How to Know if a Cancer Man Loves you

How to Know if a Cancer Man loves you

The Cancer man can have a reputation of being inadequate because this sign is associated with vulnerability and feelings. The Cancer zodiac sign is a feminine sign and ruled by the Moon.

It is the fourth sign of the zodiac and characterized by the water element meaning they feel their emotions very deeply and intensely. He’s highly sensitive, but extremely powerful!

Cancer season is from June 21st to July 22nd.

Cancers pick up on the vibrations of their environment and are very intuitive. They can sense lies, fears and motivations and then process these sensations quickly so that they can respond in a way that is best for them. This is what makes them sensitive.

The Cancer sign is motivated by security and this drives their life decisions from career to choosing a spouse. They make big efforts to create a safe space for themselves and loved ones.

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If you’re unsure whether your Cancer man loves you, I’d recommend giving Cancer Man Secrets by Anna Kovach a thorough read. It’ll show you the obvious signs to look for. 

Cancer represents:
● Home
● Introversion
● Reactivity
● Being melancholic
● Grounding
● Nourishment

Being ruled by the Moon means their natural maternal instincts will propel them to protect and provide for the well-being of the people they love. They will ensure your emotional safety and security by responding to your needs.

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This sign is very family-oriented. They enjoy time with family and being home and this makes them feel grounded and stable. It is a nurturing sign that enjoys cooking. Their food is made with love and they enjoy the bond that comes with having a meal together. They love family get-togethers like holidays, birthdays, weekly dinners and other traditions that involve being with family-members.

Cancers are nostalgic and sentimental. They cherish and hold on to things, people and memories from the past. They like to reminisce about their family and childhood.

This sign is symbolized by the crab. They have a tough exterior due to being emotionally tuned into their environment. They take rejection very hard and it is difficult to get them to come back out of their shell if you’ve hurt them. They are very protective of their hearts because it’s difficult for them to bounce back from emotional pain.

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So, here’s how to know if a Cancer man loves you.

How to know if a Cancer man loves you

He knows how to express love

Cancer men are very romantic and they love to do all of the traditional love gestures for the person they love. They will:

  • Buy flowers
  • Hold your hand
  • Plan elaborate dates
  • Write love letters
  • Give you his jacket when you are cold
  • Be very sweet and caring

He actually cares about you
A Cancer man falls very hard. He will learn all about you and pay attention to you.

He will ask questions to find out what you like and rise to the occasion to make it happen for you.

But don’t take his kindness for weakness. He makes your feelings matter and would like the same from you. Signs a cancer man is falling in love with you.

He ‘shows’ you that he loves you

His actions are just as equal or stronger than his words. When a Cancer man loves you, he will provide for you. He will make sure you are well taken care of. He will give you money, time, and emotional support.

Making sacrifices for you, even working multiple jobs to make sure you have what you need feels like his duty to a Cancer man.

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He’s open about his feelings with you

It is not hard to tell when a Cancer man loves you.

He’s initially shy and reserved. A Cancer guy does not typically make the first move because he’s so cautious of rejection, but when he loves you, he is an open book. If he opens up, you’ve made him feel safe by not judging his sentimentality. 

When he shares his emotions with you, it means you’ve been given access to his softer side that goes beyond his shell.

He will also be extremely affectionate.

Hurting a Cancer’s feelings can bring out negative behaviors because he tries hard to be well-received. Holding drawn-out grudges or playing tit for tat games are behaviors he may show when his moods have shifted.

A Cancer man has the power to make you feel like he loves you. Because he is led by his emotions, he will also approach his relationship with you the same way. Cancerian man will fix things around the home and show affectionate without hesitation.

He is not afraid to express his feelings and emotions and he’s thoughtful towards you.

He gets extremely comfortable around you

When in a long term relationship with a  Cancer man he will show you he loves you, you will see the real man. 

He won’t mind if you see him looking his worst such as his hair undone, his messy car, teeth un-brushed or un-showered.

This means that he’s spent enough time together with you and you have made him feel comfortable and will start to feel love towards you.

You will get to see his silly side and he will pull out all the stops to make you laugh. This star sign will make you the happiest person in the world. He also will love you unconditionally as well.

You will meet his whole family

As mentioned previously, the Cancer zodiac sign is a family-oriented sign.

A sign that a Cancer man loves you is he will introduce you to his home and immediate family.

He’s so connected to his family and always loves to spend time with them, and bringing you around them means he sees a future with you. This always tells you that he is in love with you.

Read Cancer Man Secrets to uncover more top tips!

He is willing to protect you

A Cancer man wants to put a lot of effort into loving you, so if you are not reciprocating and especially showing affection to others, his moods will strongly shift to jealousy and being very offended.

This can make him feel taken advantage of.
He’s opened up to you, introduced you to all of his friends and family and provided for you, so he’s wary of people you bring around that he’s not familiar with.

This is where you can see signs of clinginess because he’s so protective and enjoys having you all to himself.

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You bring him out of his shell

Similar to the Taurus man, a Cancer guy really wants to feel secure in his comfort zone.

You know a Cancer man loves you if he allows you to take him to new places, around new people and experience new situations because this can cause him a lot of stress.

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He’s not shy about expressing his love for you to others

Cancer is the star sign that will quickly post your relationship status on social media. He will post pictures of your life together because he wants to show off what he loves.

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Cancer men are very expressive with their emotions and you know when they are very happy or upset. They show the full range from extreme enthusiasm to being dramatically pouty as soon as they feel it. Be considerate of their sensitive nature and be honest with them about your feelings.

They are forgiving if you are sincere.

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You are very lucky if a Cancer man is in love with you because he will take the time to concern himself about your feelings, safety, and comfort. He is supportive of your ideas, plans and activities and will cherish them with you and even help you grow and develop them.

Make sure to give Cancer Man Secrets by Astrologer Anna Kovach. It’s a real eye-opener and will help shed some light on your Cancer man. 

Click here to read it.

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