How to Make a Cancer Woman Miss You

How to Make a Cancer Woman Miss You - 8 Proven Ways

It’s easy to fall in love with a Cancer woman. She’s artistic, caring, and born with a charm that has no competitor. Once you commit to a Cancer woman, you are likely to always find yourself thinking about her. After all, her aura is captivating enough to keep you hooked to her mystery. 

Through all of your attempts to make a Cancer woman fall in love with you, you might have noticed one thing: she’s different. Her vibrant personality is attracted to things that others may consider meaningless. This means that if you want your Cancer woman to fall more in love with you, you will have to understand the psychology behind her personality first. 

Here are some of the top tips offered by astrologists regarding how to make a cancer woman love, adore, and miss you all the time. 

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What Does a Cancer Woman Want?

If there is one thing that a Cancer woman wants in her life, it is romance. She may not always tell you about her Hollywood love fantasies, but they sure are there in her mind. If you really want to impress a Cancer woman enough to make her miss you, you need to focus on the romance. One of the best tips is to always exhibit romantic gestures – both big and small – to let her know of your love for her. 

Here are three more things that a Cancer woman would love:

1. Traditional Romance

If you were wondering what sort of romance is appreciated by the Cancer woman, then it is the kind you see in classic Hollywood movies. I mean those long walks on the beach and looking at the stars after a date night. If you are one to engage in such traditional romance with her, any Cancer woman is likely to fall in love with you.

2. Light Humor

You know that they say: if you can make her laugh, you can have her heart. The same is the case for these lovely Cancer women. All they want are some light-hearted jokes that would make her laugh all throughout the time that she is with you. That is all it takes to let her fall in love with you.

3. Baby Steps

With a Cancer woman, you can never rush anything. She believes that healthy relationships are not automatically formed overnight but are built over time. Instead of rushing her into a commitment, you should let her take her time and eventually strengthen your romantic bond with her. 

How to Make a Cancer Woman Miss You?

Once you have a Cancer woman falling in love with you, the next thing you need is for her to crave your presence. Every man wants to be loved and to feel wanted – and that’s why you would want your woman to miss you. 

For Cancer women, things are slightly different. If you overburden her with love and affection, she may not miss you at all when you are gone. Instead, she likes to take things slow and steady. 

Here are a few tips to make a Cancer woman miss you:

1. Keep Your Distance

The best trick to make a Cancer woman miss your presence is by letting her feel it. This means that if you spend some time apart and do things that you enjoy instead of always being beside her, she is more likely to miss you dearly. I suggest giving your Cancer woman some alone time every once in a while. When you finally see her again, she is likely to start showering you with affection.

2. Give Her Time

Even though your Cancer woman loves romantic gestures, she would still appreciate having some time to herself. This means that if you want the woman to miss you, then you need to avoid always keeping track of her. She would love to see you enjoy a weekend with your friends and family – if anything, this would make her want to see you sooner.

3. Be Passionate

Cancer women love talking about things that interest them. Since their captivating personalities are often huge fans of art and beauty, it may be a good idea to find interest in similar things. I suggest always looking out for the things that interest your Cancer woman, and then start conversations about them later. This would make her want to talk to you about the things she loves.

4. Create a Homely Vibe

Cancerians are all about staying in and being comfy. They rarely enjoy large crowds or stepping out of their comfort zone. If you want a Cancer woman to miss you, then you need to be a homely person. This means allowing her to always be comfortable around you, without doing anything too spontaneous. In this way, every time your Cancer woman wants to sit back and relax, she would find herself missing your presence.

5. Spread Kindness and Generosity

For Cancer women, kindness and spreading joy holds much significance. These women not only want to make the people around them happy, but also appreciate others’ efforts towards making people happy. If your woman sees you displaying gestures of kindness and generosity everywhere, you are likely to secure a safe place in her heart.

6. Don’t Let Her Get Worried

Cancer women tend to be anxious in nature. They worry about the smallest of things and can even become insecure about their partners over time. If you genuinely want your Cancer woman to love and miss you, then you should wipe away all of her worries. I suggest always reassuring your partner and clarifying things with her calmly instead of jumping into arguments. 

The Key Takeaway

While you can make any relationship work with enough effort, care, and love, there are some views that astrologists hold about computability. For Cancer women, some of the best matches include Taurus, Scorpio, and Virgo. 

After reading through this comprehensive guide about a Cancer woman, I hope that you understand how to make your partner miss your presence now. 

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