When A Scorpio Man Touches You

The way a man touches you speaks volumes about his intentions. This rings especially true when we’re talking about steamy, romance-lover Scorpio. They are very sensitive signs, who wish for nothing more than a worthy partner. 

When a Scorpio man touches you, you can be sure that it was not an accident. They are cunning and love to work in the shadows. This preserves an air of mystery while also keeping them from being hurt in case of rejection.

I’ll let you know what the meaning of each of his touches is in this article. But if you need more intel regarding your Scorpio crush, I’ve got a real treat for you. Read Scorpio Man Secrets for a complete guide into his mind, and make him yours with a snap of your fingers. 

The Meaning behind a Scorpio Man’s Touches

Your hair

When a Scorpio touches your hair, he’s buying front-row tickets for the show that is your beauty. Scorpios are very sensitive to stimuli and love delighting their senses. If he touches your hair, it probably means that he was admiring its sheen. He really wanted to know how it felt to the touch, and he could not wait a minute more. 

When Scorpios caress your hair, they are usually very flirty. This is not a gesture they do with their aunts or their soccer friends. It is strictly reserved for their love interest, as a token of supreme sensuality. 

If a Scorpio man touched your hair, you could be sure that he’s very attracted to you. Hot! It’s time for you to flirt back a little. 

Your face

Oh, the delicate face-framing. Touching someone’s face is very intimate, and men usually do this when they have strong feelings for someone. As I mentioned, Scorpios love to keep an air of mystery about them. Well, there’s nothing that makes them as vulnerable as touching their crush’s face. 

They will not do this for someone they only find hot. Touching someone’s face is a very delicate gesture that reveals deep, beautiful feelings. Even more so in the case of Scorpio, who are generally wary of showing their true colors. 

If his hands made their way up to your face, you know for sure that he sees you as relationship material. I will be expecting a wedding invitation!

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Your lips

Do we really have to go over this one? Men will only touch your lips when they are supremely attracted to you. This is a very sensual, even explicit gesture. And when we’re talking about the intense Scorpios, its meaning increases tenfold. 

If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of a lip touch, it’s probably time for you to go lingerie shopping. God knows that Scorpios can hold their urges in check only for so long. According to the Scorpio dictionary, a touch on the lips translates into “I will grow sick and die if I can’t have you in this very moment.” 

In fact, it’s quite surprising that you’re looking for the meaning of it because this gesture is usually closely followed by a passionate kiss. So go buy a bunch of mints for the next time you’ll meet him. 

Your neck

Your neck is a very delicate, intimate place. Unless accidental, touches on your neck are a Scorpio’s way to signal attraction. These natives are known for their kinky tendencies, so don’t be surprised if neck touches get a little bit on the rough side. He might gently caress the nape of your neck or grab you for a bit of man-handling. 

Either way, when his hands make their way to this area, you can’t be sure he does not see you as a friend. Of course, this is one of those cases where you should read the room. Is he holding your gaze in a flirtatious manner? He probably likes you. 

Does he look really mad while grabbing you by the throat? You’ve probably slightly inconvenienced him, and now you’re experiencing his immature toxic rage. 

Your waist

Waist touches are very subjective, so it’s important to assess the situation. Scorpios are usually very touchy and sensual by nature. They won’t miss an opportunity to touch a woman, especially if they find her attractive. 

However, Scorpios find many women attractive, so if he is touching your waist to make room for himself or grab your attention, you shouldn’t think much of it. Yet, if he’s always making excuses to grab you by the waist, he’s probably flirty. 

Hugging your waist from behind or randomly putting his arm around it are ways in which Scorpios “mark their territory.” He is letting other men know that he’s attracted to you and subconsciously letting you know you are his. 

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Your hands

Yet again, the hands are quite versatile places. If a Scorpio is touching your hands, you should try reading between the lines. As you’re taking a walk, random touches of your hands could mean he wants to hold them. Yet, if he’s high-fiving you, he probably sees more as a friend. 

When a Scorpio grabs your hand, seemingly out of nowhere, it’s a sure-fire sign that he wants you to be his girlfriend. However, I bet you’ve already figured that out. 

Where Can I Touch a Scorpio Man?

Since Scorpios rule death and rebirth, the parts of the body associated with them are the hips and genitals. It’s no surprise that a Scorpio would love to be touched on his private parts. 

However, if you’re not in that kind of relationship with him yet, you can place your hands on his hips or lower back. If you’re feeling flirty, gently running your fingers down his neck and chest will let him know you’re feeling frisky. 

Other parts of his body that would love the attention are his lips, his forearms, and the outside of his palms. If you want him to melt into your arms, a gentle peck on his nose will do the trick. 

Are Scorpio Men Touchy?

Scorpio is widely associated with sexual activity, so it comes as no surprise that they love to touch. They are not afraid to shamelessly flirt, and they expect the same from their interest. This means that they will touch you a lot when they’re attracted by you, and you should do the same. 

Scorpios are also very verbal, so if you want to drive him wild, you can let him know where you want to be touched. He will appreciate you taking control and slightly dominating him. 

Final Words

Figuring out someone’s feelings from their body language is a walk in the park. This rings especially true for Scorpio men, who have a hard time keeping their hands for themselves. 

Unless his touches have a very specific friendly meaning, like a handshake or a high-five, you can be sure he’s attracted to you. 

The mind of a Scorpio man is a complicated place, but when it comes to love, he’s quite simple. He won’t hide his feelings and won’t miss a chance to be around you whenever he can. Yet, if you’re still confused about his intentions,  Scorpio Man Secrets has more information on what makes a Scorpio man tick. 

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