How to Make an Aries Man Obsessed with You - 8 Top Tips!

If an Aries man got you hot and bothered, I must congratulate you on your taste. The first sign of the zodiac is probably the bravest of them all. He is intense and full of confidence, and you will never see him back down from a challenge.

Ruled by Mars, Aries men represent the archetype of raw masculinity. They are fearless warriors, ambitious, natural-born leaders, and, most importantly, very passionate lovers who love flirting. 

If you’ve been wondering how to make an Aries man obsessed with you, I’ll have you know that you’re not alone. His natural humor and charm, fiery energy, and strength win him admirers everywhere he goes. 

To conquer the God of War himself, you will need to be an expert strategist and carefully plan your approach. Due to his rather impulsive nature, his interest in you can vanish as quickly as it appeared. 

Luckily, I’ve covered everything you need to know in this article on how to make an aries man obsessed with You. From the very first steps to make him notice you to the best ways to keep him hooked. Aries Man Secrets will also help you understand exactly what makes him tick. 

How to Make an Aries Man Obsessed with You

Aries men are all about the love, affection and sweet smiles. When you see him walk by look into his eyes with a genuine smile on your face to let him know you’re interested. 

1. Spark the Aries man’s interest 

The Aries man is decisive and has no problems going after what he wants. His fire element is a symbol for action, which means the Aries man does not wait for his queen. If you manage to grab his attention, you will become the prize. And since he loves a challenge and fast-paced approach to life. He will work hard to win you over. 

You should take your time with this step. It is important for him to believe you are not easy to get. For an Aries man, easy means boring. And if he’s bored, he’ll go looking for a more complicated puzzle. 

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind during this stage: 

  • Don’t try to make him jealous. 
  • Don’t make fun of him under any circumstances. 
  • Don’t ignore his texts or make him wait hours for a reply. 
  • Keep an air of mystery. 
  • Be subtle when you flirt with him. 
  • Position yourself as the prize. 

We’ve come a long way when it comes to courtship, and many women started taking the lead when they like someone. I love that women started asking men out, but that’s a mistake when it comes to the Aries seducer. All you need to do is tempt him and let him believe that you will put on a fair fight. 

2. Let him take the lead

Those born under the Aries zodiac sign are quite old fashioned when it comes to treating their romantic partners. This is the single, most important thing you should do when trying to seduce an Aries man. There’s nothing he loves more than a challenge, as he is on a never ending quest to prove he is, indeed, number one.

While you might want to make his job easier, this will push him away. If you make all the first moves, there will be nothing left for him to do. He can’t have any fun if you don’t let him prove himself. 

Aries is a cardinal sign, which means he is an initiator. He does not value things that are laid out for him to take. His drive to win you will increase the more you let him chase you. So make sure to put on an exciting game of cat and mouse. This will keep him guessing about your intentions, thus interested in you. 

Step into a more conservative role and let him come to you, text you first, and plan dates. You can subtly flirt with him and cheer him on in his attempts to let him know you’re interested, but don’t be too obvious. Let him simmer. 

3. Step into your feminine energy

There’s nothing quite as manly as this exciting Fire sign. Thus, if you want him for yourself, you will need to perfect your feminine act. Aries men love women who are fun and adventurous, strong and love to chase their dreams, especially if they’re passionate about their jobs. But he also needs to know he can be useful to you. 

Show up as your most polished self, and dress in a feminine and elegant manner. Carefully ponder your words, speak softly, and don’t forget to smile. The Aries man is a kind and generous soul, and he wants the same qualities in his partner. Yet, being loud, vulgar, or forceful will make him lose interest and get bored with you.. 

After all, a warrior means nothing if he does not have anything to protect. For him to feel useful, you need to let him be the hero of your story. This does not mean you should act like a frightened little dove, as he does not appreciate weakness. 

Instead, try finding a balance between damsel in distress and female wrestlers. Romantic relationships between Aries are more old-fashioned than those of other zodiac signs. Thank him for opening the door for you, and don’t tell him you find flowers cheesy. 

If you need some extra inspiration, here are the most compatible signs for an Aries man. Try channeling their qualities, and he will be yours in no time. 

  • The adventurous, free-spirited Sagittarius woman. 
  • The fiercely loyal, regal Leo woman. 
  • The social, highly intellectual Gemini woman. 
  • The tactful, harmony-loving Libra woman. 

These tips will help you get a hold of his attention. It won’t be long until he takes out his big guns in an attempt to impress you. If he decides he wants to get to know you a little bit better, the classy Aries will invite you out on a date. 

4. Wrap him around your finger

You should be responsive to him but keep it light-hearted and playful. Don’t be too eager and preserve an air of mystery. This means you should not get out of your way to accommodate him. If you already had plans for his proposed date day, don’t cancel them. 

Let him know what time would suit you better so he can work around your schedule. Moreover, make sure to let him do all the heavy lifting. Don’t recommend restaurants or date activities, as this is one of the first times the leader in him can shine. 

