Is Your Taurus Man Jealous? Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Jealousy is a confusing matter, especially for Taurus natives. These people are usually very secure, organized, and patient. It would seem like they’re exactly the kind of calm and collected people that would never feel jealous, especially since they’re so long-term oriented when it comes to relationships. 

And yet, if you ask any of a Taurus man’s exes if they were jealous during their relationship, you might be a little surprised. When I first read Taurus Man Secrets, I found it a little bit of a surprise, as well. I always thought Taurus natives were the calmest and unbothered of all signs, but the information I found opened my eyes.  

Why Do Taurus Men Get Jealous?

To understand Taurus’ jealousy, we need to look at the house it represents in the natal chart. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, making it the natural governing sign for the 2nd House of Value. This house rules your earned income, the things you build for yourself to have a comfortable existence. 

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Naturally, it deals a great lot with security. People need jobs and good food, and a nice place to live to participate in society. This gives Taurus a very stubborn approach regarding their needs. They need everything to be just perfect. Otherwise, they can’t relax. They don’t feel safe. 

This is not the end of the world when it comes to the clothes they wear. It just makes them a bit picky about materials. Yet, when it comes to romantic relationships, their sense of security becomes very frail since they depend on another person. 

Because they control that person, they will start overthinking and imagining all of those situations in their head where they will be left in the cold. If you’ve been doing your share to fueling his fire, you can be entirely sure he noticed your efforts. 

This sign also deals with a lot of possessive qualities. These don’t only relate to romantic relationships but all possessions. Taurus doesn’t like sharing food or borrowing items that might get lost or broken. Their security comes from the life they built for themselves. This means that taking that away from them gives them an immense feeling of anxiety. 

Taurus Man Jealous Signs

1. He gives you the cold shoulder.

Whenever a threat enters the realm of your Taurus man, his first reaction would probably be ignoring it. Remember, this sign solved most issues by ignoring them until they weren’t relevant anymore. If he’s feeling insecure, there are slim chances that he will openly talk about it. 

Instead, he will just become colder and colder until you’ll be able to catch him in some of the moments he’s ignoring you completely. This is not out of spite or to teach you a lesson. They just need alone time to process their emotions. And, some of them are very immature, so they might be doing it out of spite. Check yours. 

2. He’s not the same gentleman you’re used to.

The first symptom that appears when a Taurus’ security is threatened is their foul mood. Of course, Taurus can’t pretend everything is fine for the love of them, so you will be able to conclude whats’ wrong pretty quickly. 

The first things to go will be his sweet gestures towards you. While you might be used to romantic grand gestures, door opening, and bouquets of roses, a jealous Taurus won’t have any time to give that to you. 

If he’s been distracted lately, and you’ve noticed he isn’t his regular Prince Charming; you might want to ask if something’s wrong. He will probably deny that anything’s bad, but it will help you know you noticed a change and wanted to help. Maybe that will be all that’s needed to ease his mind a little bit.

3. He’s passive-aggressive about your male friends.

Taurus natives don’t have many claws, and they’re generally too lazy to go full-blown ballistic on anyone. No matter how annoying. But all of that negative energy needs to go somewhere. From my own experience, I can say that their weapon of choice is passive aggressivity. 

A snarky remark here and there, a suspicious scoff when you’re talking about a male friend, to downright picking a bone with them when in public. There’s no limit to how much time a Taurus could use only words to attack someone they don’t like. 

And since they don’t feel like they are right to be mad, but they are still what they are, they will use these passive-aggressive remarks to signal trouble. But then be too lazy to wrap things up. And this can go on forever. 

I recommend nipping this in the bud and talking to your Taurus man in a quiet, safe space about it. As soon as you notice it happening. What they tend to do is not only annoying, but it could damage their relationship with your friends, who aren’t as patient as you are. At least, when it comes to him. 

4. He starts snooping into your private life. 

Lastly, this should be considered an alarm that he is, indeed, insane with jealousy. Taurus has a divine loophole when it comes to snooping. They can just say they wanted to ensure everyone was safe. But what he is actually doing is invading your privacy. 

If you’ve seen signs that he went through your purse, unlocked your phone, or that he generally acted suspicious regarding your personal information, the game needs to stop. No matter what mood he’s in, he needs to know that you won’t tolerate that kind of behavior. Of course, he will think he was right to do it, but you need to explain the concept of privacy a few times. 

How to Handle a Jealous Taurus Man?

Jealous Taurus men need a lot of reassurance and a quick return to the point of stability. If you’ve been flirting with other people or doing anything to make him jealous, you will need to stop. You can’t argue with a jealous Taurus. Even if you’re right, you will first need to make him feel secure so that you can talk it out in a calm manner. 

You don’t want to engage when he’s still sour about it no matter what you do. Instead, get some excellent food, dim the lights and bring him a blanket or something along those lines. Make sure he’s friendly and happy, and only then raise the jealousy issue. 

If he’s been bothering you, try to talk about it without making it sound like you’re scolding him. Otherwise, he might get defensive. And you don’t want that because a Taurus is never wrong. Even when they are. 

Final Words

Bulls don’t say much, so you’ll have a lot of chances to explain to your Taurus man that his jealousy is a problem for you. But you can’t talk with a bull that is all up and ready to meet the bullfighting arena. 

Make sure you don’t get lost in the heat of the moment and keep the possibility of choosing your best moment. This should be an open, warm conversation in which you both share what’s wrong. This is what a healthy dynamic should look like. 

And most people in a relationship with a Taurus know that there are plenty of chances for chill conversation. But, if your particular Taurean has some of their quirks, you can also get some critical information in this Taurus Man Secrets

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