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How to make a Taurus Man Jealous (7 ways)

How to make a Taurus Man Jealous 

Taurus men are cool, calm and collected individuals with a passion for hard work, and accumulating money and material resources. When it comes to a relationship, their is nothing stronger than the loyalty of a Taurean. They like to think of themselves as old school romantics. 

You may be wondering how to make the Taurus man jealous, but I’ve found that this is one of my go-to guides. Anna Kovach’s “Taurus Man Secrets” will show you everything there is know about them and their unique personality traits!

Men that were born under this Zodiac sign have an increased awareness of physical reality, and due to this, they put significant emphasis on physical appearances and status. Many Taurus natives can find it challenging to open up and understand others’ feelings, as their awareness of the material world is so high, it is challenging for them to see past this and to look deeper than what meets the eye.

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The easiest way to get to the attention of a Taurus and make a Taurus jealous is to show them that you can live a good life and be happy without them being in it. Taurus natives want to feel needed, and if they do not feel like they are important in your life, it can make them feel unsettled.

Taurus men want to be the ultimate provider for someone they love and care for, as this is one of the main ways they show their affection.

When a Taurus is not able to provide for others, and they can see others are perfectly able to provide for and look after themselves without their help, the Taurus can become quite hurt and jealous due to this. Taurus natives place their sense of self-identity onto their ability to support and provide for others.

Taurus men, more specifically, see their partner as their possession, and they protect and care for their possessions at all costs. A Taurus man can quickly become jealous when they feel their love is threatened, or when their partner isn’t behaving like they used to.

How to Make a Taurus Man Jealous

Taurus guys are your typical old school traditional types, and it doesn’t take much for a Taurus man to get jealous. A Taurus male will do all the hard work and work his fingers to the bone to ensure that his partner can live a happy and comfortable life. These guys are the ultimate providers, and being a provider makes them feel powerful and worthy. 

Have you lost the attention of a Taurus male, and you want to know how you can make a Taurus man jealous and get his affection again? I’ve got you covered.

It is essential to be very careful regarding how you go about making a Taurus man jealous because if you push him too far, you might completely lose him. Below I will list seven ways for you to get his attention again and make him jealous.

List of 7 ways to make a Taurus man Jealous

Look your ultimate best

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Taurus men have a weakness for beauty, as they are ruled by the planet Venus. When you spend time making yourself look extremely attractive, you will get his attention. He will be so taken back by your beauty, that he will not want anyone else to interact with you. If you take your attention away from him, this can make him very jealous.

Do not date someone else

The most important thing to remember when dating a Taurus man is not to show romantic interest in someone else, as this will push him too far, make him too jealous and chase him away. Hang out with your friends as often as possible, and make sure you look your best when seeing them, and he will want to spend more time with you. When he sees you are spending more time with other people, instead of him, it could make him extremely jealous.

Make him chase you, but do not play games with him

One thing to keep in mind is; a Taurus male likes a challenge, though the bull does not like to play names. Wait one or two minutes when texting him back and show him you will not always be available at his demand. If he sees you aren’t needy and dependent and you can be your own person, he will find this very attractive. This can also trigger some jealousy in him. Stop playing too hard to get, as if he thinks you are messing with him; he might give up. 

In Taurus Man Secrets it will show you how to make a Taurus man jealous. Anna Kovach’s book is one of my all-time favorites!

Innocently mention other men

Taurus men can be extremely possessive and jealous, and they do not like it when other men try and take what is theirs. Tell him how the supermarket guy asked your number or how some wealthy foreigner asked you to fly in his private helicopter with him. If he sees other men are interested in you, are trying to get you and are wooing you, he will likely feel jealous and step up his game.

One thing I must mention, don’t make a habit of talking about a previous relationship especially if you still talk to that ex. This will be a big problem for your crush to comprehend, and will begin to ask you lots of questions.  Even making the smallest comment about an ex relationship, could trigger him. He’ll end up asking strange questions and comparing himself to your ex partner. He will become very possessive and more than likely will keep making digs about it. When it comes to making him jealous, this is easily the most effective ways.

Top tip: Remember try to avoid talking about men from a previous relationship, he won’t let it go.

Talk positively of other men

Taurus guys want to know that you think they are the best thing that has ever happened to you. If a Taurus man hears you talking about how amazing you think other people are, he might try and impress you by showing you that he can also reach those accomplishments himself.

Show him you are independent

When a Taurus man can sense that you do not need him, and you can buy yourself all the nice things you want yourself and that you know how to work hard, he will slowly feel more and more intimidated. Usually, when a Taurus man thinks a woman is more successful and sophisticated than he is, it can make him jealous, and he will go out of his way to show her that he can match up to her level. A Taurus man will do everything to show you he can provide for you even more than what you can provide for yourself.

Avoid being overly emotional and needy, and keep an air of mystery

If the Taurus man can see you are secretive regarding your thoughts and feelings, and you do not disclose everything you are going through straight off the bat, he will find you fascinating. If you are secretive, the Taurus man will likely go to extreme measures to make you open up regarding your emotions and how you truly feel.

In summary

There’s no question, if you follow these 7 tips, you’ll soon make him jealous. Men born under this sign are known to be a little insecure and don’t like it when their partner keeps secrets. The most effective way to make him a Taurus man jealous, is to mention an ex relationship especially if you still talk to him every now and then.

Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets is a great read to understand the ways in which you can make your Taurus man jealous. Download this guide for information on what pushes their buttons!

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