How To Tell If A Taurus Woman Is In Love With You (11 Signs)

How To Tell If A Taurus Woman Is In Love With You (9 ways to tell)

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A Taurus woman does not like a man who is weak and unable to take charge and stand his ground, as she is looking for a man who can match her level of strength and determination. Unless the Taurus woman has a strong fire presence in her natal chart, she will generally be quite cool, calm, and collected. There will rarely be extremely emotional and dramatic outbursts, and she tends to keep a level head in most situations.

With a Taurus woman, what you see is what you get, and she knows what she wants. As she is ruled by the earth element, she possesses a natural, untouched beauty that doesn’t need touch-ups or makeup to be attractive.

Although she is a natural beauty, she still loves her luxurious spa treatments, and hour-long bath soaks, as life without luxury will be unfulfilling to her. She may or may not like to wear makeup and to dress up; either way, she always looks incredibly beautiful. She is amazingly down to earth, and she loves socializing with those that are closest to her.

A Taurus woman takes another person as they are, with all their flaws, and does not expect them to change. This unconditional love that she gives causes many people to flock to her, and her friendships usually last a lifetime. She has a powerful ability to love, especially unconditionally, and this makes her one of the most valued people in the lives of her loved ones.

The Taurean woman in love will always remain devoted and true to her partner, and there will never be a hint of unfaithfulness. If she has devoted her heart to you, you may trust that it will remain with you and only you.

Her fixed nature does not allow her to stray once she has given her heart to someone, and when she gives herself to someone, it is for life. Her love is like an unmovable mountain; not even earthquakes can destroy it. She treats the man she loves with the utmost respect, and she demands the same treatment from him in return. In love, she believes slow and steady wins the race; therefore, it is never a good idea to rush her and pressure her, and she needs plenty of time to feel comfortable within a relationship.

If you push her too much, especially at the beginning of the relationship, she will get the impression that you aren’t in it for the long run, and that you are only there for a good time, and she will refuse to take things further with you.


She gives you her time and attention

She gives you her time and attention

A Taurus woman who is not interested in you will not give you attention, and she will just ignore you and likely avoid you. She will not tell you straight up she is not interested, as she fears coming across as impolite.

If a Taurus women keep giving her attention to you, it is an excellent sign that she is interested in you. Time is valuable to her, and she knows she will not get her time back. Therefore, she probably likes you if she would rather spend her time with you.

She tries new things

A Taurus woman’s feet is planted so firmly in the ground; it is tricky to get her to step out of her shell and try new, risky adventures. She requires a lot of stability and security in her life.

If she agrees and is willing to go with you on a few exciting experiences, it is a sign she wants to spend some time with you and get to know you.

Don’t expect her to come on every adventure with you, though, as she prefers to do things on her own terms, and pushing her may cause her to feel angry and uncomfortable.

She buys you fancy gifts

A big part of the love style of a Taurus female is through giving gifts to those she loves. This lady knows how to make money, and a Taurus woman only gets the best, highest quality items for those she loves.

If she is spoiling you with overly fancy items and gifts, it means she values you, as she does not do it for just anybody!

She cooks for you

Taurus women are natural-born cooks and chefs, and they know exactly how to mix up the ingredients provided by the earth to create the most delectable dishes.

She can cook all kinds of weird and wonderful things that will leave you wanting more! Cooking takes a lot of work and effort, and she will not just cook for anybody. If a Taurus woman is cooking for you, it means she has some kind of feelings for you.

How to tell if a Taurus woman is in love with you

She is loyal and dedicated to you

A Taurus woman has many options and a big social circle; therefore, she can make plans with other people whenever she wants. If she chooses to stick to you and gives her time and devotion to you, it is a secure sign that she loves you. Once she is in love with you, she will hardly ever leave your side, and she will want the two of you to do everything together. She will also want you to be part of everything in her life.

She may make a lot of time to see her friends, and her friends are very important to her; however, you will have the number one spot in her heart.

She gets experimental in the bedroom

Intensely few women can compete with a Taurus woman when it comes to sex and the bedroom. If she is treating you like a king, putting on sexy little outfits, and getting down and dirty with you often, it means you have sealed the deal! Taurus woman will rarely open up to someone sexually if she is not in love.

She makes life amazing for you

A Taurus woman will always make sure the sheets are often freshly washed and smell fantastic, she will start baking bread early so that you can wake up to the smell of fresh bread and she will likely also serve you breakfast and coffee in bed.

Her love style is extremely practical and caring. She is not very open, spontaneous, and free. If she is continuously trying to make your life comfortable and enjoyable for you, it means you have a Taurus woman in your life that loves you!

When she is in a relationship, she will go above and beyond to care for and love you.

She touches you

The Taurus woman’s sense of touch is incredibly sensitive. If you wear a soft, fluffy sweater, she is likely to cuddle up in your arms if she likes you! A Taurus woman loves to touch the things she likes and to feel what it feels like.

If you find her oddly touching your hair, your face, or your body, let her. It means she is trying to feel you, and she is trying to figure out if she likes what she feels. Make sure that you feel soft when around her, this will make her happy!

She stands up for you

Dating a Taurus woman is an interesting experience, as you will not have to protect her and stand up for her. Consistent with her zodiac symbol, the bull, a Taurus woman is incredibly stubborn, and when she sees red, she rages. If she is in love and cares about a person, she will protect that person and stand up for them at all costs.

A Taurus woman is not aggressive; however, when she herself or her territory is threatened, she can shake the earth with her aggression, as she is a lover and a fighter for what she loves.

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