How Does a Virgo Man Test You - 4 Signs You Should Look Out For!

Virgo men are intense; there’s no denying it. Their minds are curious and can be pretty fascinating. They are adventurous and kind-spirited, but these qualities come at a cost. Their overthinking tendencies won’t allow just about anyone to get close, so most of their romantic interests will have to go through a series of hoops to get to their hearts. 

That’s because Virgo guys are most times riddled with anxiety, which stems from their need to always do the right thing. Yes, they are the ultimate perfectionists. So it makes sense that the women in their lives will be subjected to a series of tests before committing. 

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Understanding your man’s spiritual, emotional, and logical thought processes will help you keep your relationship strong, healthy, and exciting. In response to the question, ‘How does a Virgo test you?’ Below I provide details on his personality and communication style, as well as his love language. 

If you’d like to know how a Virgo man tests you, you’re at the right place. I’ll list a couple of the most common ways these natives might test your personality. But if you’d like to delve deeper into this subject, you’ll find a lot of helpful information in Virgo Man Secrets. It helped me quite a bit when dealing with one of them, and I bet it will do the same thing for you. 

1. He asks uncomfortable questions

Ruled by Mercury, these men have a curious mind and a child-like curiosity. But that’s just about where the resemblance to a child ends, as their minds can be pretty dark places. Their attention to detail and perfectionist tendencies make Virgo men the ultimate critics. 

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They can see your motives even more clearly than you see them, yourself. As they’re prone to overthinking and obsessing over minor things, it’s not uncommon for Virgo men to ask many uncomfortable questions. For example, when they think one of your stories doesn’t quite add up, they’ll assault you with an absurd number of questions, probing for the slightest mistake. 

Sometimes, they’ll ask questions just to shock you, waiting for your reaction . They don’t even care about the answers as much as they care about the way you handle them. These virgo guys what to see how you handle your body language. How calm you are, how fast you reply, whether you hesitate before answering – these are all factors that will be analyzed to death by a Virgo man. 

The Virgo man will test your emotional control. Virgo men have a tendency to keep their emotions close to the vest. They are therefore unlikely to select a partner who is prone to fighting or emotional outbursts, as this represents a danger to his emotional control.

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You may be asked about your past or what you would do in a hypothetical situation by the Virgo guy. His attention is focused on your answers, but he’s also watching your body language, looking for any hesitations that might reveal the truth. It is likely that he is testing you, even a little, when his questions seem probing. However, this is unavoidable. Therefore, stay calm and be honest.est. 

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2. He asks questions that he already knows the answers to

One of the most common tests a Virgo man can put you through is to ask questions when they already know the answer from a different source. They do this to ensure that you’re telling the truth. Whenever they ask a seemingly random question, such as what kind of coffee you have today, they’re not only making conversation. 

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By now, you should already know that they don’t enjoy small talk. So you can be pretty sure that he already knows the answer and is just making sure you’re telling him the truth about it. Honesty is a pretty big deal for these natives; if they start doubting you for any reason, they’ll start obsessing over it. 

There are few people out there who lied to a Virgo man and managed to build the trust back up. And, to be honest, I seriously doubt Virgo guys would be able to forgive a lie from a romantic partner. 

What about future conversations? Does he avoid them? It’s a red flag if your Virgo man ignores you when you talk about the future but seems to enjoy having fun with you. It’s either because he’s afraid to lose you or because he’s going to leave once he’s had his fill of the party. 

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This zodiac sign takes responsibility very seriously, and they always show up when you need them. Due to this, Virgo men expect you to be consistent with your actions, words, and character. You are likely to find a partner or suitor who explores the meaning of duty. While he will want to find out if you are dependable, he will also take care not to go overboard. 

3. He stages situations to test your morals

There’s a reason why the symbol for Virgo is the maiden. It signifies being pure virtuous. Virgo’s internal monologue subjects them and the people around them to such harsh criticism because they’re concerned with doing the right thing. In everything they do, they try to be morally sound. 

To sleep well besides a woman, they will need to know she’s sharing this ideal. This is why Virgo men have no issues staging different situations to assess how righteous you are. These can range from asking you to lie to your friends to cover for him to put you in embarrassing situations in public.

It’s helpful to remember that these men wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they thought they didn’t act according to their values. If something about his actions doesn’t seem quite like him, he might be testing your virtues. These might include patience, honesty, temperance, modesty, generosity, loyalty, or whatever else he might consider a pillar of his identity.

Trauma in a Virgo man’s life usually causes him to withdraw inside of himself and think long and hard before moving forward. It is crucial to realize that you may be driving him away by failing to recognize what he really needs from a relationship. 

Because they are ruled by the earth sign, they may not have the chance to express their territoriality to their loved ones all the time. The Virgo man places fidelity above all else. If they feel like their love is only one-sided, they can easily leave you. It can be difficult to convince a Virgo guy to take you back once they’ve moved on.

Emotional intelligence is the art of analyzing and controlling your emotions so as to gain positive results. Virgo men don’t necessarily gauge you in this area, instead, they focus on how you handle challenges with keen attention. It could be anything from stress to disappointment, and even failure. It is in situations like these that the Virgo man proves his loyalty to you.

This test will make a Virgo man miss you. His goal is to see how long it will take you to reply to him. Don’t be afraid to text or call him and start a conversation. Show him that you care about him. 

4. He contacts you for seemingly innocent reasons

This is probably one of the sneakiest things Virgo guys do. You can sometimes hear them hissing through the phone, if you listen close enough. You’ll often receive texts or phone calls from a Virgo man, which will generally seem cute. You probably won’t even give it much thought – “oh, here’s a meme he sent, that’s so funny.” 

But there will be times when you’ll notice these little memes are followed by a series of probing questions. They could be expertly concealed by compliments, date plans and loving emojis. But their main goal is probably finding out where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, what did you have for lunch, and whether you still like him. 

They can’t help him. The constant overthinking coupled with their never ending quest for perfection makes them supremely insecure. The nagging in their head won’t let them have any peace until they feel like they’re in total control. 

And that means that they’re also looking for trouble where there isn’t any. Better get a head start at finding those problems, before they have the chance to just appear and disrupt your schedule, right? Right? 


These are the main ways in which a Virgo man will try to assess your value. It’s not uncommon for them to try all of these, along with their own, unique ways of determining your worth. 

Their attention to detail is out of this world, so make sure to match it if you want to succeed. A lot more information on how the mind of a Virgo man works can be found in Virgo Man Secrets. It will certainly shed some light on why he does certain things, so it will be an invaluable tool in establishing a strong relationship with him. 


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