What are Taurus afraid of

What are Taurus Afraid of

When it comes to what Taurus are afraid of, your core desires and unconscious attachments related to your sense of survival are crucial for you to understand.

The Taurus man fears he’ll never be good enough. He’s insecure and self-conscious about his looks, but Anna Kovach has the perfect solution for him in her book “Taurus Man Secrets.
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Taurus’ energy asks what it needs and how does it go about making it happen and accessing those needs so that it is able to survive. It desires a firm foundation in life and is really uncomfortable with uncertainty.

Taurus is:
● Persistent
● Persevering
● Hard-working
● Obstinate

Taurus rules:
● Physical possessions
● Partners
● Love
● Finances
● Self-worth/values

Look Within

Taurus is an Earth sign and is fixed on the senses and physicality of things by nature. Because of their focus on the material and the empowerment, it can provide, Taurus can often fear or deny looking within for what it needs and develops unconscious security patterns and attachments towards things that bring a sense of security.

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What does it need to value to survive?

Taurus people can sometimes feel like they need to know and understand first what their resources are and want to learn how to use them to sustain their life in a physical way. People who are born under the Taurus like to look at their environment, determine what are their essential needs, how are they supporting their overall well-being, and how does it provide a good sense of stability in their life.

Build Again And Be Grateful For What You Have

One of the biggest fears for this Earth sign is that these people sometimes feel the fear that has threats to their financial and physical security in their life and the thought of having to protect their things. These threats can include someone stealing from you or losing trust when being lied to by someone about their material or financial position and it results in your resources being compromised, this will give them a feeling of losing their individuality.

Unconscious attachments can bring about long periods of poverty.

Taurus is a sun sign they are people who are well organized by their finances and are capable of working long and hard to build financial stability, it fears upheavals and major transformation in its income or the ability to make a living in their world and can go to extremes to protect what it has built for itself.

Being unsatisfied with their possessions can sometimes show them their limitations.

Taurus can feel a sense of fear and insecurity when they:
● Can’t identify all of the resources around them
● Feel dissatisfied with their possessions
● Are unaware of how to obtain their needs
● Are dependent on others

When a Taurus has gained securities and possessions in their life, they will still build up a fear that these things could be taken away from them, causing extreme uncertainty and having to start over again and build these foundations in their life. It could also be fear of being taken advantage of because of the resources they have accumulated.

Taurus born are types of people who like to learn total inner security and not strongly attach to external things even though they could develop such a strong relationship with them. Knowing that they can build again is their source of power and through loss; they can discover new talents and new ways of self-reliance.

Don’t Depend So Much On The External

There is an emphasis on physical attractiveness.

Another of their biggest fears from this Zodiac sign is fear that others don’t see them as financially secure or unstable and sometimes make them feel like a failure, and they may take extra care of keeping up their outer appearance by spending large amounts of money on clothes as they want to come across as they look after themselves well, getting their haircut or style differently on a regular basis, they might change their make up every so often, upgrading their cars from time to time and other material items.

Every zodiac has traits and one of the traits of the Taurus, is that they might be a passionate collector and will like to collect things that will make them feel comfortable and secure in themselves, for example, it might be collecting limited edition coins that they like and know will increase value and will be worth more money in the future, or it might be paintings from a favorite painter.

Being a collector or someone who hoards can come from a scarcity mindset that makes them fearful to let things go. They can put their self-worth and trust in these possessions especially if they like to spend a lot of money on them and can be very possessive or obsessive over them.

There sometimes is fear and stress of being poor or not having obtained anything which could cause an element of greed or dissatisfaction with what they have will be the biggest fear for them and don’t want to feel they are losing their individuality and this easily scares them.

Everything Changes

Relationships and Possessions

Most Zodiac signs get energy from one’s personal relationships and possessions, energy from this particular sign can be sometimes found within relationships as well and they may feel overly possessive of their partners and personal relationships especially because their trust in the relationships is beneficial to them in some way.

