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How To Make A Cancer Man Chase You - 9 Top Tips That Work

Are you interested in a cancer man and want him to chase you? But first, let me tell you that getting a cancer man to chase you is not an easy task.

How to get a Cancer man to chase you? – Anna Kovach has the perfect advice in her book “Cancer Man Secrets” for dealing with a romance with a Cancer sign.

He does not chase just after anyone because he takes his relationships very seriously. He is not looking for casual dating and wants a potential partner in life. This is why you need to make him see the potential in you to be his long term partner.

So, if you want a cancer man to chase you, you need to awaken the beast inside him. You should know that the men born under the crab sign are not the ones to fall in love at first sight.

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They will need to develop an emotional connection with you if you want them to fall head over heels in love with you. He will not enter into any sort of commitment with you unless he knows you well enough.

Although he is very affectionate and loving, he is always living in his own world and has different expectations from his partner.

He has a very unique thought process that no one can match. Therefore, if you want him to come after you, you must be unique as well. A cancer man looks for the qualities that he wants in his spouse. Some of these are:

  • Intelligence
  • Maturity
  • Kindness
  • Good nature

So, you must work on these qualities. Let me assure you that once the cancer man decides to chase you, be prepared for a long term relationship. Let’s take a look below at the different ways to make a cancer man chase you.

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How To Make A Cancer Man Chase You

Start With Friendship

A cancer man does not immediately fall for anyone. Love at first sight is a concept unknown to them. They need to be extremely comfortable around you to see you as a potential partner. Therefore, you should not directly approach them as a girlfriend. You need to start by being their friend first.

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You will need to gain their trust and confidence gradually and slowly. Among all the water signs, the cancer man is the one that needs constant reassurance and gentle love. Therefore, you will need to show them through your friendship that you are capable of offering it to them.

You need to tell them that they can be extremely comfortable around you. They can share anything with you and not fear judgment. When they will start depending on you emotionally and as a friend, they will start missing you more when you are not around. They would want to make a part of their life forever.

Therefore, do not rush into things and let them take the necessary time to drop their guard around you. This will create a bond between you two that is unimaginable.

If you’re seeking a Cancer man to chase after, be sure and check out Anna Kovach’s book “Cancer Man Secrets“.

Make The First Move

Although most cancer men follow the tradition of asking out the woman first, many remain hidden in their protective shells. Many Cancer men are the shy type who over-analyze things. They will not make the first move because they fear rejection. Even if they are interested in you, they will hold back their feelings because of the fear of rejection. This is why they need a lot of encouragement from your side if you want to make them chase you.

You will need to give them hints that you fancy them. This will make the crab come out of their protective shell and they will get the encouragement to come after you if they like you. But, even if you show your interest in a cancer man, there is a possibility that many will still not come after you.

This is because they over-analyze everything and are too shy to confess their feelings to you. They will fear that you will reject their feelings.

This is where you might need to up your game and make the first move.

Dress And Look Classy

The men born under cancer sign appreciate the beauty very much. This is why they want their partner to look stylish and classy as well. Beauty and style attract them a lot. So, if you want a cancer man to chase you, you must dress your best and look as classy as you can.

Let me tell you that if you are interested in a cancer man you must dress your best for them. Although a cancer man is not much conservative, they do not even like flashy clothes as well. Therefore, you must dress and look as decent as possible.

So, if you are trying to get a cancer man to chase you, then maybe you should upgrade your closet and style. Get everything classy and decent that will catch their attention and make them notice you more.

Do not go with clothes that will cause them and yourself embarrassment in front of anyone. This will only put them on their guard and they will back off.

Be Confident And Humble

Confidence is the key to attracting a Cancer man. A cancer man likes a woman who is confident in her own skin and does not need the approval of others. Although confidence is what would attract him, humility is what will make him chase you and stay with you.

A lot of people think that humility and confidence are two opposite traits but they are not. These two traits are interconnected. It is a great skill to achieve this combination perfectly and this is what will attract a cancer man. Thus, confidence and humility go hand in hand in attracting a cancer man and making him stay with you in the long run.

You can achieve this perfect balance of confidence and humility by accepting your flaws and shortcomings with perfect confidence. When you will accept your flaws and imperfections gracefully, he will find you both confident and humble.

When he will get to know how perfectly imperfect you are, and you are not even embarrassed about it, this will make him more interested in you. Your confidence is what will attract him. He will be more curious about you and will try to get to know you more.

