How to Make a Taurus Woman Jealous

Taurus women take their time falling in love. If you try to make a Taurus woman jealous before you’re in a relationship, you might not be successful. She might get jealous if you flirt with others and she’s interested in you, but she also might simply back off and pursue someone else.

This Venus-ruled sign is a hopeless romantic. Once you settle into a relationship with a Taurus woman, she’ll expect you to be loyal. She won’t be green with envy if you give her no reason to be. If you give her a reason to be suspicious, though, you’ll see your Taurus woman’s jealous side.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Is Possessive

Is a Taurus woman jealous? She tries to trust her partner but some Taurus woman have trust issues. A Taurus woman might be possessive over her partner. Taurus isn’t as jealous as a Scorpio but they can be just as possessive.

A Taurus lady wants a stable, loyal partner. She’ll let her partner be independent but if he gives her any reason to suspect he’s being unfaithful, a Taurus woman might become possessive. Be careful if you’re trying to bring out that possessive side. A Taurus lady might get jealous as you want, but she’s likely to leave if you push her too far.

Flirt With Other Women

Your Taurus girlfriend won’t be able to control her jealousy if she sees you flirt with other women. If you two are in a committed relationship, she’ll expect you to be devoted to her and only her! You’ll hurt her feelings if you flirt with other women, so be careful.

You might be able to make a Taurus woman jealous enough to accept a date with you before you two are in a relationship by flirting with others. If you’re already dating, though, you’ll just toy with your Taurus woman’s emotions.

Taurus Women Value Loyalty

Taurus women are willing to wait for the perfect person because they need reliable, loyal partners. A Taurus woman will get jealous if her partner isn’t loyal to her. You’ll make her jealous if you have a quick fling with someone else but you might also end your relationship.

Be careful if you’re trying to make your Taurus lover jealous. If you go too far, she’s not likely to stick around.

Hang Around Better Looking Women

You don’t actually need to be interested in other women to make a Taurus woman jealous. Don’t be surprised if your Taurus partner gets jealous just because you’ve been hanging around a lot of beautiful women.

If a Taurus woman has low self-esteem, she’s likely to become envious if her partner has an attractive female friend. Even if you are truly just friends with the beautiful women in your life, a Taurus woman might still get jealous.

Hide Things From Her

A Taurus girl may become jealous if her partner always hides things from her. If you always keep things to yourself or tell your secrets to others, but not to your Taurus woman, she may start to feel jealous or resentful.

Taurus women often emotionally rely on their partners. They need someone who is also emotionally available. If you don’t connect with your Taurus woman the same way you do with your friends, she will likely become jealous of the connection you have with them.

Be More Successful Than Her

In astrology, Taurus gets a bad reputation for being lazy. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Taurus is hardworking and passionate about their work. They just also know when to take a break. Being successful and financially stable is important to this earth sign.

If you’re more successful than a Taurus female, she might become jealous of you. You might also get some friendly competition going, though! It all depends on whether or not you hold your success over her head.

Talk About What You Find Attractive

If you talk about what you find attractive in a woman and your Taurus woman has those traits, she won’t get jealous at all. When she doesn’t have all the traits you look for in a woman, though, she might become envious of the women who do have those traits.

Your Taurus partner will become especially jealous if you know somebody who does have the traits you want in a woman. Even if your Taurus lady is secure in your relationship, she might start to wonder if she’s really the one for you.

Ignore Her

If you constantly ignore your Taurus woman, she’ll become envious of whatever it is that captures your attention. Whether it’s a hobby, your job, or a person, she’ll start to feel jealous and wonder why she’s not able to hold your attention.

She also might start to feel like she’s not good enough for your if you constantly ignore her. If she can’t keep your interest, your Taurus woman may start to feel inadequate. Jealousy won’t be the only thing she deals with if you constantly give her the silent treatment.

Focus On Other People

A Taurus lady likes to be with her partner. She thinks living independent lives from one another is a good thing but she’ll still want to have a lot of quality time with the person she loves. She’ll get jealous if her partner spends the majority of their time with other people.

If you only ever focus on your relationships with other people, your Taurus woman will become jealous of them. If you forget to spend time with her, she’ll likely become upset.

Lie To Her

Taurus women are patient. They can put up with a lot in a relationship but one thing they cannot stand is when their partner is dishonest. How does lying cause jealousy, though? You can make a Taurus woman jealous if she knows that you’re honest with everyone else in your life. She will wonder why you’re able to trust others with the truth but not her.

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