How Do Leos Act When Hurt?


Rulers of the social jungle, Leos can often seem too distant to reach, let alone wound. Despite this, it’s very possible to hurt a Leo, especially if you’re someone close to them. If you think you’ve hurt your Leo crush or significant other, it’s important that you find out for sure and take the necessary steps to healing the wound and patching up the relationship.

In this guide, I’ll go over some important Leo personality traits, review some common actions and behaviors that can be hurtful to Leos, and examine some specific ways Leos act when hurt.

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Leo Personality Traits

The best way to predict if or tell when a Leo is hurt is to understand their unique personality traits. Specifically, a Leo is:

  • Outgoing

It’s hard to find a Leo man or woman who isn’t the center of attention. These fire signs, ruled by the sun, are among the most outgoing of any astrology sign. Just as a lion rules over the jungle, these extroverted individuals dominate their social circles and know how to get attention wherever they go. For this reason, you can bet that something is up with your Leo man or woman if they stop displaying these tendencies. 

  • Positive

Leo men and women are also extremely positive, in part due to their confidence in their own ability to handle the challenges that life throws at them. It’s rare to see one of these individuals in a funk, though this behavior can certainly be exhibited if they are deeply hurt by their partner. 

What Hurts a Leo 

So what is it that hurts a Leo? It’s not hard to guess:

  • Dishonesty

Though a Leo demands attention from just about anyone, Leos keep their sole focus on their partners. In fact, these highly loyal individuals often pour tons of their own energy and commitment into making sure the person they love is being propped up. Dishonesty, then, comes as a big blow to a Leo’s pride and sense of loyalty. No matter how small the lie, Leos can be easily hurt if they feel as if they are being deceived by the one person they expect to be completely honest with them. 

  • Betrayal

Naturally, a Leo man or woman can’t stand more intense forms of betrayal. Nothing is more hurtful to a Leo than being cheated on, which can do significant damage to a Leo’s sense of worth (even if they would never let this on to their friends or acquaintances). Because Leos hold themselves in such high esteem, it can be a big blow to find out that the people they love don’t appreciate them the way they should. 

How a Leo Acts When Hurt

With all this being said, it’s time to take a more specific look at how a Leo acts when hurt. If you think you may have upset your Leo partner, be on the lookout for any of the following behaviors:

1. They Withdraw

If you hurt a Leo, there’s a good chance that they may withdraw. Though individuals of this zodiac sign are known for their comfort and dominance of social settings, it’s not uncommon for them to completely remove themselves from social situations when they have been hurt—particularly if they’ve been deeply hurt. Instead of going out, they’ll simply stay in the house or isolate themselves in their rooms—a clear sign that something is up with them. 

They may withdraw in slightly less obvious ways, talking to you less when the two of you are together or sending you fewer texts when the two of you are apart. More often than not, this behavior can stretch across days, giving you a real sign that you’ve hurt a Leo.

2. They Focus on Their Work

Specifically, Leos may simply focus on their work, studies, or other priorities, using them as an excuse to limit interaction with you. This is a common tactic employed by Leos when they have been hurt. Instead of focusing on the problem at hand and how to solve it, they will instead pour all their energy into work, usually avoiding other social interaction, as well. 

This could be a general sign that a Leo needs space from you. However, if the behavior continues to long, it may be that they are waiting for an apology from you—or at least for you to address the matter first. As a general rule, it’s better to come clean to your Leo partner than to simply leave them stewing in their anger, which can cause them to rethink their relationship with you. 

3. They Abandon You

Depending on their level of anger, a Leo man or woman may leave you entirely. Though Leos can be quite sensitive when they’ve been hurt or betrayed, they may also simply fall back on their sense of pride and self-worth and decide you’re not worth the trouble. Rather than waste time trying to patch things up with someone who did them wrong, Leos may simply avoid the hassle altogether and move on to greener pastures. 

Of course, what happens here depends on the extent to which you hurt a Leo. You shouldn’t expect this reaction from small altercations or a simple mistake; however, if you’ve been unfaithful, you may find that this is a default reaction for many Leo men and women.

4. They Test You

If you hurt a Leo, they may simply respond by testing you. Even if they’ve already agreed to forgive you, Leos may set small traps just to see how you will respond. Though it may seem unfair, a Leo man or woman could employ this tactic just to see if you are genuinely sorry or if you’re someone who will blow off their feelings when they’re inconvenient for you. Simply put, it’s hard to make a Leo forget about anything, especially when they feel slighted. 

5. Hold a Grudge

Perhaps no zodiac sign is better at holding grudges than the Leo. If you hurt a Leo, you can expect it to come back to haunt you in various ways—even across time. The harsh reality is this: Leos don’t forgive easily—and sometimes not at all. Even in the instance that they’ve agreed to continue the relationship with you, the immature part of a Leo’s inner core can cause them to hold a grudge against you that will come out in future arguments and spats. 

Though this is a sign that a Leo cares about you—otherwise, you wouldn’t be important enough to hold a grudge against—it’s important that you take steps to mediate this situation in order to maintain a healthy relationship with a Leo in the long run.

6. They Get Passive Aggressive

Though Leos aren’t ones to try and enact revenge on their partners, they aren’t above getting nasty. Sometimes, when a Leo man or woman is hurt, they will simply respond negatively and passive aggressively to whatever their partner says. They make no bones about the fact that they are upset with their partner and want them to apologize. 

This highlights one of the uglier sides of a Leo: when they are hurt, they want you to feel the burden of that pain. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for Leos to try and elicit apologies from their partners through these of nasty language. Not only does this help them feel powerful, which boosts their infamous egos, but it also helps their partners “understand” their place and avoid hurting them again.

7. They Will Bring Up Your Failures

If you hurt a Leo, don’t be surprised if they come back with stinging responses about your personal and professional failures. A Leo is great at identifying the weaknesses in other human beings and, if necessary, using them against others to get what they want. They don’t easily forget the insecurities of others. If they feel they have been hurt, then, they may simply make things personal as their answer to you wounding them. They’ll attack you on your physical faults, your inability to accomplish your goals, your ability in bed—everything becomes fair game. The goal is to make you feel so worthless that you ultimately apologize—though even that might not save your relationship with a Leo who’s resulted to such below-the-belt tactics. 

If you’ve noticed your Leo partner becoming increasingly nasty with you, perhaps to the point of bullying, you can bet it’s because they’ve been hurt by something and aren’t coming out directly and saying what it was. In this case, it’s best to get things out into the open so that you can increase your chances of solving the problem and fixing your relationship. 

The Bottom Line

If you suspect you’ve hurt that special Leo in your life, you’ll want to do what you can to repair the situation as quickly as possible. Popular and always in demand, Leos rarely find it hard to move on from a relationship when they decide it’s no longer worth the trouble. 

In this guide, I went over some of the most common signs a Leo is hurt, as well as some common Leo personality traits and common behaviors that can hurt a Leo. Make sure to use this guide to repair your relationship as soon as you can!

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