Bear Their Mood

Cancer is the water sign. Therefore, people born under this sign are extremely moody because of the fluctuations in the Moon. They can go from being happy to sad in just seconds. Therefore, it requires a lot of patience to bear with the mood of a cancer man and not everyone can achieve this task perfectly.

You need to ensure a cancer man that he can be himself and have many mood swings as he wants around you. To make him chase you, you need to make him feel secure around you and show his bad side occasionally.

Thus, you will need all the patience in the world to deal with his intense nature and constant mood swings. You just need to give him some time to overcome his emotions and be normal again. It will make him appreciate you and he will want you in his life for a longer period.

He will get so attached to you that he will not be able to imagine his life without you. He will try everything that he can to keep you in his life and will be willing to chase you everywhere because of your understanding nature.

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Make Good Food For Them

Want to know the secret to a cancer man’s heart? Let me tell you that it goes through their stomach. Therefore, if you want to impress a cancer man to the extent that they come after you, you need to impress them with your good cooking skills.

A cancer man is an extremely home-person. They like to do everything indoor. Indoor activities are what attract them. So, try to plan more indoor activities with them such as cooking.

Invite them to dinner at your place. Make good food for them. This will impress them a lot. They will develop the feelings of affection towards you and even fall for you at some point later in life.

Make plan with them to cook together. Since they are home buddies, they will just love this intimate activity and will fall for you hard.

They will become so attached to doing and planning little things with you that they will not be able to imagine a life without you and come after you.

Take Interest In His Family

People born under the cancer sign are family people. They give great importance to their family. Family comes above everything for them. So, if you want a cancer man to chase you, you should take a genuine interest in the activities of his family and what they do.

A cancer man would want to know whether you will fit into his family or not. This is important because cancer men do not look for casual swings. They see you as long term partners.

Tell him about your family as well. Share the secret of your family with your cancer man. This will make him feel connected to you on a deeper level because cancer is an extremely emotional sign. Emotional connection is what matters the most to him.

The fact that you two can share things about your family is what will make him more interested in you. If you fit perfectly in his family, he would never want to let you go and will do everything that he can to chase you and make you stay in his life.

Do Not Try To Make Him Feel Jealous

A lot of people recommend you to flirt with other men if you want to catch their attention, but, let me remind you that this is not the case with a cancer man. So, you should never try to make them feel jealous of other men.

A cancer man is an extremely sensitive man who needs constant reassurance. Therefore, trying to make him feel jealous of other people will make him back out even though they like you in the first place.

When they find themselves in a competition with another man, this will completely turn them off and they will retreat in their shell. So, trying to make a cancer man feel jealous is a big NO!

Therefore, you need to make a cancer man feel as secure as you can about the relationship between you two. Once they feel like that there is no room for competition in this relationship and they are your number one priority, they will feel more attached to you and will try to initiate a relationship with you.

Be Patient

Last but not the least; do not rush into things with a cancer man. Give them the necessary time to be comfortable around you and create a bond with you.

Some cancer men are reserved and shy at the beginning. They need time to open up to you and show their interest in you. Therefore, if you are someone looking for fast results, this might not be possible here. You will get frustrated chasing them so you need to know that this completely normal.

Do not ask them tons of questions if they like you or not. This will only make the situation uncomfortable for both of you and being forced into things will be a huge turn off for the cancer man.

So, do not press a cancer man in chasing you. Give them time and space and if they feel the connection, they will come right after you. Pressurizing them into entering a relationship will only make them retreat even if they do like you. Thus, give them time to deal with his tangled emotions and let him come up with a decision of their own.

Do Cancerians like to be chased?

The Cancer is a shy and introverted person who needs to feel comfortable before they’ll let anyone in. The ones attracted towards Cancers are the people that put effort into making them happy, which eventually becomes reciprocated with love!

How do you make a Cancer fall for you?

  • Be polite and friendly 
  • Take it slow
  • Take action and make the first move
  • Flirt with him subtly 
  • Show him small signs of affection
  • Be patient with him
  • Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not
  • Be independent

Final thoughts

When it comes to committing themselves, a cancer man is very slow and takes all the time in the world. Therefore, you should be patient and give them all the time to find out their feelings over you.

There is a way to get Cancer men hot and bothered – read Anna Kovach’s book Cancer Man Secrets for some of her great advice.

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