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How Does a Virgo Man Act When He’s in Love - 6 Clear Signs

The Virgo Man: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About That Special Guy

  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Zodiac Element: Earth
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Start: August 22nd   End: September 22nd
  • Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio

Positive Traits: Practical, Hardworking, Loyal, Thoughtful, Problem solver, Perfectionist

Less Positive Traits: Worrier, Shy, Critical of himself and of others

Ask anyone who dates a Virgo man and they will tell you the same thing: these men are likely to be one of the absolute best lovers you could possibly ever meet.

Virgo guys seek perfection and always dress to impress at every opportunity. Though reserved, they will always respect their partners and do almost anything to show their love and smother them with affection.   

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If you’ve got a crush on a Virgo man, you can expect him to shower you with love, romance, but he can be difficult if he feels he is being taken for a ride. 

If you’re not sure that a Virgo man likes you? Do not worry! In this guide, I’ll lay out exactly how a typical Virgo male acts when he is falling in love with you.

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Let’s jump right in!

6 Signs a Virgo Man is in Love with you

1. He Calls You Randomly

Virgo men are shy and worry about the smallest things, so they don’t always speak directly about what they want. Don’t be surprised when your Virgo crush is calling you randomly throughout the day and wanting to talk about this, that, and other. He just wants to make time for you and say Hi. This is a tell-tale sign that the Virgo male is falling in love with you and wants to hear your voice and say he is thinking of you.

Of course, it’s a safe bet that he likes you if he’s texting throughout the day, as well.  Still, there’s something unique about a phone call-namely, being able to hear your voice which excites him in a way that proves he is in love with you. Virgo man always makes sure that you know that you are on his mind and is open to hearing your voice. If this is the case with you and your Virgo man, I recommend keeping your phone at your side ready to answer so that you never miss any of his calls.

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2. He Shares with You

No, I am not thinking of his possessions, though that can be a good indicator, as well. No, what I mean is, Virgo males are without doubt kind, gentle, and willing to share their secrets and confide in you as their partner. Being shy but practical by nature they tend to keep their feelings to themselves and that is why you should read this as a positive signal, if your Virgo crush tells you something only he knows, this is an indicator that the Virgo man is falling in love with you. 

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This can be something personal or something general that’s on his mind, the key point here is that he trusts you to keep the information between the two of you. Being shy by nature they tend to keep things to themselves. If your Virgo man tells you something only he knows, take that as a positive sign your crush is a man in love.

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He may tell you something personal or something general, the key point here is that he is trusting you to keep the information between the two of you.

He will view this as a bond between you, indicating his comfort with you and his willingness to go beyond what’s in the public sphere. Often he will mention something to you about someone and ask your opinion. This is to gauge what type of person you are, and gives him the reassurance that he is not only with the right partner but also you’re on the same wavelength.

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This also is an indicator to him that you will firstly and most importantly get along with his family.

While it’s okay to share secrets with them once you feel sure they have reached this level of comfort, keep in mind Virgos still like having their own space. I don’t recommend prying into their space or bombarding them with you. Instead, let your Virgo man come to you naturally and feed the relationship organically when chances come your way. 

3. He Introduces You to His Family

Here’s something I think you should know about a Virgo man: they are very close to their mothers. Virgo men will maintain a close relationship with his mother (or grandmother, depending on the situation) throughout his life.

Just as he treats his partner like royalty, he also honors his mother and her input. That’s why you should know that he is serious if he introduces you to her. This is a Virgo man that carefully chooses the people they want in their life and once you have gained their trust they will never let you down. A Virgo man won’t introduce just anyone to his mother; this means he’s quite serious about you and the relationship.

Pro tip: if you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship, make sure to take any invitation to meet his family seriously. Whether it’s a surprise birthday event or a local shopping trip into town, this will be a good indicator to his family that you’re a person who shows commitment. This could be from dressing to impress and going out of your way to show respect to his family, especially his mother.

4. He Opens Up to You

I advise you not to take it lightly if your Virgo crush opens up to you on a personal level. Above all else, Virgos are intelligent perfectionists which usually means they like to keep many of their private thoughts, feelings, and flaws away from prying eyes.

A Virgo man might put on a cool front at first but don’t worry you will get to see his real affectionate and caring side in no time. Once this Virgo guy falls in love and opens up to you, he will become loyal and incredibly committed and will be everything you will need in a relationship. 

A Virgo man always looks for someone with who he’ll connect both physically and emotionally and leave you in no doubt of the care and love they bring. This is a type of man who will be upfront and direct with you about his feelings and emotions. A Virgo male doesn’t like any of the typical dramas that can often happen in relationships such as, leading someone on with playing mind games and sending mixed signals. 

This goes with anything that is very personal to him: his past failures, his fears (Virgo men tend to worry a lot), his troubles, and other topics that may be sensitive to him. Encouraging him can help you form a closer bond with him and could even seal the deal on your relationship!

5. He Pampers You

Has your Virgo man been giving you a flurry of gifts? Does he constantly love to check on your well-being? Does he invite you out for spontaneous dinner dates? His love of healthy tasty food is very important in his lifestyle and will always whisk you off to the best restaurants in town! These are signs a Virgo man is falling in love and is totally head over heels for you. When these men get serious, they make it their mission to make their partner feel most special in the world.

What does this mean? Simply put, it means that your Virgo crush is super serious about you if he’s constantly pampering you and making sure you have everything you want. It might come as a pleasant surprise when he notices something that other men rarely notice about you. Make sure not to take this treatment for granted because it’s not given to just anyone!

6. He Keeps You Close

One thing’s for certain: a Virgo man isn’t afraid to show others what is his.

A Virgo guy loves to keep their women close in public, especially if there are other men around. Classic alpha males, most Virgo men will hold your hand, put an arm around your waist, sit close to you at restaurants and bars, pays attention when you are both having deep chats, and even post pictures of the two of you via social media. In short, the Virgo man wants everyone to know every little bit about the two of you, no matter how shy they may seem at first. 

This is not the type of man you’ll find texting other girls or cheating on you, you won’t even catch him staring at other women as he only has his eyes set on you. When he is in love, he will put all his energy into the woman he is with, he will go out of his way to keep them happy and to always feel loved. This is a Virgo man in love.

On the flip side, A Virgo man in love enjoys showing their affection by inviting you into their physical territory. If he lets you wear his clothes, leave stuff at his house, or drive his car, he wants you to show you that he completely trusts you.

Final Thoughts

Not every girl is lucky enough to date and ends up falling love with a Virgo. With this guide, you can be! 

Following my tips here, you can know exactly if a Virgo man is in love with you, as well as what you can do to move your relationship with a Virgo to the next level. 

How great does that sound?

Remember that a Virgo man is a kind, affectionate, and considerate lover. This means that you’ll never regret getting with the Virgo man of your dreams!

Anna Kovach is a devoted Astrologer, consulted and trusted by many women, when I discovered her book Virgo Man Secrets I was hooked…I found out so many tips on how a Virgo acts when he is in love and so much more! 

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