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How To Attract An Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius energy is that of the intellectual and the innovator. It is the observer and analyzer of emotions from a detached stance. Aquarius is ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn and appreciates all forms of thinking making them the humanitarians of all the zodiac signs. Unlike the other Air signs, the Aquarius can be very stubborn.

Other Aquarius traits are:

  • Offbeat and unusual
  • Independent
  • Unexpected
  • Unpredictable
  • Unknown
  • Surprising
  • Networking and friendships

Because Aquarian women value their friends and associates, they tend to feel comfortable dating you if they already know you and are a part of their network.

Aquarians demeanor comes across as cool, calm, and collected and they love to receive that same energy from others.

Aquarian women love and are attracted to people who are very different from her. She will always find you very interesting if you are into social awareness, controversial, rebellious, and weird activities for example:

● Astrology/occult
● Conspiracy theories
● Humanitarianism
● Science experiments
● Playing with gadgets

They enjoy having good debates about things such as politics, human rights, and topics that people may find mind-boggling or even mundane.

If you want to know how to seduce an Aquarius woman, you have to be her friend first.

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How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

Get to know her

Make sure to ask her lots of questions, try to figure out where her intelligence lies. What her interests are and where her passion is. Asking these types of questions will always make her feel like you’re really interested in what she has to say and help you ‘click’ with her.

Talking to her about what she envisions for the future and her dreams can really help to spark a connection. Aquarius women are quite attracted to a man with plans, someone who is driven to be successful and who’s not looking to settle for a 9-5 job at Walmart.

No judging

An Aquarius woman is looking for a mental connection and wants to talk to someone who understands her and who she can be herself with.

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Attraction is not physical for her, she is turned on by what makes you different and your intellect. The Aquarius woman wants a best friend and love that is unconditional because once she is in love with you, she will accept you for just who you are.

Seducing an Aquarius woman could be tricky, simply because the Aquarius woman may not be interested in a long-term relationship based on traditional standards, but she is quite honest and not sneaky. An Aquarian woman prefers the no-strings-attached approach.

Stand up for something

Team efforts that help to advance society are some things she really likes, so if you are involved with anything such as a humanitarian cause, she may find you fascinating. In order to attract an Aquarius woman, you need to stand out from the crowd, make sure to let your opinion be known.

The Aquarius woman is not a conventional romantic when in love.

An Aquarian falls under the air sign, which means the Aquarius woman tends to get very bored with tradition, fantasy, and regurgitated ideas.

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They desire for love to be progressive more than anything, simply because they know this is fleeting and it makes them feel held back.

She is turned on by your views and how you want to contribute to society in a way that will be progress for humanity. She is turned on by your rebellious side and your righteous stance on issues.

You can also seduce an Aquarius woman if you can relate to her unconventional views about the world, simply because she is probably used to getting push back from her unpopular opinions.

Give her space

When an Aquarius woman is starting to fall for you, she will take a few steps back because building a relationship that is founded on friendship first is important to her. Out of everyone of the zodiacs, the Aquarius is the one who needs the most space. Better not try and be too clingy and stop her going out.

In a long-term relationship, she doesn’t want to conform too much and needs you to keep up with her eccentric energy.

An Aquarius woman tends to have a large network and have several relationships that serve different purposes because they put a lot of energy into their friendships. In fact, one way to put her off you is if you’re more of an introvert and don’t love going to social occasions, similar to the air sign, Aquarius women are known for their free-flowing social butterfly lifestyle.

Be interesting in the bedroom

Keeping her interest is very important because she could get bored quickly.

She could be interested in role-playing because it will allow her to express her uniqueness. You need to be up for pretty much anything.

The Aquarius woman is experimental and she tends to be into some off-the-wall bedroom activities or be very open-minded to trying exciting things.
An Aquarius woman tends to like unattached erotic activities like:

  • Phone/cybersex
  • Play with sex toys
  • Voyeurism
  • Swinging
  • Orgies

One thing to remember is she wants to try something she’s not tried before. Invite her on a date that involves a group of people such as. Some

  • A beach bonfire
  • Crazy golf (bonus if it’s glow in the dark)
  • A hike
  • Play games such as charades
  • Pool party

Don’t be jealous

Make sure not to box her in or be overly possessive and jealous because she may still be friends with her exes and have male friends. Aquarius women won’t fall in love with someone who is constantly jealous of other men in her life. She wants you to see her as a person and not a possession or something to control.

She will never be controlled.

She enjoys her freedom and alone time.

She will always shut down the moment she feels like you are:

● Boxing her in
● Trying to make her be someone she is not
● Judging her

A long term relationship with an Aquarius woman can be difficult for a Taurus or Scorpio because of their nature of feeling the need to possess their partners(Taurus) and their partner’s emotions(Scorpio).

Be smart

Aquarius women are not very emotional or nurturing, but they attach through the mind. If you want to attract an Aquarius woman, you’ll need to be unique in your own way.

They really need to know what you think, your ideas, your experiences, your quirks and dreams.

If they can’t connect with your mental processes, they become detached.

Simply be yourself

Because she is comfortable being herself, she wants authenticity in personality and not a partner who changes their personality with different people.

She has to see you as fascinating and having a beautiful mind.

Aquarius women are attracted to people who have original thoughts and who speak for themselves.

The Aquarius woman is very intelligent yet also intuitive. She is skilled at sensing your energy by the way you communicate with her.

Have an open mind

One thing she values the most is emotional intelligence and needs a love that she feels is unique.

Love to an Aquarius woman is a mental expansion and encouraging each other to follow your dreams.

If you’ve figured out how to attract an Aquarius woman into your life, she has found you to be unique and I suggest you allow her to open your mind.

You need to stand by her and embrace her for who she is.

She needs a partner who is open-minded, enjoys learning and advancing themselves.

An Aquarius woman is mainly interested in partnering with someone only if you help her raise her frequency so that together you can have an impact on the world. She needs to build and collaborate with you and if she can combine her dreams with yours to make it a big one, she’ll be hooked. The Aquarius woman isn’t one for the mundane repetitive life, she can do without this. Instead, she craves the unknown and something exciting.

What does an Aquarius woman not like in a man?

Men who don't like pets

This woman is under the air sign, she’s free and loves to explore this earth. That includes visiting new places and seeing animals she’s never seen before. Don’t be surprised if she’s got a pet dog or cat, animals are very close to her heart. So if you don’t like animals, then you might be out of luck.

Men who are stingy with money

The Aquarian woman likes to explore and do new and exciting things. She works to live, not the other way around. If she wants to go on holiday tomorrow, she will do, she’s not the type to plan it for months in advance. She doesn’t let money stand in the way of something. She wants to be free. 

So she doesn’t care for people who are too stingy with their money and instead of spending to enjoy life, they save and save. That being said she’s not one to go on big spending sprees at the mall, instead she uses her money for experiences and holidays.

Men who try to control her

The Aquarian woman is a little social butterfly, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She isn’t the type of partner to go to work, come home cook dinner and go to sleep every day of the week. She’s more the type to go out for drinks after work with her colleagues or meet up with her friends and go to a nice bar or a club. She’s not shy to have a little dance, she enjoys to let her hair down, more often that not she won’t even need alcohol to have a good time.

One thing that’s for sure, the Aquarian woman hates to be told she can’t do something. Don’t even dare to tell her she can’t go out with her friends, it’ll be the start of the end for your relationship. Instead let her be free.

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