Unlike most zodiac signs, the peculiarity of Aquarians has made it impossible for them to be attributed to just one animal. Their attributes are so intriguing that they can’t be associated with a single animal and thus, various ones are employed. 

A zodiac is a graphical illustration often used to depict the planets and stars in their positions. It has 12 segments with a name and symbol to each. The zodiac is used to try to calculate the influence of the planets, especially on someone’s life.            

Among these twelve signs is Aquarius. A unique sign among other signs. Aquarians are unconventional and vigorous, although they may switch between being quiet and timid — petrified to be themselves. Regardless, they are intelligent, objective, and go all out for a purpose hoped to be achieved. 

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Aquarius is symbolized by the water weaver which represents their immaculate flow of energy. They have a great influence on the people around them which includes their contagious excitement and their ability to bring people to their wavelength and also, the aspiration of people around them to be like them.

First, let me tell you what spirit animals are. And why should we use animals for our characters?

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Spirit animals are common to many regions across the globe. It’s an integral part of various religions. Spirit animals are believed to provide safety and guide throughout the course of one’s life.

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Spirit animals provide guidance through numerous virtues that work collaboratively. It could be wisdom, honesty, tolerance, and intelligence to name a few. By symbolizing human traits and virtues, this spirit serves as a light to illuminate lives in dark and confusing times. Always breathing an air of hope and positivity.

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The animals in their variety are strong; they wield a force that impacts lives beyond imagination and as such you must forge a strong bond with yours. Do not take it as a mere thing of amusement but rather as a compass — to take with you as you get through the thick and thin of life.

Due to Aquarius’ distinctiveness, there isn’t just one spirit animal that is associated with it, therefore, I will describe these spirit animals specifically in what follows.

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This resonates with the Aquarius appellation known as “the water bearer” and the ability of spiders to adapt to life around and even on water. Spiders represent patience, creativity, territory, and the conflict between dark and light. Like this animal, Aquarians spend a lot of their time creating something beautiful, which, in turn, can lend itself to your independent and aloof character. Sometimes, they prefer to be alone, working on what makes them happy.

Just like there are friendly spiders, there are also very territorial spiders. They embrace both the positive and negative sides of themselves in everything they do. Their complex nature makes it hard for just anyone to understand who they are, which is why some people fear them (like they fear spiders).

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Owls are generally considered symbols of wisdom and knowledge. A representation of royalty and knowledge. Able to see all, they direct in the proper way to go. The owl spirit is all you need when uncertainties abound — listen attentively and follow the guidance closely.

When the owl is your spirit animal or guide, you must remember to stay true to your ideas, even if the crowd is skeptical or downright mean. If ideas, or your differences, treat you like an outcast, don’t let them ruffle your feathers. As Mark Twain once said, “Everyone with an idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.” Stay true to yourself.”

The owl spirit animal represents the free thinker, the oddball, and the quintessential entrepreneur. Owls see what others do not. They have unusual skills that can cause jealousy in others. Yet, they hold to their ideas and visions, despite the negativity and harassment from naysayers.

Hence, I would encourage Aquarians and anyone else who resonates with owls to emulate their wisdom, independent thinking, courage, observance, and intuition.


Like Dolphins, Aquarians capture the attention of people around them. Dolphin symbolism also includes help, guidance, messages, intelligence, fun, joyfulness, freedom, teamwork, transformation, and psychic abilities.

The dolphin spirit animal is strong and influential in decision-making. It serves as a guide, as an invisible force pointing one in the right direction even at times when all seem gloomy. Of course, this is an instinctive force that requires effort to sometimes ask, meditate, and pray for guidance.

The dolphin carries the aura strong of communication mastery. If you struggle with being understood, a simple tweak of how you express yourself will do the trick. Dolphins are endowed with amazing social skills. The ability to interact is ingrained in their lives. They are jovial and relate cheerfully.

Like a dolphin, your gift is a work in progress that you can build over time with continuous learning through different avenues.

This encapsulates the peculiarity of Aquarians and shows how some of these spirit animals resonate with them. I, therefore, suggest that Everyone should embrace their zodiac signs and spirit animals as they are divinely chosen for them to guide them through this life and give true happiness. 

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