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Signs a Cancer Man Has Feelings for You - Discover 5 Hints

One of the most loyal of all the Zodiac signs, a Cancer man makes for the ultimate lover. If that special Cancer man in your life has started displaying signs that he likes you, then, you don’t want to take it lightly.

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Dating one of these men can be an eye-opening and wholesome experience—but you’ll want to know if a Cancer man really does have feelings for you before you make your move.

I was surprised to find that Anna Kovach, an Astrologer with the ability to produce incredible content in her book Cancer Man Secrets. I assumed it would be trash like those horoscopes magazines are full of but when you read them they’re filled with so much information and insight – not just your astrological type!

In this guide, I’ll go over the Cancer man personality type and review some clear signs that one of these men likes you. Keep reading to find out if he’s in love with you or if it’s something else entirely!

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Cancer Men Personality Traits

In order to understand whether a Cancer man is truly interested in you, you’ll want to understand his personality first. Reserved and secretive, these men can be hard to read at first. At their core, Cancer men, as the first water sign of the Zodiac, are:

  • Gentle and Sensitive

Controlled by the moon, Cancers are at the mercy of their emotions. As a result, they are naturally gentle, sensitive, and nurturing, making them caring lovers. If you date a Cancer man, you can bet that you’ll always be on his mind and his list of concerns.

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These men will never do anything to intentionally hurt you but instead will try to build you up—even sometimes at the expense of themselves.

  • Shy

A Cancer man is shy—nearly to a fault. Initially, he’ll have a hard time expressing to you his true feelings. This may be something you have to work on him with as the two of you date, as his cover up of his emotions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Just know this: what can come across as ill-spirited or sarcasm could really be his inability to express his feelings to you.

Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

Given all this, let’s take a look at some signs that a Cancer man is in love with you:

1. He Makes You Laugh

A Cancer man can oftentimes be too serious. These men love to overthink, which means they seldom joke around or act out of humor. That’s why you should take it as a good indication that he is in love with you if he starts to make you laugh. When a Cancer male is in love, he will go out of his way to joke, goof off, and find other things to do that put a smile on your face.

This is because a Cancer man wants to make his partner happy. Fiercely loyal, this man will love your smile more than anything. He’ll always put your wellbeing at the top of his list of priorities—a clear sign he’s interested in you.

2. He Gets Gradually Closer

A Cancer man in love will also grow gradually closer to the object of his affection. This is particularly true if you are returning his interest. Little by little, he’ll begin to let go of his insecurities and reveal more of himself to you. He’ll begin to treat you more sweetly than before, and he’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’ve got everything you need (and to show you that he is the guy for you). Your needs will become his chief wants.

From his words to his actions (and even his body language), everything he does will scream “I love you.” If you want to pursue a relationship with him, you can magnify his affection and trust in you by simply going along with him and opening your heart to him as well.

3. He Grows Jealous

With the good comes the bad. A Cancer guy in love will also grow jealous if you hang around other men. Remember that these men are naturally insecure, and this trait will only come out more if they see their woman with another guy. Whether you’re simply his crush or the two of you have made it a little more official, his jealousy is a clear sign that he likes you as more than just a friend.

While jealousy may never be one of the most attractive feelings, understand that it’s part of his personality if you wish to continue a relationship with a Cancer male.

Anna’s Cancer Man Secrets amazed me. It was so detailed and has so many top tips!

4. He Leans on You

A Cancer man in love will lean on his partner for emotional support. Once these men get to know you and like you, they will naturally begin to depend on you more. Because these men are naturally reserved, they can grow extremely attached to people they love—especially if they show affection in return. They will begin to see you as a confidante.

If you spend time with a Cancerian man, he’ll begin to show you more and more of his bad side, including his mood swings and brooding. Be sure to respond with the same nurturing care and supportive heart he provides you if you want the relationship to survive. If not, you could risk driving him into himself or to other people. Remember that it’s not lightly that he’s showing you how he feels.

5. He Grows Distant

During the courting stage, you may suddenly feel that he is growing distant. It’s not in your head. When these men are in love, they can sometimes be overtaken by their insecurity and natural reservedness. They may feel that they aren’t good enough to ask you out or that you would certainly say no. If your Cancer crush is suddenly distant, then, you can take this as a clear sign of his feelings for you.

The best way to move forward in this situation (if you want to date him, that is) is to build up his confidence and show him that you are a woman who understands the natural limits to his personality. By showing him this care and consideration, you can boost his self-esteem and help him work up the courage to make things official with you.

The Bottom Line

Think your Cancer crush might have feelings for you? With this guide of signs that a Cancer man likes you, you can know for sure! Ask yourself if that special Cancer guy in your life exhibits any of the qualities listed above. A Cancer man in love can be one of the most romantic and endearing men of any zodiac, so be sure to grab onto your opportunity if his feelings for you are genuine!

Anna Kovach is an Astrologer with incredible content online. Her book Cancer Man Secrets captured my attention because the level of detail was really surprising and unlike anything else ive come across before.

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