How to Make a Leo Man Obsessed with You


Equal parts are driven and vulnerable, Leo men are complex, natural leaders who make great lovers. If you have a Leo man you want to win over in your social circle, you’ll first need to understand his personality. These sophisticated men are some of the hardest to understand out of the zodiac and can be hard to obtain due to their self-confidence and ability around people. 

For this reason, it’s important that you understand just how to make a Leo man obsessed with you. In this guide, I’ll go over some important Leo man personality traits, as well as some high-probability methods you can employ to help get that sexy Leo in your life totally crazy about you.

Keep reading to find out how to make him yours!

Leo Men Personality Traits

Before examining some effective ways of winning a Leo man’s heart, let’s first examine how a Leo man thinks and acts. Understanding a Leo man’s unique personality is the first step to knowing what to say and do to steal his heart. 

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How can a Leo man best be described? In general, these men are:

1. Ambitious

Like a lion, a Leo man isn’t afraid to dream big and go after what he wants. He has a natural sense of belonging that helps fuel him toward even the loftiest of goals.

These men understand, as well, the effort it takes to reach the top and aren’t afraid of spending tons of time and energy to get where they want to be. When you hang out with your Leo man, take a spontaneous detour to a new place that you’ve both never been to.

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2. Optimistic

Much of a Leo man’s ambition is fueled by his natural optimism. Never down for long, Leo men love seeing the bright side of things. These men reject negative thinking and lifestyles and are naturally put off by people who seem to wallow in the bad aspects of life. A Leo man is good at focusing on the big picture and hoping for the best, no matter how dark the situation may appear at first. 

For this reason, Leo men are looking for partners who think the same way. At their core, these men want partners who share their optimistic vision and who can help them through the dark periods of life with joy, cheer, and hope.

3. Loyal

Perhaps most importantly, Leo men are fiercely loyal. Unlike Aries men, whose spontaneity can lead them astray when tempted, Leo men remain dedicated to the objects of their affection and aren’t afraid to stand by their side through thick and thin.

Of course, a Leo man also expects the same thing from his partner. Though these men are born with natural confidence and never let this façade down in the workplace and to those in their social circle, inside they can frequently become doubtful of their chances. For this reason, many Leo men feed off the compliments of their lovers and are looking for partners who can build them up both through flattery and through deeper affection.

How to Make a Leo Head Over Heels for You

Does that sound like the Leo man in your life? If so, you’ll want to follow these signs to make him totally obsessed with you. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll increase your chances of getting with that Leo man and making him part of your happily-ever-after. 

Here’s what I recommend to win over a Leo man:

1. Compliment Him

Remember what I said about a Leo man’s ego? One of the easiest ways to his heart, then, is to compliment him.

A Leo man wants to be with someone who has a positive outlook on life, and by complimenting the Leo man, it will definitely impress him. Let him know how handsome or how smart he is—he’ll never get tired of hearing it. If he does something that impresses you, make sure that you tell him. This will help him feel more special in your eyes and want to be around you more.

This is particularly true if you compliment him in public. Brag on him to your friends, coworkers, and family and make sure he hears. While such boasting may give him somewhat of a big head, it will also work to win over his heart and make him more interested in you.

Simply put, these men are looking for women who appreciate them and who can keep them feeling good about themselves despite the challenging demands of their lives.

If you can be that woman, then you’ve significantly increased your chances of being with a Leo man.

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2. Gussy Up

As we’ve established, Leo men have quite a high opinion of themselves. Accordingly, they are looking for partners who people will admire. Whether that’s a heart-stopping beauty, a fierce intellect, or a successful worker, you’ll have to find your niche and excel at it if you want a Leo man to stay interested in you. Because Leo men are used to being the kings of the jungle, they are seriously looking for women who can be their queens—so make sure you have the qualifications.

One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you are looking your best when you are around him. He will love going out in public with you and watching as everyone stares at the two of you. But you don’t need to be Marilyn Monroe to win him over. Impress him and his friends with your knowledge while everyone is out together or be the one to solve a particularly difficult problem. No matter how you build your image, make sure to do it swiftly and effectively if you want to make yourself queen of the jungle. 

3. Play Hard to Get

So you’re undeniably somebody in his eyes. That’s a great first step. Once you’ve done this, however, you don’t simply want to surrender to him.

Always have fun If there is one way to make a Leo man jealous, it is by playing hard to get. Make him even more obsessed with you by playing hard to get.

There are secret ways to make a Leo man notice you, if you are tantalizingly out of his reach, a Leo man will almost certainly fall for you even harder. 

This is partly because Leo men love a challenge. They like knowing they are able to get things that others can’t, and they love the sense of achievement they get from overcoming hurdles.

By making it clear how amazing you are (and how into him you are), you can make him work even harder to get your affection by staying just close enough for him to see but far enough away that he can’t get everything he wants all at once. This strategy is sure to bring your Leo man closer to you.

4. Stand Your Ground

So will standing your ground. Fiercely independent, Leo men love women who are able to speak for themselves and don’t cave in under pressure.

In order to win over a Leo man, you’ll need to be able to fight off the opposition and battle for your opinions even when under a lot of stress. This coherence and resilience will be mega attractive to him.

Think about it this way: ambitious and driven, Leo men are looking for women who are the same way. If you are someone who simply crumbles when your ideas, thoughts, and opinions are put to the test, then you’ll quickly flame away in front of his eyes.

He’s not looking for someone who will recede into the background at the whiff of a challenge but rather someone who can rise to meet the occasion and truly compliment him. 

5. Flirt Like Crazy

Want to make sure you’re the center of his attention? You’ll need to flex your flirting game. Get close to him, compliment him, and even touch him—but remember not to get too close. You want to show him just how into him you are so that he’s thinking about you throughout the day. 

For best results, keep your flirting fun and carefree. While it may be tempting to go heavy, keep in mind that being too touchy at the start can backfire in more ways than one.

For starters, it may make you seem more of a short-term option, or it could lead to a relationship far before you’re ready for it. For this reason, it’s best to keep things simple at first.

6. Let Loose under the Covers

When things have progressed, however, you’ll want to make sure you’re totally into it in the bedroom. This is the time to make your passion known. The Leo man has a higher sexual appetite.

To a Leo man, sex isn’t just fun—it’s also a spiritual experience. Therefore, you’ll want to make your time in the bedroom as romantic as possible and let him know that you are totally into him and want him.

Let yourself be vulnerable. A Leo man knows how to take charge and loves it when his lady surrenders herself to him. This can be one of the most romantic and endearing experiences for a Leo man, so be sure to follow this advice to make your Leo crush obsessed with you.

The Bottom Line

Daring and open, Leo men aren’t afraid to fall head over heels for the women they love. If you’re looking to make your Leo crush obsessed with you, make sure to start with the tips in this guide. I went over some of the most important Leo men’s personality traits, as well as some of the best ways to increase Leo’s interest in you.

Follow the advice in this guide and by downloading Leo Man Secrets it will definitely see a boost in your own relationship with a Leo man!

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