How To Play A Gemini Man At His Own Game (5 Ways)

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Gemini is an interesting zodiac sign, and Gemini men often like to play mind games with you. A Gemini man will see if you’re too obsessed with him and will start playing hard to get.

However, there is a way to get around that. I recommend you start playing the same mind games to get one step ahead of him.

There’s a lot to discover about the Gemini man in Gemini Man Secrets, an awesome guide that explains everything you need to know about the zodiac sign! Discover tips and tricks for playing a Gemini at his own game! Well worth reading.

Here is how you can beat a Gemini man at his own game.

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Why Does A Gemini Man Ignore You?

Following are some of the reasons why a Gemini man starts ignoring you. 

  • He has developed an interest in something else.
  • A Gemini man may feel that other things are more important. 
  • He is no more interested in you.
  • A Gemini man loves to get attention from the people they like or love.
  • He has been hurt by you or is upset for some reason. 
  • A Gemini guy loves to test the patience of other people.

What Are The Signs That A Gemini Man Is Playing Mind Games With You?

If a Gemini man shows these signs, then you should know he is going to play mind games with you.

  • He is making you jealous.
  • Signs of unexpected things.
  • He starts flirting with other girls.
  • He is distancing himself from you or ignoring you.
  • Gemini man starts teasing you or taunts you.

Here are some of the tips on how to play a Gemini man at his own game

1. Stay Out Of His Radar

If you want some attention from a Gemini man, then don’t start texting him frequently. Show him that you are busy in your life and you don’t have time for long or late-night conversations. A Gemini man always wants to be approached all the time. I suggest you play hard to get, and if he texts, don’t answer back immediately. Take some time to text back. If he is truly in love with you, then he’ll start wondering where you have been and will call you to ask how your day is going. Don’t give him all the details and let him wonder what’s going in your life. Stay mysterious and you’ll succeed in this game. A Gemini guy would go crazy with curiosity when you start ignoring him like this. If you are not being an open book to a Gemini man, then he’ll want to spend more time with you so that he can get to know you better.

2. Live Your Life

Don’t beg a Gemini man to stay in your life. It’s like handing him a winning trophy for the game you both are playing. If you are not texting or calling each other, then you should start socializing and doing other activities that you love. If you become sad or lonely and start posting about your sadness on social media accounts, then this will boost his ego. You should never do this at any cost.

Give yourself some time, and start exploring new things. It’s not right for you to sit back at home and bore yourself while waiting for a Gemini man to entertain you. Gemini men love people who are confident and enjoying their life to the fullest.

Show him that you don’t need a man to make you happy, and this would be enough to make you look like a challenge to him. If you don’t give him the attention, he’ll feel like he is losing you and will find ways to start giving you attention and time.

You’ll find all the informations you need about this zodiac sign in Gemini Man Secrets. Check it out today!

3. Have Fun With Other People

This is the most common trick to make him come back to you. When you meet him, talk nicely and laugh with him but show him that you are not falling for his looks or behavior. If you show less interest in spending time with him and start having fun with other people, he’ll lose his mind. Keep things light and fun.

When he sees you socializing with other guys and how wanted you are in your social circle, he will start feeling jealous, and he will chase you more and more. Be careful while flirting with other guys in front of him; just light a spark of jealousy and don’t overdo it. He will want your time and will do anything to get in the competition with guys. A Gemini guy will start giving you more importance and attention to show much caring and nice he is.

4. Look Your Best

Whenever you are going to meet a Gemini man or whenever you are uploading pictures on your social media account, dress up and look your best. It won’t affect you if you give yourself some extra time while dressing up.

Looking great and dressing up nicely will also make you feel like a queen, and you will feel more confident in yourself.

Confident women are liked by everyone and it will give you more power to win the mind games your Gemini man is playing with you. You should look great in front of him to make him feel that you are beautiful and confident. If you look great, he will like you more and start chasing you.

5. Don’t Change Your Plans

Keep yourself independent and let him enjoy his independence. Do not change your plans and schedules for a Gemini man. Let him understand that your independence and freedom is just as important as his.

If you both are in a relationship or are thinking about getting in one, then both of you should know that giving each other their personal space is necessary. This way, your Gemini man will not get an upper edge over you and feel that you’re both equal. This will also help in building a successful relationship with a Gemini man. He will see you as a confident, independent woman who likes to have her space and freedom.

Gemini men are fun to be with, but I recommend you to stay confident and keep your composure around them. If you see any signs of a Gemini man playing mind games, you can get right back at him with these counters.

Gemini Man Secrets is a great guide, where you will uncover things about this zodiac sign that might even surprise you! It is an intresting read.

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