What is Leo Spirit Animal?

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The forces of the unknown now unleashed in this rendition

Have you ever wondered what drives your inner being? I know I have often felt a feather-light invisible shield over me at times. The push and pull of its forces are sometimes out of control but what is it that drives these feelings?

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Astrology says that we are all relatively connected to spirit animals according to our zodiac signs. This sign is led by an animal that encompasses a force or calm that accompanies us on our life journey.  So, what is Leo spirit animal and what significant role does it play in our lives? Allow me to bring to light all of your unanswered questions about the forces that drive us. Here’s what you need to know!

Getting you Acquainted with the Spirit Animal in you:

  • What is the Leo spirit animal and how is it relevant to us?
  • What is the significance of the Leo spirit animal?
  • Why is the Leo zodiac sign symbolic?
  • What majestic superiority does a Leo possess?
  • Are Leos ruled by a planet?
  • Traits that make Leos stand out

What is Leo Spirit Animal and how is it Relevant to Us?

When it comes to the Leo zodiac sign, it is represented by the magnificent statue of the lion. Known as the king of the jungle and a pack leader, this mighty warrior sits deep inside you and me, encompassing a force to be reckoned with. This force is always ready to be unleashed on the Ying Yang nature of life. Our personalities are driven by the Leo Spirit animal which emanates our true beings.

Leos are strong-minded people who are born with leadership skills. In that respect, I believe that that is the reason they are also easily followed by those around them. Displaying their personalities with vigor comes naturally and can often be a bit over the top for some. However, seeing that they possess traits of one of the most invigorating creatures in wildlife, can we even blame them? I think not, as Leos are born to stand out even if they try to hide it at times. Don’t mistake the silence of a Leo as defeat! Keep in mind that the lion is often silent when it is in pursuit of mouth-watering prey.

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What is the Significance of the Leo Spirit Animal?

Have you ever wondered how you miraculously overcome certain obstacles in life? This is because Leos embody the spirit of a jungle warrior which is significant to their existence. Ignoring them is fruitless as they have magnetic personalities that draw people in. Whether the acquaintance with them is of good or bad nature, Leos have a way of pulling things in their favor. This is only because they possess an untamed spirit that can be as sweet as honey or as lethal as the flames encased in the sun. That inner fire is useful in good and bad times as the brightness of it shines through their personalities. Its significance is seen in the aftermath of every obstacle faced by the magnificent Leo spirit. Staying down is not an option for these beings.

Why is the Leo Zodiac Sign Symbolic?

We all go through different stages in our lives as aging is a part of maturity. The Leo zodiac sign is symbolic of this transition from childhood to adulthood. It symbolizes all the hits, misses, and perks that run together with adulthood.

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Leos are driven by the force of it all and live out the rest of their lives within its balance. For some, this force sleeps in the background for some time while for others it is immediately activated. Leos are usually confrontational as they are accustomed to standing out.

When a Leo seems different from this type of behavior, just remember that the spirit lion is only at rest and far from dead. Therefore, Leos are often faced with people that are for them and those that are against them. Be assured that the advantage is always on their side as they are superior beings who walk the earth with a hovering majestic force.

What Majestic Superiority does a Leo possess?

To boast an invigorating stance is confidence that few possess. When it comes to Leos, you will notice how they command attention wherever they go. This is because their existence is also connected to another animal that commands attention.

The peacock has a majestic superiority because of its beauty just as Leos do. These two beings are spiritually connected and display a confidence that is rarely seen. Have you ever noticed how a peacock demands attention when it is surrounded by others? The same characteristics are often displayed by Leos as they also possess a stance of majestic superiority. Most people love them for it while others despise their overconfidence and see it as a conceited flaunt.

Are Leos ruled by a planet?

When you look at the other zodiac signs, you would notice an alignment with its ruling planet. The influence over their characteristics is evidently inclined to their ruling planet.  However, when it comes to Leos, the masters of gravity, the sun is responsible for their rule.

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This is a representation of the Greek God Apollo, and just as the sun emanates its marvelous radiance, the same can be seen in the characteristics of a Leo. Therefore, Leos are always seen as a flaming ball of fire that is made to keep others in line.

Traits that make Leos stand out:

  • Their thirst for knowledge is unquenchable
  • Their intellect is a natural-born talent
  • Although they are confrontational, they tend to hold gratifying conversations
  • Their problems stem from their ignorance to overlook the nitty-gritty
  • They are impatient and usually hunger for instant gratification
  • They can be egoistic and self-absorbed which contributes to a lot of mishaps
  • They are creatively inclined
  • Leos give more than they get in good and bad circumstances

It is clear to see the forces that walk with those belonging to the Leo zodiac sign. These people were born to stand out, making others easily intimidated by the stature of their characters. Some want to be just like the Leos and possess their majestic traits, while others loathe them.

The truth is that I believe they are magnificent beings and their presence can only enhance the livelihoods of others. I believe that gravitating towards a Leo can be rough seas or still waters depending on your approach. With all of that said, keep in mind that still waters also run significantly deep!

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