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How to Flirt with a Scorpio Man over Text - 7 Great Tips

Have you just matched a good-looking Scorpio guy on Tinder or Bumble? Or did you catch a Scorpio’s attention at a social event, but the alcohol courage has worn off and you’re struggling to think of something to say via text?

If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck. I’ve been in your shoes, and it’s okay – it’s easier than you might think to flirt with a Scorpio man via text.

Anna Kovach’s Scorpio Man Secrets has been a great guide for me! Her insights into dating and relationships with the Scorpio zodiac sign were fascinating to read. I learned so many new things from her book, such as why men are usually more straightforward than women when it comes to texting techniques or what types of messages work best depending on your compatibility rating score.

Before I dive straight into proven texts to send a Scorpio guy to get his attention, I’m going to explain a little bit about the Scorpio personality and what he’s looking for.

Scorpio men are extremely mysterious and alluring, not to mention playful and flirtatious. So, you’re in for a thrilling back and forth volley of flirty texts. While this sounds rather dreamy, it can also be confusing or often come across like they are playing games. This isn’t their intention however they do like to be playful.

Scorpio men much like their own personality thrive on mystery, they like a woman who is alluring and intriguing. Their imagination reaches wild and wonderful places, so I’ll start by suggesting not to give everything away right at the start. Instead, you’ll want to drip feed him subtle things about you.

While they are mysterious, Scorpio men also benefit from being extremely ambitious, mature and confident. Scorpio men make great lovers as they are highly sexual, intense and passionate, they like to make sure their partner is satisfied.

Though, like all Zodiacs it’s not all positive. The downside to the passionate and confident Scorpio man is that they can be jealous, manipulative and often aggressive.

I’ll put more emphasis on this when you’re trying to seduce him or tease him, plant an idea in his head and let his imagination do the work.

When texting your Scorpio man, try using the odd pun or sexual innuendo combined with a little mystery in your text messages. The aim here is to trigger his imagination and drive his lust for you.

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How to Flirt with a Scorpio Man Over Text Messages

1. Sexual innuendos

To catch the attention of a Scorpio man, you need to be creative and daring. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and tease him, be sure not to be too vulgar with it. Instead opt for playful and seductive texts, this will gear his imagination up to start thinking of you sexually and visualize intimacy.

Here’s a few good examples of texts to send to your Scorpio guy:

  • Just got back from the grocery store, picked up two perky melons – want to see?
  • I had my graduation yesterday, someone gave me a pearl necklace
  • Should I wear a tight skirt tonight or a really tight and short skirt?

2. Send short text messages

A Scorpio man likes things to be precise and focused, not only in his career but in any communication, he has with people. So, when you’re texting him instead of texting a huge wall of text which will take ages to read, opt for short and concise texts. These smaller messages are much more engaging and are less likely to put him off you.

The only time I’d opt for sending a longer text message, is when you’re sexting. As these types of messages will be sure to get his attention.

When you’re sending him short text messages, be sure to ask him intriguing questions as this shows you’re interested in finding out more.

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3. Give him compliments

A Scorpio guy, likes to hear compliments from people especially women he has a strong fondness for. So, send him a few short text messages involving a compliment or two randomly throughout the day such as on his dazzling eyes or his good looks.

While not all compliments are the same, the best types of compliments that work with a Scorpio man, are implied compliments.

Implied compliments are more playful and come across less direct than the traditional compliment.

I’ll give you a good example to help you understand what I mean.

“I like your dress sense” – this is a very forward and blunt way to say it

Instead you would say:

“Wow, it’s so nice to date someone who knows a thing or two about dressing smart”

Make sure, not to go overboard when it comes to compliments, one or two every few days is a good amount. Remember the art to taming a Scorpio man, is keeping him intrigued in you.

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4. Send him a sexy pic

Scorpio men while like their women to be mysterious and alluring, their imagination will be driven wilder by pictures. So, if you’re looking to up the anti with your Scorpio guy, I’d suggest sending him a sexy selfie.

They say an image says a thousand words, and a sexy selfie probably says ten thousand. You’ll be sure to make him lose his mind by sending him a seductive selfie, perhaps of you in the bath?

Here’s a few other tips:

  • Dress to impress – wear a sexy outfit such as a costume with knee high socks
  • Less is more – get his imagination going wild by not revealing all the goods
  • Look your best, wear your best lipstick and makeup
  • Always wear heals
  • Make sure to keep it a little mysterious and prompt his curiosity

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5. Keep it mysterious

The best tip to maintain throughout as you flirt with your Scorpio man over text is mystery. Scorpio men like to keep things exciting; they will often be daydreaming at work about the night before especially if you send a sexy picture!

Keep your text messages light and avoid talking about anything emotional. When telling him stories or previous experiences, try to keep it short and sweet. Save those longer stories for when you see him at the bar or on your next date.

An example:

“This one time, I got caught skinny dipping. But I’ll tell you more about that when I see you”

As I mentioned previously, when sending sexy pics avoid sending full on nudes as they will kill the build up and excitement, he wants to see it all but at the same time your Scorpio man likes the build up to the main event.

So, send him several pics over the course of the evening, each time perhaps revealing a little bit more. But save the main event for when he sees you.

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6. Use your intellect to your advantage

Scorpio men are focused, intelligent and precise and they thrive on flirting with intelligent women. So, it’s important to come across as intelligent, that means not making grammar mistakes or using text speak when you’re texting him.

Before sending a text message, make sure to proof read each one. As these types of mistakes can be costly, and sometimes can even undo or break the mood. Especially if he has to figure out what you said in the first place.

Be sure to use interesting and unusual words in conversation, if you can’t think of any then search for some on the Internet.

Examples of words to use:

  • Quintessential – perfect
  • Ubiquitous – found everywhere
  • Nefarious – evil
  • Obtuse – stupid or insensitive

7. Keep it funny

Flirting with a Virgo man has to remain light and funny, make sure not to go too serious, avoid texting him about politics or religion. Although Scorpio men aren’t the funniest of Zodiacs, they are extremely witty and enjoy the art of conversation. So, taking the time to intrigue him with the odd pun or joke via text is a brilliant way to keep him engaged. If you can succeed if making your Scorpio man smile then that’ll create a strong bond.


There you have it, 7 excellent tips on how to flirt with your Scorpio crush via text. If you follow each of these steps, you’ll be sure to drive him crazy.

Filled with more top tips on how to text a Scorpio man, download Scorpio Man Secrets now.

The most important thing to remember when flirting with a Scorpio man over text messages is to remain mysterious, drip feed him seductive texts to ensure he loses his mind thinking about you.

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