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how do you make a taurus woman obsessed with you

Taurus is an earth sign that likes to keep things simple in its life. These women don’t like drama and won’t follow their romantic suitors around like a thirsty puppy.

Do you want to know how to make a Taurus woman obsessed with you?

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But if she’s interested in you and excited to take things to the next level, she won’t say no to a romantic challenge.

Here’s how to make a Taurus woman obsessed with you.

How to Make a Taurus Woman fall For You?

If you pay attention and do not stray from the path, making a lady Bull fall for you can be simple. But remember that if you do something that turns her off, you won’t be hearing from her any time soon.

Chemistry is important, but you are most likely to get her attention after following these tips.

Smell good.

The Taurus zodiac sign experiences life through its senses. That’s why Taurus women are first interested in whatever turns their senses and what could be better than a yummy perfume.

You get this woman’s attention if you leave a heavenly trail for her nose.

Taurus loves subtlety, so avoid assaulting her senses with cheap cologne, though, as this will only push her away from you.

Look good.

Venus rules Taurus, the planet and goddess of beauty and good taste, so you want to look good to make her heart skip a beat. 

The Taurus woman’s head will be turned if you look clean, stylish, and neat.

So make an extra effort and go to the hairdresser, wear formal attire, and take a few turns in front of the mirror before you meet her.

Taurus women love a person with style, and providing her with mental eye candy will instantly make her fall for you.

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Be funny.

Another way to get a Taurus woman interested is to show her how fun and relaxed you can be. Make her laugh! And not just little giggles but deep belly laughs!

This woman aims to have a pleasant, satisfying life, so if you can prove to her you are on the same page, she’ll think highly of you and will be interested in something more than just a date.

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Compliment her.

A Taurus female loves to hear how she’s witty, gorgeous, funny, etc. So make sure you say something nice about her looks or personality every chance you get, as this goes a long way with a Taurean woman.

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Let her know you’re loyal and independent.

Taurus women dig independent and stable people who work hard and play hard, just like themselves. If you prove to stand on your own two feet, you’ll get her hooked.

Remember that no Taurus woman seeks out a partner who needs someone else to pay their bills! 

So, regardless if you are looking for something casual or more serious, make sure she knows it.

Buy her flowers.

Taurus is a Venus ruled sign, so this girl likes the whole flowers and chocolate thing. 

She is a romantic woman and has a deep appreciation for nature, flavors, beauty, and pleasure, meaning that a lovely bouquet could be a perfect present to court her.

Try it after a lovely date, and she’ll melt.

Send her suggestive texts.

Only do this after receiving very clear signs that she is okay with it. The Taurus woman is sensual and likes heavy flirting and sexy text messages.

These sexy exchanges will keep the passion alive and reveal her strong sexual appetite. If she finds you attractive and is into it, this will keep her interested.

Make your home a palace of sensual delights.

If you invite a Taurus lady to your place, make sure to make it as comfortable, good smelling, and appealing to her senses as you can.

Buy vanilla scented candles, play mood music, use silk sheets…

And of course, don’t forget good food and a nice bottle of wine! This is essential to make the Taurus’s world rock with excitement.

What to Avoid When Trying to Attract a Taurus Woman

Do not get too comfortable if everything seems to be going well with your attempts to seduce a Taurus woman.

If you do the following things, you can undo everything, so pay attention! She won’t run away at the slightest faux pas but avoid these particular ones.

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Pay for the bill unless she insists on paying half of it.

Female Taurus is old fashioned, and even though it looks antiquated for the man to pay the bill at the end of a date, this is something that she really appreciates.

This woman loves to be pampered, and paying everything without making a big deal of it will make her realize that you are not stingy, which is important to her.

She may want to cook you dinner next time or treat you with a delicious dessert in return. She will reciprocate your efforts if you show her that you are worth the investment.

Don’t move too quickly.

Taurus women have a slower pace than everyone else, so rushing her will get you nowhere. If you want a Taurus woman to chase you, use a low key seduction approach and take things slow.

Let her determine the pace of this romantic pursuit so you’ll know when to accelerate things.

Don’t be aloof.

If you try to play it cool and don’t call or text her for days, she might put you in the friend one or write you off.

Show her that you are interested, especially during the first stages of the relationship. Don’t act detached when dating a Taurus woman, either. Just be your charming self.

Never cheap out.

If you’re trying to have a successful date with a Taurus woman, make sure you meet her standards.

Choose a classy place with a nice ambiance. Never go to a McDonald’s or 24-hour diners!

If you want to buy her a gift, don’t get her a cheap version. She will quickly notice and make a mental note that will cost you a few points.

She doesn’t expect expensive things, just tries to be classy and not cheap.

Don’t waffle.

Taurus women know what they want and expect that you do too. So don’t be flaky or make her wait. She needs a steady presence in her love life.

If she finds you unreliable, she’ll assume you’re not serious or into her and quickly lose all interest.

Don’t be clingy.

Being available and straight forward is not the same as being needy. Never forget that Taurus women are independent and like you to be the same.

Don’t call her or text her every five seconds, or she’ll run away from this relationship before you can do something about it.

How do you turn on a Taurus woman sexually?

Taurus women are sensual and love anything that triggers their senses. So a nice cologne and a neat haircut are great aphrodisiacs for this girl. Avoid being stingy and treat her like a real lady so you’ll keep her completely interested.

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