to bend to anyone’s will. 

In a romantic partner, they want someone who is just as adventurous and life-loving as they are. For complete trust and vulnerability to appear, their relationship should be completely honest. They don’t necessarily care if you’re sharing a laugh with other men, as long as you can honestly talk about it afterwards. 

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What Does the Sagittarius Man Look For in a Woman?

To catch the attention of a Sagittarius man, you should be fun and disinhibited. They love women who aren’t afraid to say what they think, who act silly, who overdress to parties just because they can. They also love women who are strong-willed and energetic. A woman who can show a Sagittarius man a wild night will certainly make it to his list of interests. 

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In addition, you’ll get extra points for being silly, cracking jokes, not being afraid to act foolishly, making people laugh and genuinely enjoying life. Honesty and simplicity are two things that Sagittarius natives love. With childlike wonder comes a bigger hunger for life, which is why the perfect romantic experience for a Sag is travelling. 

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I bet there’s nothing more a Sagittarius man would want other than a positive, fun-loving and curious woman who always takes him places. And if you’re looking for a ring, try making it his life’s purpose to convince you that marriage is a great idea. 

How to Grab the Attention of a Sagittarius Man?

1. Be yourself

The first thing to know about Sagittarius is that they truly value genuine expression. They derive their lives’ purpose from being true to themselves and breaking free from prejudice, shame, and other negative emotions. 

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If you want a Sagittarius guy to notice you, let loose! Do the child in you a favor and start playing. Use your creativity, smile, strike conversation with strangers, put your friends at ease. Show deep appreciation and joy at life’s simplest pleasures. Get excited. Let your weird flag fly. 

2. Keep a sense of humor.

One of the most common tactics for a Sagittarius is to tease people and get on their nerves. They are trying to push your buttons so you can release some emotional energy and free yourself a little bit. When he cracks jokes, even if they are at your expense, loosen up a little. Share a laugh and return the favor. Make fun of his hair.

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Their critics really do come from an innocent, positive place. And you’ll be a lot happier if you wouldn’t let it hurt you. Of course, you should keep a close eye on his jokes and ensure they aren’t being too cruel. 

3. Be open to new experiences.

You can’t be free if you’re stuck in your comfort zone. This is why Sagittarius men will do their best to always try out new things. They love exploring and uncovering new, exciting places around town. They’re always open to trying out different cuisines or learning about a different culture.

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Be his sidekick in this, and keep an open mind towards new experiences. You’ll have a lot of fun and notice the pleasant characteristics of your Sagittarius man. Open your heart, be yourself, and have some courage, and he will take you on a terrific journey. 

How to Win the Heart of a Sagittarius Man?

1. Take him on an adventure.

Actively pursuing a Sagittarius man would entail some effort on your part. By now, we already know they don’t like being tied down, which is why they are sometimes reluctant to chase relationships. If you’d like to get closer to him, plan a fun little adventure that can take him out of his head and into some harmless fun. 

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If it’s not possible to go on dates or trips together, you can also take him on an intellectual adventure. Open a debate on a topic you think he’d enjoy and spend some time discussing various perspectives. Challenge his principles, just in the name of conversation. 

You could also offer him the adventure of your stories. Engage him with tales from your childhood, share important moments and the lessons you derived from them. Tell a funny story, share an embarrassing moment. Let his mind wander, and listen closely when he does the same thing for you. He wants to show you who he is, so pay attention and react accordingly. 

2. Surprise him

The very thing that would send a Taurus into a pit of anxiety causes a Sagittarius man’s boundless excitement. You’ll have great chances at winning his heart if you can keep things unpredictable. Throw little chaos bombs at him and watch him light up with joy. 

Surprises don’t need to mean gifts or parties. At their essence, they are just a break from a routine meant to cause someone joy. For your Sagittarius man, this can mean planning a date to a dull place, then taking them to a rollerskate ring. You can also surprise him by suddenly altering your appearance once in a while. 

Get a new haircut, wear something that’s completely out of your normal style, go on an emergency spa weekend by yourself. You’ll soon have him hooked if you can maintain his environment exciting enough. 

Let loose around him and dance like no one’s watching, play loud music, and don’t be afraid to speak about your feelings. Surprise him through vulnerability and an open heart. Honesty usually catches them off guard and endears them to other people.

3. Engage him in meaningful conversation

You’ll rarely see a Sagittarius enjoy any kind of small talk. Meaningless words bore these natives to no end. In fact, I bet most start itching severely if they have to tolerate empty conversations. Having great communication is crucial for any relationship with a Sagittarius man. 

These natives would really prefer you telling them exactly what’s wrong instead of saying nothing is wrong. They always say exactly what’s on their minds, and they expect the same thing from you. Indeed, they have a point to request this level of communication considering how they view relationships. 

Any worry you have should be discussed openly, without fears of rejection, and asserted firmly if you feel like he is testing your boundaries. For example, if you feel like he’s been flirting around a lot lately, express this concern and remind him you’re just stating a preference. 

This should make him feel free to make his own decision but informed enough to make a decision that won’t hurt you. 

4. Don’t be afraid to show your wild side.

Lastly, your relationship can’t progress if he doesn’t see the same thirst for freedom he feels in you, as well. To win his heart forever, you should always honor your desires and speak your truth without any fears. 

Your Sagittarius man won’t judge you if you had a little too much to drink or if you wore an outfit that showed a lot of skin. You can be as dramatic and loud as you want, as long as you are true to who you are. 

He will let you embarrass yourself, then share a laugh with you as he does the same thing. This is the perfect relationship to act childish and let go of expectations. The keyword for such a relationship is fun, so fun needs to be nurtured and kept in high regard. 

As long as you can keep your interaction light-hearted and help each other release fears, you’ll be just fine. The safe space that a Sagittarius creates leaves room for a lot of emotional healing. So, don’t be afraid to accept his offer.

How to Keep Your Sagittarius Man Hooked?

Keeping your Sagittarius man close forever might be a difficult task, but I am sure it can be done. The most important thing is ensuring your relationship remains friendly enough. You should both try to eliminate any reasons for resentments and speak up whenever something is bothering you. 

Afterward, you can tease and reassure each other that you’re a team and that you accept each other exactly as you are. This pattern could repeat forever, but it’s a great tool for self-development if you’re willing, to be honest with yourself. 

On the other hand, keeping your Sagittarius man close to you will teach you a lot of patience, which you should already have in heaps. He will often get on your nerves and perform absurd shows that leave you mortified. His eyes might wander, and you might start feeling jealous at times. 

It’s important to remember that you have to be patient. A relationship with a Sagittarius man won’t probably follow the common course, where two people fall in love, get married, and start a family. You will need to stand beside him while he runs around the world and show him you’re in it for the long run. 

He will test your loyalty and your motivations, and it will probably take a while before he recognizes you as his person. But if you’re patient enough, by the time he does that, it won’t even matter to you. Because you already know you two share a special, fulfilling bond. 

Final Words

Taming the wild Sagittarius can’t be an easy feat. In fact, it’s one of those challenges that you won’t ever be able to indeed finish. Yet, roaming alongside him will be a fantastic experience in itself. During it, you might experience a different type of love than you initially thought. But it will be exciting and powerful enough to make you forget all about the official girlfriend title. 

Of course, all Sagittarius men come with their particularities. So, further study might be needed to crack yours. A resource that helped me better understand the Sagittarius men in my life was Sagittarius Man Secrets. I referenced it whenever I had something to settle with some of them, and it always worked wonders for our relationships. 

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