How To Talk To An Aquarius Man

How To Talk To An Aquarius Man - 5 Great Tips That Work!

Interested in an Aquarian man but don’t know how to talk to him? Don’t worry, winning over an Aquarius guy is easy if you know what to do. All you have to do is talk to them and make them want you.

You just have to work on establishing good communication with an Aquarius man if you want to be with him. Here is everything you need to know about how to talk to an Aquarius man.

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How To Talk To An Aquarius Man

#1. They Love Intellectual Stimulation  – Brush Up On Your General Knowledge He Loves An Intelligent Person

There’s nothing that can attract Aquarius men more than an interesting conversation with a person. Aquarius born people really love to communicate whether it’s in person or over a text message, however, they aren’t the type of people that love to text all day long and will sometimes forget to text you first or leave a comment on a social media post . Aquarius males are not just charming they are also intellectual; they are the type of people that will know exactly what they want to be doing in five-ten years from now. You can’t just win them over with looks because they need intellectual stimulation from their partner. If you want him to like you then you would have to make the effort to stimulate his intellect.

Aquarius men also appreciate people who can match their intellect and talk to them about many things. They are men who are not interested in just the way you look and he probably won’t have a problem with their partner’s dating history as they don’t tend to be the emotional and jealous type. This is one of the beauties of the Aquarius man.

Aquarius males are really good listeners, and they probably will expect you to start the conversation, so be real with him and talk about interesting topics that you are both passionate about .  Aquarius is an air sign; these are people who love to use their mind at every opportunity. However, they can lose interest if you’re having a conversation that doesn’t really interest him, best way for this is not to bring up anything that you know instantly bores him. The reason for this is that he falls in love with your soul and therefore always looking deeper.

If you can intellectually stimulate him by talking then you can make him do anything. Of course, this would probably take some time because although Aquarius born are communicative they need time to get close to people, so you might find yourself in a friendship at the start for a little while, before you’re official together this is because Aquarians need to build an inner security and confidence with new relationships, so it is vital that you’re genuine with them.

#2. Live In The Moment With Him  – Be Ready To Do Anything Adventurous or Laid-back

Aquarian guys really hate feeling pressured. As an air sign, he’s upbeat and a social butterfly and like to be spontaneous from time to time, ideally they would be looking for the same in their partner, someone who is easy going, independent and have their own commitments. This is probably because they are the type of people who don’t rush to settle down in a relationship. 

Aquarius males are willing to take their time to get to know you and what are your interests are. Think outside the box and surprise him from time to time whether it’s speaking about a cause that you’re passionate about or surprising him with the latest gadget that he has been talking about. He’ll love these types of gestures.

When you’re talking to an Aquarius man he’ll express himself as coming across calm, composed, and relaxed. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you are excited about talking to him you should contain it.

It means that in the beginning if you are easy-going then he will be more open to your needs in the future. So, if you are out with an Aquarius man and you want to spice things up then try something different together. This will excite them as they love to try new things.

Aquarians may be easy going but they are also adventurous and fun-loving so never be afraid to show that side of yours with him. They will just love you even more as they get to know you over time.  

Keep in mind, you will probably need to act cool and detached when you are talking to him, he’ll  always appreciate you going with the flow of the conversation without coming across as too needy and jealous. Show him you are independent and love to stay connected with your friends

#3. Don’t Be Clingy – You Will Lose Him

An Aquarius male are perhaps the most independent signs of all. They love being on their own and they love their free time. If you talk to him all the time he probably will start to feel stifled. Remember, he needs space to be himself. He values his alone time.

Even if you miss him and wish to talk to him, keep these things to yourself as you don’t want make him feel that you are too attached to him as this could be seen as a red flag for him and over time you will lose him and you will slowly see him drift away as he cannot handle being with someone who needs his constant attention.  He is drawn to someone who is independent but at the same time like to be taken care of by their partner.  The reason why the Aquarian man is drawn to someone who isn’t needy in a relationship  is that they believe in individuality over anything else. According to them, their partners should have their own aspirations, dreams, and goals.  So if your friends want to go out for a night together or weekends away go ahead make those plans this will show him that you have that free spirited independent quality he looks for when deciding on a partner.

Talk to him and message him frequently whether it’s a brief text or a cute quote on his social media page, but don’t be overly attached or too eager. He wants you to live your life as well so have a great time without him too so you can share your different stories together. He’ll prefer that a lot more.

In short, keep things simple as it is best to not let an Aquarian man feel stifled by you or they will run away.

#4. Always Be Honest – He Will Respect You

Honesty is the best policy with the Aquarius male species. If you only looking for a casual fling with him or something serious you should just let him know what your feelings are towards them. He is not into playing mind games and will not expect that from you. Being honest with your feelings towards him will help him respect you and depending on which stage he is in his life he might just be up for something else like a causal relationship and this could even lead to something more fruitful one never knows.  

Remember, that if you want to have something serious with an Aquarius man, he will take his time and the reason he does this is that he needs to be 1oo% sure before hopping into something serious with you. So with that in mind, the best way to show him this is to be patient with the Aquarius man, this keeps things going well between you both and won’t leave the feeling that he is being closed off towards you.

If something is bothering you then just be honest with the Aquarius man and tell him and share your feelings. Otherwise, he will think you are okay with it. So, in simple terms, you have to be vocal and honest with your feelings towards Aquarian men if you want to have a real relationship with them in the long term.

#5. Share Ideas – He Thrives On This

Aquarius males have the most creative minds. They love talking about ideas, projects, and concepts this is what attracts the Aquarius man the most. So, if you want to start a business or pursue something then talk about it with your Aquarius man, conversation is vital to a successful relationship with an Aquarian male.

The Aquarius man will like the idea if you ask him what his opinion is and share your ideas with him as they love it when people seek advice from them as they are notoriously known to deem themselves as intellectual’s human beings.

By seeking his advice, you will probably gain his wisdom and his love and you can count on the fact that he will give you honest criticism as well. The Aquarius man is all about honesty in a relationship. 

Final Words

If you want to pursue an Aquarius man then this is how you should be talking to him. If you follow these five tips you will make him fall for you in no time. When an Aquarius male loves his partner, they love deeply.

Consider his feelings and his needs in life if you want to find your way into his heart.  There will probably be occasions that the Aquarian man needs your attention more than others so it is important to find that balance of enough and just too much.  Have fun and enjoy the good things in life with your partner especially with the Aquarian guy and you will find that this will attract an Aquarius man who wants more of your attention than you hoped for.

So, be genuine with him and talk to him about anything and everything as this is the best way and he will soon fall for you.  Remember be yourself around the Aquarian man he will appreciate authenticity over something fake any day of the week.

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