Will A Taurus man Change His Mind

Will A Taurus man Change His Mind

We are all human and we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are greater and some mistakes are smaller. Sometimes, a simple heartfelt apology will do, along with acknowledgment of their wrongdoing, and changed behavior. However, what if this mistake was made in regards to someone’s heart?

Here, a bunch of honest words won’t make the wrong – right. 

Anna Kovach, a well known astrologer, often talks about the nature of this interesting sign. The author posted many blog posts about these zodiac signs (both male and female Taurus), however, she hasn’t quite covered how to get the Taurus man to change his mind. Whether it’s a relationship issue, conversational issue, or whatever it might be.

Here, we are going to go over all the ways in which you can make a Taurus man change his mind, as well as how you can get a Taurus man back, and miss you like crazy. No, even better – I will help you make your Taurus man regret losing you.

The First Earth Sign : Who Are Taurus Men

The Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac wheel. This zodiac sign is depicted as the Bull since it’s the constellation that is the most visible between the 20th of April and the 20th of May.

The Taurus man isn’t just any earth sign. No, he is a fixed sign by modality.

This means that he hates inconsistency, is quite stubborn, it can be hard for him to accept change, (usually) doesn’t change his mind, dislikes admitting he’s wrong, and so on.

Do you now see why this zodiac sign is symbolized by the bull?

Ruled by Venus, this sign is a big lover of money and beauty, and they put in a lot of hard work to make it happen. They are attracted to anything that has to do with beauty and pleasure. The Taurus guy can be characterized as patient, capable and resilient.

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These guys are also known to have a somewhat snarky, but great sense of humor.

Taurus men are also known for how honest they are, so don’t ask them questions where you can’t handle the truth.

By nature, Taurus like to spend time alone, no matter if they are in a relationship or single. Fixed signs usually need some alone time to recharge, so don’t take that aspect of their personality personally. It’s just who they are as a person.
Pop culture likes to paint this zodiac sign as lazy, hedonistic and ultra hardheaded.

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However, these earth signs are much softer and sweeter than one might think. Taurus men are extremely hard workers and they’re truly someone who you can rely on – no matter what.

Taurus men stay true to their promises, and when they say that something will happen – the Taurus man will make it come true.

Words mean a lot to these earth signs, but actions mean the most. The Taurus man is the type of person that will struggle with finding the right thing to say, but he’ll always know what he can do.

The Taurus may not do it right away, but he will always know what to do and how to do it. Taurus men aren’t lazy… Just a little slow when it comes to finishing the tasks that they need to do.

Taurus guy in love

In order for this zodiac sign to fall in love, know that it’s a slow process. Women often tend to feel hurt or confused during this part of the process, since this can be quite tiring if you don’t know how to make sense of the bull.

So, let me give you some relationship advice on how to make a Taurus man crazy for you, since fixed signs ain’t easy.

Be patient, don’t start playing games with the Taurus man, talk about the things that you are mutually interested in, and, most importantly, stay true to who you are.

Sometimes, the best advice for relationships with Taurus men is: wait them out. Alternative, make them a delicious meal or give him a wonderful massage, since Taurus is all about pleasure.

I know, the waiting can get really annoying, really fast. But hey, if you want the Taurus man, you need to stick to the “wait plan”.

Even the best astrologers have trouble determining how interested a Taurus man is in a person since these guys tend to be harder to decipher than the rest of the zodiac. Some may casually mention an attraction towards you during a conversation, while others will almost keep it a secret until they pop the “do you wanna be in a relationship” question.

They appreciate beauty, so stick to all the things that enhance your feminine beauty and confidence.

This can quickly transform you into a Taurian girlfriend. The usual Taurus man won’t be a big fan of flashy things, so my advice for dating a Taurus man is always: keep it simple, but really classy.

Don’t follow pop culture fashion trends, do your own thing. He’ll definitely pick up on that, even if he is the most masculine, manly guy out there.

Romantic relationships can, sometimes, be hard for the Taurus male because of the fact that they tend to fall for women who are more extroverted to them, which can also cause a personality clash.

If he was hurt or played with in his past, he’ll be extremely reluctant with relationships and you will have to put in a lot of hard work to change the mind of these guys.

The Taurus man is extremely capable, so he needs a woman who can match him there.

