How to Please an Aries Man Sexually - 5 Tips to Satisfy

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Dominant, fiery, and totally in control, Aries men are some of the best lovers when it comes to sex. These king-of-the-jungle-type men are known for their passion and energy, as well as their consideration for their partners. Still, if it’s your first time sleeping with an Aries man, you may be having jitters. After all, it may be hard to please him.

Fortunately, there’s a not-so-secret formula to pleasing an Aries man in bed. In this guide, I’ll go over what these men are like under the sheets, what turns them on, and what you can do to have a great sex life with an Aries guy.

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What Aries Men Are Like in Bed

Let’s start from the beginning: what exactly can you expect from Aries men during sex. It’s quite possible you’ll like what you’ll see. Generally, Aries men are:

  • Energetic

An Aries man is always full of energy. He won’t ever grow tired during the act and is seemingly always up for another frolic under the sheets. These men can last a long time and will use this to your advantage during sex.

  • Dominant

Just as noticeable, Aries men are also quite dominant in bed. They prefer to take charge during sex, leading the way and exerting their will over you. Generally, they will control what positions are being done and what types of kinks are introduced into the bedroom, though they are open to trying out your new ideas, as well.

  • Passionate

Aries men are also passionate. They find sex to be a romantic experience as well as physical, so they feel more comfortable and natural when they are playing to your needs, as well. Unlike men of other Zodiac signs, an Aries man is not selfish in bed but instead will want to find any way to heighten your sexual pleasure, as well.

What Turns an Aries Man On

With that being said, what exactly turns an Aries man on behind closed doors? Based on the personality traits above, you may be able to gain a general idea of some of his needs in the bedroom. Let’s take a more specific look at what gets an Aries man’s blood pumping (and will keep it pumping) when it comes to sex:

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1. Submission

This fire sign is always brimming with unstoppable energy and is used to individuals simply submitting in its path. Accordingly, Aries men like this same submission in the bedroom, where they take full charge and really show off their masculinity. Whether you’re inexperienced or a pro, you will likely take a backseat to the Aries, who will, for the most part, totally run the show. If you’re naturally submissive or can make yourself so, this will make sex between you and an Aries guy go to the next level.

2. The Right Position

Part of this means knowing the right position. Naturally, Aries men prefer positions where they can be in control. Doggy style is a favorite, because the Aries man has the ability to control what is going on. The sight of you being submissive to him will increase his sexual energy and make him go totally wild for you.

The missionary position is also good, as it allows him to retain control while also making eye contact with you. Because these men aren’t just into sex for the visuals but also for the special moments such as eye contact and the little ways your expression changes during sex, he will absolutely love the missionary position and the way it helps the two of you feel more intimate during sex.

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3. Dirty Talk

An Aries man also loves dirty talk. Whisper in his ear how sexy he is or how attracted you are to him. Without a doubt, this will spark his sexual fantasies and bring his intimacy game to the next level. Even if you’re not that good at dirty talk, you’ll likely find that your attempts to please him will go over well, as it doesn’t take much to get an Aries man going in bed. These naturally sexual beings don’t need much of an invitation to set your sex life ablaze with passion and relentless energy. If you’re looking to make sex with an Aries unbeatable, however, practice and know how to dirty talk a little bit—you won’t be disappointed at the results!

How to Please an Aries Man in Bed

Using this as a natural segue into our next section, let’s now take a look at how specifically to please an Aries man in bed. Though having sex with an Aries man can be a great time, you’ll still want to look ahead and follow this advice in order to maximize the amount of fun the two of you have in the bedroom.

To please an Aries man sexually, I recommend:

1. Trying New Things

The last thing an Aries man will be in bed is boring. Therefore, it follows that the same should apply to you. Aries men are known for their quick ability to tire of people and activities, even if they used to find them interesting.

One of the best ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you is to try new things in the bedroom. Don’t just do the same thing every time. Pique his interest with different positions, role play, and other kinks. You can even bring sex toys into the bedroom to really spice things up and get his wild side going. Not only will this help keep his interest, but it will also be more fun for you!

2. Touch Him

Another way to improve your sexual relationship with an Aries man is to touch him. Yes, that sounds obvious, but you ignore this advice at your own peril. Though Aries men are turned on by dirty talk, they are largely sensual and visual creatures, meaning an expert touch in the right spot could send him over the edge.

An Aries man likes to be touched, caressed, or fondled, as it brings the two of you closer together. Make sure to play up to your other visuals, as well. Take the time to put on beautiful lipstick and allow your body to fall at just the right angle when he throws you on the bed. All of this will help you be more desirable to that Aries man in your life.

3. Engage in Foreplay

Unlike other men who jump straight into the meat of things, Aries men prefer to take their time when engaging in sexual activities. This means tons of foreplay and a focus on the beauty of your body and the goal of making you feel good.

You should make this a goal of yours, as well. Don’t be afraid to engage in oral sex or use toys. The process of foreplay is the most arousing part of sex for an Aries guy, who likes trying things out with you and getting to know you better on a physical level. For this reason, be sure to carve out more than a little time every time the two of you are in bed for some intense foreplay action.

4. Be Put Together

Because Aries men fancy themselves as the kings of the jungle, per se, they prefer women who can feasibly be their queens. This means they always hold their women to a high standard and aren’t really looking for people who don’t have their lives together. Specifically, an Aries man likes women who are independent, strong-willed (yet willing to submit), and take care of their appearance.

These men would like women who can handle themselves and aren’t totally useless without other people to help them. If you’re looking to woo an Aries man into a sexual relationship, make sure you fit this description.

5. Make It Natural

Something else you can do to boost your sex life with an Aries man is to strive to always make it natural. By this, I mean to forego contrived setups that are designed to get an Aries man to fall for you (candlelit dinners, for instance).

Instead, let things develop organically while planting seeds of desire that will eventually have an Aries man going over the edge for you. This will help keep things interesting and also make you become a little more adept at sparking an Aries man’s passions. 

The Bottom Line

Aries men always make some of the best lovers. If you’re looking to improve your sexual relationship with a handsome Aries, be sure to follow the advice in this guide. By understanding the advice here, you’ll know how to please him and take the sex between the two of you to the next level. Even if it’s not your first time having sex with an Aries man, you can still benefit from the targeted advice in this guide.

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