How to Please a Cancer Woman in Bed - 8 Top Tips!

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When it comes to the Cancer woman, she’s unlike any other; she’s poised, conservative, and caring. But she’s still dominant in the sheets for the right person.

If you’re an avid reader of My Zodiac Lover, you’ll probably already know that dating a Cancer woman comes with a sense of prestige. Her heart wasn’t easy to open. But with her attention, she isn’t a shy lover.

That said, astrology allows us to understand just how to please a Cancer woman in bed. From her needs in seduction to the way, she wants your attention. Every stroke, kiss, and lick mean a lot more to the nerves under her skin than you could imagine.

Here are 8 things you need to consider before you can know exactly how to please a Cancer woman in bed:

1. The Cancer Woman is an Emotional Breed

The sign of Cancer takes us from June 22nd to July 22nd. They represent the summer months and bring heightened emotion from natural auras that brighten in the longer days and shorter nights.

So, it’s important to know dating a Cancer woman is more of an emotional affair, even when it comes to physical activities under the sheets.

This means, as a lover, you need to be able to set the foundations and read the emotions in the bedroom.

They’ll be the telling factor for your next step. Knowing how to please a Cancer woman is about knowing which body part to caress with demand. A demand that the Cancer woman will not vocally make.

2. The Cancer Woman Needs to Feel Comfortable

As we said, dating a Cancer woman means being able to prove your sheer response to security.

You have a trustworthy and warm personality that makes them open up in love, comfort, and sexuality.

If you want to know how to please a Cancer woman, it’s likely she’s already let you know you’ve got to learn. While she will never say it as a collected individual with a calm and maternal heart, her emotional aura will always tell you the color of her feelings.

3. The Cancer Woman Needs Strength and Security

When it comes to a night with your Cancer woman, let her know you’re bringing strength and security into the room.

This is because the moonlight brings out a new shade in her every sensual curve and she needs that level of security to allow her to relax into pleasure.

Cancers create deep and emotional connections with their sexual partners. So, it’s vital you’ll be able to provide the lock and key to every orgasmic pulse.

That said, she needs to know you’re in control. Her conservative nature throughout the day means she’ll welcome your protective and grounding embrace.

This means knowing how to please her involves seducing her both physically and emotionally.

Only then will you be lubricating her body and mind to allow you in.

4. The Cancer Woman Wants Long Seduction

When we say long seduction, we mean opening your mind to the idea of offering subtle cues of seduction.

These cues can range from small gifts and common chivalry around the house to a date or cooking meals featuring an aphrodisiac-like oyster.

But, of course, it doesn’t stop there. Being a cardinal water sign, she has a fiery outlook and a long flow of sensitivity.

This means every kiss along her body will have lasting and sensual effects that build-up to the climax. And, by missing these signature moments in passionate affairs, you’ll never truly know how to please her in bed.

5. The Cancer Woman Responds to the Kiss

She is sensitive, she holds emotions, and she feels everything at a new level, much like the other water signs in the zodiac. She has a confident and reserved nature and she’ll need you to play this with each kiss.

In fact, it’s not just the kiss. It’s an oral exploration of the body that really brings her satisfaction when two bodies collide. However, it’s not all about how you can use your kiss to bring her pleasure.

Dating a Cancer woman brings you sexual benefits, too. Her selfless nature means she desires seeing you wrapped in lust and sensual pleasure and that mutual love is always on the cards.

Embracing in hugs, kisses, and reciprocated oral performance is the key to a fireworks display of climaxing.

6. The Cancer Woman Will Change with the Moon

Referring to the zodiac’s response to their element sign and astrological movements, the Cancer woman trusts in her intuition.

As a water element, she is very perceptive to change and will naturally respond with empathy to the emotions around her.

So, when dating a Cancer woman, you need to be able to effectively communicate non-verbally. Whether it’s the brush of a hand across the chest (an area where she is incredibly responsive to) or a look with deep intention.

That said, she adapts to the moon cycle. And she’ll be even more welcoming under the sheets to your seductive touch on a night or when the new moon comes into phase.

Her assertive nature during this time will allow you to see her open up to a new world of fiery sexual experience.

7. The Cancer Woman Prefers the Dominant Side

Dating a Cancer woman means being able to assert yourself, prove strength, and trust. When you perform these positions while experiencing lasting moments with lust, she won’t be hesitant to take the reins.

Being highly self-aware individuals who find it hard to open up, but are giving and nurturing to those they do let in; foreplay is a mirror image.

Knowing how to please a Cancer woman means being able to cater to the sexual hunger that goes beyond missionary.

Although remember, she is a poised, conservative and caring individual, so don’t consider the bedroom as an experiment.

Allow her to take control and reach peak pleasure in her way: a way you won’t be complaining about.

8. The Cancer Woman is Highly Compatible

Being a cardinal water sign, dating a Cancer woman can be relative to nature and astrological movements.

They like to keep things with a natural flow in the river. That said, they can be highly compatible under the covers with many other signs in the zodiac as their current takes you with them.

Find out your compatibility level when dating a cancer woman:

  • Aries and Cancer: Both are passionate cardinal signs. So, they have high compatibility levels for sexual desire and fulfillment.
  • Taurus and Cancer: Providing the strength required, the Taurus makes the perfect sexual partner for the Cancer woman.
  • Gemini and Cancer: A Gemini can be passionate, but they’re very sporadic, making them a clash for the desires of the Cancer woman’s body and mind.
  • Cancer and Cancer: As both individuals are spoken for by the moon phases, they’ll share periods ranging from sheer intensity to abstinence.
  • Leo and Cancer: Being a sun sign, Leo will dominate and demonstrate strength in their embrace. However, it can be confrontational for Cancer.
  • Virgo and Cancer: Virgo is very grounded, serious, and passionate. They’ll create attractive and lasting sexual partnerships when dating a Cancer woman.
  • Libra and Cancer: Harboring a charm that can seem untrustworthy, the Libra is not a compatible option.
  • Scorpio and Cancer: As another water sign, these two bodies will collide effortlessly as they flow downstream together.
  • Sagittarius and Cancer: As a mutable fire sign, the Sagittarius can never sit still. Meaning they rarely provide the security the Cancer woman needs to climax.
  • Capricorn and Cancer: This is a case of opposites attract. Their differing qualities can complement each other from the relationship to the bedsheets.
  • Aquarius and Cancer: Both close in sexual compatibility, the pleasure to be had depends on Aquarius’ control. Of both energy and aggression.
  • Pisces and Cancer: Pisces has a similar view of importance around sensual acts with a Cancer. With that, both will cherish every kiss and action together. 

And that’s everything you could possibly need to research before considering the right moon phase for how to please a Cancer woman in bed.

Here at My Zodiac Lover, there’s always new content. It focuses on opening closed doors while exploring the nature of astrology and how it can affect any walk of life. That said, when you’re enjoying learning more about dating a Cancer woman, you’ll need to know extra tips.

So, read about the Cancer woman to learn more about the way she responds to the moon phase, how she responds to you and how she responds to those around her.

Then, you can begin to open her mind and body in a sensual way to please you both.

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