You don’t need to impress him with money or some crazy thing – show that you have that appeal and that you are a do-er, and he will be so attracted to you… He won’t even be able to put it in words. If you want the Taurus man to go wild for you, make a Taurus man something.

He will be sawed and he will have a special respect and admiration for you.

What should I do if my Taurus man dumped me?

So, the Taurus man decided that it’s time for a break. Or he may have called it quits on the relationship altogether. All in all, the Taurus man has shown you the door.

What do you do now?

Since the Taurus man is a fixed sign, know that he won’t be on a close search for his next relationship. The Taurus guy isn’t the type of person to move from one woman to the next. Even if he was the one who decided for the break up, know that he’ll be suffering, too.

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Want your Taurus man to show up to your door?

Here is what you should do. If you are at this stage, you should forget about waiting since the amount of time passing from break up to sparking up a conversation again matters to these guys.

Make a Taurus man regret losing you with your appeal, honesty and by activating his senses. Wear a perfume that used to drive him crazy, highlight certain things that have been happening in your life that you want your guy to be a part of.

Essentially – remind him of the kind of woman you are and why he needs you back in his life.

Since Taurus men require patience, let him know that waiting for him won’t be an issue for you.

This shows him a sense of true respect and true love; as they have their own process how they handle things. Most women give up at this point, show him that you are not like that.

I already mentioned how much actions mean for Taurus men, so the best “mending” relationship advice would be: do something meaningful for them.

That way, you can work your way back into your Taurus man’s heart.

Is it hard to change a Taurus’ Mind?

To answer this simply: Yes, it is hard to change his mind.

However, it’s not impossible and it’s not the hardest thing in the world. I do have to add that it’s much easier to change the mind of a Taurus woman than a Taurus man.

As crazy as this may seem, but you need to be the one to get him to think that changing his mind was completely his idea. If you disagree during a talk, try to introduce him to the topic in a way that he’ll be interested in it.

Whatever you do – don’t make it seem like his opinion is “wrong” in any kind of way. Even though this fixed sign seems tough, the Taurus man is very sensitive.

However, if you want to change his mind in regards to an opinion they feel passionate about, know that it’s really hard to change the mind of a decided Taurus man, no matter what it is. He may even feel slightly hurt if you try to push him too much.

This will cause the Bull to retract and it will probably change the course of your relationship – platonic or romantic. Oh yeah, and never call a Taurus man crazy. Just… Don’t. Certain things just shouldn’t be said since words can be brutal.

Can you get a Taurus man back?

It may be hard to change his mind, however, you can get a Taurus man back. A Taurus man’s heart is very fickle, and it doesn’t like being played with.

He’ll change his mind and want you back if you show him, through words or actions, that you have respect for him and that you are the woman for him.

Show consistency since the Taurus man HATES inconsistency.

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Since Taurus men tend to have a lot of women in their life (as friends), perhaps getting to a good girlfriend of his might make him get back to his senses. Honesty is also a big thing for the Bull, so make sure that you are honest and patient in communication with him.

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Show him that you are ready to leave the past in the past, and that you can form a new, better romantic relationship. (PS. It’s also good to remind your guy of the pleasure that you brought each other.)

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Do your best to spend time with him since you will keep him still interested in you, and the more you talk and hang out together – the stronger the chance is that you’ll get your Taurus man back.

These horned zodiac signs usually have physical touch or spending time together as their love language, therefore, it’s an effective way to get your Taurus man back or to make him fall for you again.

You may be surprised but Taurus men do tend to go back to their older or past romantic relationships. Sometimes, you won’t even need to do anything to change his mind, except staying true to your nature.

He’ll be the one crawling back to you, missing you, wanting you, because he finally came to his senses. Since it’s hard for Taurus men to accept change, this also goes for their relationship.

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The world and life itself can be extremely confusing, but astrology is here to help – even with your relationship. So, to answer the question of “will a Taurus man change his mind” – yes, but with patience. If you are not amongst the women who can wait it out, it may be best to let the Taurus man go. Who knows, he may come back to you on his own, even if you don’t do anything.

You never really know with Taurus men.

The Taurus male is quite a particular type of person, stubborn yet beautifully wonderful. Hopefully, now, you will be able to take advantage of this new knowledge and apply it to any past or current Taurus guys.

You have been given all the Taurus astro secrets to change his mind, so don’t forget what I said, stick to this and use it to your advantage.

Be the woman that you know you are, and go get him, girl!

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