how does a cancer man like to flirt

How Does a Cancer Man Flirt?

Is that cute Cancer man you know flirting with you or is it all in your head?

Today, I’ll answer that question. In this guide, I’ll tell you all about the flirting style unique to men of this zodiac sign so that you can determine whether that Cancer guy you love is flirting with you or if it’s something else entirely.

Keep reading to find out more about a Cancer man’s personality and how he will lay the moves on you when he catches feelings. 

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A Cancer Man Personality

In order to understand how a Cancer man likes to flirt, you must first understand his personality. Generally, a Cancer man’s personality is:

  • Shy

Often compared to a crab, Cancer men are notoriously shy. In fact, it’s rare that a Cancer man will make the first move. Instead, he will watch from afar before ever flirting. It’s hard for him to make a real emotional connection because he’s not sure if his feelings will be reciprocated. Therefore, it’s important to a Cancer man that he really gets to know you before he makes his move.

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  • Loving

When a Cancer man does, however, he will be extremely loving. Men of this zodiac sign will do just about anything for their partners. Once an emotional connection has been established, they will give their partner everything she may need. Even during the flirting stage, he will surprise you by how sweet he is and how much he really cares about you.

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How a Cancer Flirts

Knowing this, let’s take a deeper look at how Cancer guys flirt:

  • He Jokes Around

Humor is one of the main tricks a Cancer man will use to get you interested in him. If he’s constantly joking or goofing off around you, this is a clear sign that he’s trying to win over your affection. In essence, joking gives him a nice cover for his flirting and lets him show you his good side without too much fear of rejection. 

Still, underneath the façade of humor are likely deep feelings for you. For this reason, make sure to take notice if you suspect your Cancer man’s sense of humor has reached flirtation levels.

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  • He Gets Personal

A Cancer man may be reserved, but the more he likes someone, the more he will start to reveal. Little by little, he will open up about himself, his life, and his family so that you can see more of him. He’ll also expect the same from you. Gradually, he’ll start asking you questions about your personal life—a strong indication of his romantic feelings for you. This is because he wants to be involved on a romantic level with you, and one of the best ways to do that is to really get to know you personally.

You’ll be able to tell he is flirting by just how genuinely interested he is in flirting with you. Men of this zodiac sign will listen intently and remember the details of your life so that they can understand what it is their partner likes and show them appreciation later by giving it to them.

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  • He Gets You Alone

Men of this Zodiac sign have their own unique flirting style. One big part of this for Cancer men is getting you alone. A Cancer man is naturally shy, meaning this sign doesn’t want to flirt in big crowds. Instead, a Cancer guy will feel comfortable only in more intimate settings. These men will get you one-on-one before they start laying on the moves. Though it may seem like a little thing, this important step often means you are in good standing with a Cancer man and that he’s willing to show more of himself to you.

This flirting can be seen as more personal and attractive. If your Cancer man is always pulling you to the side while he’s getting to know you, it’s a definite sign that he’s flirting with you and is interested in a relationship. 

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  • He Gets Close to You Physically

Though he’s shy, a Cancer man will also want to make the most of his time by getting close to you physically. These men like being close to their partners or lovers. To them, it’s a great way to get to know their potential partner while also ratcheting up the heat. Men of this zodiac sign want to know what it’s like to be up close to you and will use their bodies as a flirting device.

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If you’re into that Cancer man in your life, you can respond by touch. Cancer men are really sensitive to touch, so this will help him get even more turned on by you. By playing your cards right, this is one of those things that could even lead to a relationship.

  • He Pays Attention to You

When a Cancer man is into you, you will be all that he can see. Instead of focusing on someone else, he will concentrate his attention on you. He will throw being shy out the window (in part) to demonstrate his affection for you. He will care for your needs, no matter how little they may seem, and he will let you take the time to relax and just be you around him. If there’s something he thinks you deserve, he will work to bring it to you. 

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This kind of flirting very obviously shows just how much a Cancer man likes you. If it feels as if your Cancer man is the one who always shows up in a clutch, it’s likely a sign that he sees you as not just a friend but as a woman also. 

The Bottom Line

Falling in love with a man of the Cancer zodiac sign? It’s time to see if he likes you, too. Getting to know a Cancer man can be a wonderful experience, but it’s not always easy to tell when they are flirting or when they are simply being nice. With the tips in this guide, you can see if that Cancer guy you like is a viable long term partner or if you just feel too much for him.

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One of the most loving of the zodiac signs, Cancer men are sweet and sensitive lovers. Make sure to reference this guide to see if you have a chance at a relationship with that cute Cancer in your life!

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