The best way to preserve his interest in you is by making him work hard to get into your graces. There’s nothing an Aries man loves more than a woman who will put his willpower to the test. There is no doubt that Aries men like things that catch their attention more than the average.

5. Preserve your independence

There’s nothing quite as enticing for an Aries man as a woman who can hold her own in a relationship. Make sure he knows you’re a strong woman who won’t accept disrespect from him or anyone else. 

If he’s out of line, sharply let him know with a witty remark without being aggressive. Make sure he knows that you’re not a pushover. His ideal woman is not afraid to stand her ground. If he pushes your boundaries, let him know. But do it with grace, without hurting his ego. 

You will need to be quite clever and patient. He will try to push your buttons to see how you react. Most Aries men are notorious for being stubborn and impulsive. He needs to know that you are strong and smart enough not to let him get his way every time in the relationship. 

A relationship with an Aries man is a lot like taking care of a toddler in the body of a hot man. You’ll need to be sweet and caring but firmly guide him in the right direction. He will cherish a woman with the same strong will and passion he has, as long as she can wisely express them. 

Check out Aries Man Secrets where you can uncover some additional tips that you can make use of to get an Aries man to chase after you. 

6. Become his side-kick

Some people might get annoyed by Aries’ unpredictable nature. He’s always on the lookout for his next challenge, is always confident and he’s not afraid to take risks for his satisfaction. His quicksilver manner could prove tricky to handle for more domestically-inclined women. 

So, if you want to make the Aries man obsessed with you, you can’t avoid getting your hands dirty. For him to declare you “the one,” you will need to meet him at his level. When he brings his blazing excitement into your life, you should welcome it. 

Be his cheerleader and respond to his challenges with a smile. Did he call you out of the blue to let you know he’s going hiking this weekend? Your hiking shoes are already packed. Your date is almost over, but he’s in the mood to take you to one of his favorite stargazing places in town? You found a place that rents telescopes a few minutes away. 

This is how you will let him know that you are his adventure partner and perfect match. Keep an open mind and let him know you appreciate his drive. Let him know you’re just as full of life, humor and determined to conquer any obstacle. This will show him he can count on you, and he will soon include you in all of his plans with his friends. 

7. Give him a taste of his dream girl

Aries men are notoriously non-committal. This is not because they wouldn’t like a long-term relationship. They do. But most of his dates fail to keep his attention. Many women don’t understand how important his entertainment is for him in relationships. 

The chase is the highest thrill for him. This is why you should never give yourself up completely. Stay mysterious whilst dating an aries guy this will get him chasing. He is yours for the taking if you can reinvent yourself and give him new puzzles every day. You can let him discover you, bit by bit, only to change up on him and surprise him with a steamy surprise. 

Check out Aries Man Secrets where Anna Kovach also reveals her to secrets on how to make an Aries man obsessed with you with some great flirting techniques.

Show him your best self and stay optimistic, but don’t be afraid to be the femme fatale once in a while. Flirt with him, keep him on his toes, be a little physical and playfully tease him, and then make space for him to come to you. 

By playing short, sweet games of hot and cold, you’ll keep him hooked. To get an Aries man obsessed show him new parts of yourself he can explore, and you’ll keep his mind racing. As long as he’s busy with figuring you out, he won’t have eyes for any other woman, and you can both have some harmless fun. 

8. Stroke his ego

Lastly, make sure to appeal to one of the essential parts of his personality. Aries men want the world to see them the way they see themselves. To be happy in a relationship, an Aries guy needs to feel like a hero, and he needs to know he is your only one. 

Without being too clingy, let him know how much you appreciate his qualities when dating. Let him know you’re rooting for him, whether in his career, hobbies, or social circles by doing this will make an Aries man fall in love with you and make the aries man miss you . His ego is very well defined, and you will need to attend to it. 

This means that you should make fun of him or criticize him in a way that could hurt his feelings. Because his emotions run very deep, he is more likely to take it personally than any other sign. Be considerate of his feelings and be very delicate with your words. A single misplaced joke with this particular fire zodiac signs could close his heart to you forever. 

And this rings especially true when it comes to other men. An Aries man will love knowing that his partner attracts many eyes because he will feel like he won the lottery. But he can also be very jealous. So you will be responsible for assuring him he is your only one every step of the way. 



The heart of an Aries man is a very precious thing to have, but it comes with heaps of challenges. If you want to be the one who finally tames the fiery ram, you will need to prepare for a monumental battle of wills. 

Keep your wits with you and think twice before you speak, and you will certainly grab his attention. Then, when he comes after you, give him enough to keep him hooked, but also save some to keep him interested. The hot-blooded Aries will jump through hoops to show you how much he cares. But you will need to keep the hoops coming. 

I’ve almost given up on a quick-tempered Aries before because I didn’t understand the way his brain worked. Luckily, as soon as I read Aries Man Secrets, it all came into place. You can keep an Aries man entertained if you let him solve you like a puzzle. But your relationship can only go to the next level when you do the same thing for him. 

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