How to Make a Libra Man Want You Back ( 4 tips to follow)

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Libra men are great romantic partners, even if they can be difficult at times. They are loving, flirty, and enjoy giving attention to the people they care about. So if your relationship went sour and you broke up, it’s understandable that you want to give things a second chance. But how do you make a Libra man want you back?

Winning anybody back is difficult because you basically have to convince them they were wrong to let you go. But if you’d like to learn how to communicate more effectively (and hopefully never let things get bad again), I highly recommend Libra Man Secrets. It will teach you a lot about understanding other people and their perspectives in order to connect with them better.

Reasons Why Libra Men Break Up With Their Partners

Whether you can win back your Libra man depends a lot on the reason why you broke up. If you did something to hurt him, there’s a chance he won’t take you back no matter how many guides you read. But if it was a little bit of incompatibility, things are still salvageable. So here are some of the most common reasons why Libra men end their relationships:

  • He feels that you’re not on the same level. Whether he thinks you’re way too behind him or vice versa, this can be a cause of a lot of frustration for a Libra man. He needs someone who will challenge him (but not discourage him), but also someone he can be comfortable around (but not complacent). 
  • He’s not getting the love and attention he wants. Libra women and men can be pretty vain. Your Libra boyfriend craves compliments and little acts of affection to remind him every day that you appreciate him. If he feels underappreciated, he will be quick to pack his bags and leave.
  • He feels that you don’t take care of yourself enough. Public image is everything to Libras. You’ve probably seen your Libra ex spend hours in front of the mirror doing his hair. If you don’t put as much energy into looking your best, it could be a great source of frustration for him.
  • He is not ready for commitment. Libra men often fear commitment, simply because they have a hard time shaking off the feeling that there’s always something bigger and better out there. If he feels like he’s being forced into something serious, he might decide to leave.

How to Win Back a Libra Man

Again, depending on why you broke up, winning a Libra man back can be difficult. That being said, there are certain steps you can take to maximize your chances. And who knows, maybe your rekindled love story turns into a happily ever after!

1. Give Him Some Space – But Not Too Much Space

Libras are known to be very indecisive. So just because he broke up with you doesn’t mean he’s 100% sure of his decision – you might still have some time. Even if your instincts are telling you to leave him alone and give him some space, that’s not necessarily the best course of action.

Sure, everybody needs some space after a breakup, including your Libra ex-boyfriend. That being said, you should still let him know right away that you’re open to giving it another shot. Once he knows that, even when given some space, he won’t be able to help but think: What if?

2. Show Him You Understand the Problem

Of course, just knowing you want to be with him won’t convince your Libra man to come back to you. If that was the case, he never would have left in the first place. Now you need to show him that you understand why he broke up.

Show him you fully grasp the problem that existed in your relationship and that you’re willing to dedicate time and energy to solving it. Of course, only promise this if you really mean it – don’t string him along if that’s a commitment you’re not ready for.

3. Shower Him With Affection

No matter how heartbroken or angry, Libras will never turn down some positive attention. Show him that you truly appreciate having him in your life, and he won’t be able to stay mad at you for too long. 

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand romantic gesture (although it absolutely can, he won’t mind it), but it should be a clear sign you’re thinking of him. Don’t get a generic gift you could get anyone. Get him something (or do something for him) that tells him: I really know you better than anyone else and care about making you happy.

4. Negotiate the Conditions of Your Reconciliation

Libras might be a little vain, but they’re not stupid. Quite the opposite, they have an analytical mind and tend to look at situations rationally rather than emotionally. Yes, even if the situation at hand is a breakup.

So in order to win back a Libra ex, you need to convince him that there are good reasons to get back together. What will he gain from it? Why does it make sense for you two to stay a couple? Basically, you need to convince him that staying in this relationship is a better option than the alternative.

Think about what the reason you broke up was. Now, think about what you can do to make sure that never happens again. Present this to him as a plan for a happier future together, and you’ll have much better chances of making your Libra ex miss you than if you were playing into his emotions.

Go Get Your Libra Man Back!

Now that you know what to do to win back your Libra ex-boyfriend, it’s time for action. And if you would like to learn more about how to keep him – I recommend Libra Man Secrets. It has taught me all I needed to know about connecting with people on a much more meaningful level, and it can do the same for you!

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