How to know if a Taurus woman likes you back

How to know if a Taurus woman likes you

The Taurus woman is sensual and expresses nurturing, affection and seduction more outwardly than the male Taurus. She is a strong and independent woman who mentally matures quickly in life.

The Taurus in the zodiac is a fixed Earth sign. They are fixed in the sense that they can be very determined to not go against their own opinion, attitude or decision about something.

A Taurus woman is:
– Reliable
– Practical
– Focused
– Well-balanced
– Persevering

Like other lady Earth signs, a Taurus woman makes a plan for her life that allows her to not be under anyone’s control. She doesn’t take many risks that can threaten her security. When it comes to emotion, she is uncomfortable with being vulnerable and deals with her feelings internally. She prefers to appear capable and put-together as a provider.

Her calm nature is grounding and many people feel comfortable and relaxed around her.

Earth signs, including Taurus women, love what money can buy for them. As a fixed sign Tauruses can be hoarders of things that help them feel stable including hoarding money.

This sign is ruled by the planet Venus making them lovers of beauty. Venus is about love and partnerships. The Taurus woman likes someone who she feels is “equal” to her in terms of what she values, personal ambition and independence.

The energy of Venus, her planet ruler makes her a hospitable person. Her mindset is practical and logical. Because of her mature nature, Taurus women seem to know themselves what they want out of life and their relationships.

She doesn’t play mind games and like an Aries, she prefers for you to be direct and honest. She won’t forget and can hold a grudge.

Because she is clearly aware of what she wants, she is a powerful manifestor. She speaks things into existence and puts herself where she needs to be to get it.

She feels she knows what she deserves in relationships because Venus and Taurus represent our values and self-worth.

You will have to work to earn the love of a Taurus woman.

How do you know if a Taurus woman likes you?

If you sense a jealous streak from your Taurus woman when you’re talking to other people, this could be a sign that she likes you because of her possessive nature.

A Taurus woman is private when it comes to expressing her interests and opening herself up to others. She can be shy, so if she makes a move to start a conversation with you, this is a sign that she likes you. As the friendship builds she will feel comfortable to fully open up and show many sides of herself.

A Taurus woman goes out with you to get to know you first. She is patient and can move slowly. If she goes out with you again, she likes you, but she is discerning when it comes to choosing a long-term partner. She won’t waste her time if she can’t see a future or fit you into what she feels is her ideal relationship.

She strongly values her close relationships and if you want to know that a Taurus woman likes you, she will devote herself to you and stand up for you.

How do I make a Taurus woman fall in love with me?

She likes practical material things and she has good taste in these items that can be expensive. If you gift her a high-quality and thoughtful present like a good perfume or a spa gift basket she can connect to your attempts to gain favor with her.

She is a fixed sign meaning she values:
– Trust
– Loyalty
– Stability
– Consistency

She seeks financial security and romance. Show her that you are perfectly capable of making your own income. If you can help her feel secure with these qualities, she will feel safe to fall in love. Proving yourself to be tolerable, emotionally controlled and persevering is what she needs in a romantic relationship.

You must help her believe that you are honest and respectable. Show devotion.

She is family-oriented and somewhat traditional when it comes to love relationships. She would be excited to meet your family.

To try to win her heart, you will show yourself to be reliable and trustworthy.

A Taurus woman will appreciate you taking her to quality restaurants and could be impressed if you cook for her. She loves to indulge in the senses, so she loves to eat, shop, and be in nature.

Figure out how to get in her friendship or work circles. She can be naturally shy and reserved. Being around the people she knows will make you familiar to her and put her at ease when you try to pursue her.

She is also smart. She is a practical Earth sign, so it’s important to be mentally stimulating to a Taurus woman. She is delighted by someone who can teach or enlighten her in a humble way.

Signs that a Taurus woman is interested in you

A Taurus female is known for her sweetness and affectionate nature. She is not overly dramatic.

Outward seduction is her strong suit. She can entice you with a stare that draws you in. Pay attention to if she’s watching you.

The Taurus woman has an ideal relationship pictured in her head. She’s bull-headed and strong when it comes to her own independence and building stability for herself, but in a relationship, she may be compromising and harmonious. She will show you how much she loves you by taking care of the home and other practical duties involved with being in a relationship.

She will shower you with thoughtful high-quality gifts and she will be focused on you.

If she is interested in you, you have displayed to her a sense of security, comfort and long-standing stability. You have also shown that you can keep her secrets or be private and not boast about what you do together or what she has confided to you about herself.

She will make more time for you. She enjoys her routines and if she is interested she will make time in her schedule to be with you. She has no problem taking her time in choosing a mate because she needs to know if you are going to bring value to her life and it’s important for her to make the right choice.

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