People born under this sign is someone who dislikes sudden changes that happen frequently in their life; they are fixed on their values and can be someone who could come across as uncompromising and difficult towards you. There is a strong value on what is practical and comfortable.

An upheaval to their possessions, situations, and relationships could cause great resistance because it is their perception of what’s sustains them and they’ve typically gained it all through a slow and steady process. But resisting what needs to change will continue to result in its persistence keeping them in their biggest fear.

Anna Kovach is a master of Taurus men, and her book Taurus Man Secrets will help you out! This should be one of my go-to guides for anyone who’s looking to better understand the zodiac sign.


Every zodiac sign will have some sort of finances in their lives. Zodiac sign Taurus are people who must always experience the steps it needs to take to make serious financial decisions in their life. Because Taurus desires independent control over their personal finances and possession, you can find that they like to care for their pension making sure they are able to enter the world of retirement, comfortably and will naturally give them confidence. They are someone who is good with their money and always like to make sure they take a look at their finances and like to save for a rainy day otherwise they will think this as a failure in their world and they find themself easily getting stressed. It is important for them to:

  • Always be on the lookout for new resources
    ● Find new ways to earn a living
    ● Redefine their values or ways they relate to their environment


Another one of the Taurus’ traits from this zodiac sign are they dislike sudden changes and could find it hard to adjust, their biggest fears are change to a routine in their life, they feel it is great to have a rountine in a persons life as it gives struture and purpose as they feel this could lead to failure, this so practical to them and are passionate about because they are someone who wants to make the most efficient use of their time and get the most out of the day ahead they think this is a good idea, this could be having a set day that they go to get groceries, completing an exercise activity outside alone or with others, doing household chores, having a heart to heart conversation with a friend or reading a book by their favorite author. They like to do things their way. Without having this independence and these happy routines in their life it could give them anxiety with the feeling that they are losing their individuality and this easily scares them.

They often fear the thought of others wanting to interfere with their way of working or schedules could become a nuisance to their day. Detours in their day-to-day plans or goals can result in major frustration because they hate altering their schedule (especially at work) due to others getting involved and will find it extremely hard to adapt to. Taurus people don’t often take well to criticism from others and think of it as a failure and they will take it extremely to heart, especially when it comes to their working life. They completely rely on their own independence and judgment and having the thought of someone interfering and stepping in on their day-to-day plans scares them.  They are happy to have their own routine and work schedule on how they like to get things completed, alone and in their own time without anyone hindering. Taurus is an Earth sign and has the capability to see things from a practical and realistic perspective like Virgo and Capricorn which are other zodiac signs that are identical to the Taurus personality.

Beauty Creates More Beauty

Their someone who always loves comfort and beauty often so much that most of them have created cozy environments that they fear will be disturbed. They detest chaos and do their best to avoid messy experiences.

Taurus April 20- May 20. People born in these months are individuals whose personalities are always uncomfortable with uninviting, dark, and murky environments and they fear having to live or operate in these areas. They often prefer to explore alone and have the freedom and be on the outside and want to travel around to different places showing you so many different sceneries and are people who like to explore hidden locations around the world. This will give them instant comfort and make them feel good and happy.

How To Overcome Taurus Fears

 Taurus can overcome these fears by gaining good skills of self-sufficiency.

Practice and become adept in Taurus activities such as:

  • Growing your own food
    ● Making your own clothes
    ● Building a camp and other survival skills

What this looks like in modern times is living a more sustainable and minimalistic life. Also learning how everything works in your home such as your devices and appliances such as laptops for writing emails or to explore social media app such as Facebook.

Learning practical survival skills will often give you the inner security and stability you need to be comfortable anywhere.

Once Taurus people learn these good foundational skills that are necessary for the environment they inhabit they will always recognize the resiliency they carry from within. A healthy detachment from relying on possessions that are beyond food, water, and shelter for survival is important.

Other Taurus Fears:
– Chaos
– Ruthlessness
– Restlessness
– Impulsiveness
– The unforeseen
– The unexpected
– The otherworldly

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