How to deal with a cheating Leo man

Do you need to know how to deal with a cheating Leo man?

Are you wondering more often than you’d like that your Leo man is playing the field? Have you accused him of cheating but you’re lacking the proof to back it up?

According to PubMed, 23.2% of men said that they had cheated during their relationship. As stated by professor Nicholas Wolfinger who conducted a research study over the past two decades, data shows that between 20 and 25 percent of married men commit infidelity.

When you think about the implications of these numbers, they are staggering and can’t be ignored.

Before I dive into exactly how to deal with a cheating Leo guy let’s look at the obvious signs that he is cheating on you.

7 Signs that a Leo man is cheating on you

  • He’s on his phone all day, every minute of the night.
  • He is being evasive and refuses to answer questions.
  • He doesn’t laugh or have fun around you
  • Your friends notice his behavior has changed
  • He doesn’t show any affection
  • He’s started focusing a lot more on his physical appearance e.g. might of signed up to the gym, wearing nice clothes to work, new aftershave (he wants to impress someone)
  • He’s often speaking highly about someone else

How to deal with a cheating leo man

1. Triple check your facts

When you think something’s wrong, you know that sinking feeling in your gut. Try to avoid getting emotional about the situation, take a step back and observe any noticeable changes in your Leo man’s behavior.

Women are intuitive beings and oftentimes pick up on things before our husbands do; however we must always verify whether they’re actually happening in order to avoid any future problems or confrontations with an unsuspecting person!

If you find out that your partner is chatting with other people online, take the next step only after doing due diligence. A false accusation can damage trust for years, so make sure it’s true before jumping to conclusions!

2. Time to confront him

When you find out your Leo man is cheating, it can be a traumatic experience. I know how mad and upset that makes you but let’s calm down for just one moment so you don’t do anything rash!

First things first: take time to gather yourself before addressing the situation with him point blank (if there are any kids in the picture make sure they are tucked up in bed).

When you’re faced with a cheating Leo man, the last thing on your mind is going off topic.

Stay focused and keep things simple: tell him what has happened so far without judgment or accusation; let his actions speak louder than words do (for now).

Remember, make sure to focus on the facts you’ve double checked.

If you want to know whether your Leo man is cheating on you, just ask him. If he avoids looking into the question then there’s a chance that it could be true because no one likes being grilled about their personal life by another person!

When a Leo man lies, there are some tell-tale signs that you might already know. One of the most common ones is turning around in order to hide something or touching one’s nose.

3. Avoid involving the other woman

The most important tip on how to deal with a cheating Leo man is to try and remember that this is between you and him. I know how tempting it can be to confront the other woman and focus your hurt towards her.

The thought of calling her a home-wrecker and making herself feel horrible about it may seem to provide some short term relief, but what purpose will this serve?

Your battle is with your Leo man, not the other woman.

You are not at fault, don’t get defensive

We all have a tendency to blame ourselves when things go wrong, but it is important that we don’t do this enough. This leads many women who were cheated on by their husbands or partners into self-blame and feeling like they deserved the betrayal because of some flaw in character.

These thoughts might include:

“Maybe, it was my fault. I’m not really sure why things turned out like this”
“I’m ugly”
“The signs were obvious, why didn’t I see this coming”

Recent studies of American relationships suggest that between 20 to 40% of heterosexual men will have an affair during their lifetime.

So, don’t beat yourself up, it’s more than likely there was nothing you could have done to prevent your Leo guy from cheating on you.

4. Hear him out and see what he has to say

Your thoughts are so overwhelming that it may seem impossible to focus on anything else, but hear him out and when you do, try to remain calm.

Avoid reacting after each word that leaves his mouth, instead sit patiently and just listen to what he has to say.

5. Avoid revenge

Don’t lower yourself to his level and go out of your way to cheat on him in an attempt to get revenge, trust me you’ll regret this and hate yourself further down the line.

Instead head down the spiritual pathway, try simple things such as meditation and breathing exercises. Channel your inner wisdom and breathe out the hate and sadness and breathe in new beginnings.

6. Try counseling

The best way to deal with a Leo man cheating is by giving your marriage some help. Do not shy away from consulting an expert couple’s counselor and make sure you bring all of the buried issues out into the open so they can be worked through together!

Something that you might not know about Leo men, is that they try to dictate the flow of every situation. An important part of the Leo personality is their all or nothing mindset, if they really want to save your relationship then they are not afraid to show commitment. 

Cheating spouses can deal with their issues in many ways, but bringing them out of the closet might help. If you’re not comfortable discussing your problem or find it difficult to agree on how best to approach this situation then there could be something wrong that needs addressing professionally- either way don’t hesitate!

7. Decision time

Have you tried everything but there’s no solution in sight? “My Leo man cheated and I can’t get over it,” is what may be secretly admitted by yourself, even as your relationship hangs on a thread.

Once you have had the chance to absorb and process what has happened, introspect about how best to move forward. Don’t keep dragging your relationship if it isn’t in line with your heart; there are no good times for either party when they remain unhappy!

Forgive him on your terms, not his.

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