How to Know a Sagittarius Guy Is Serious about You

How to Know a Sagittarius Guy Is Serious about You (6 ways to tell)

Googly-eyed over that dreamy Sagittarius guy in your life? I don’t blame you! Sagittarius men make some of the best life-partners, but they’re not always easy to read. More often than not, it can be hard to tell if a Sagittarius guy likes you.

So what can you do?

In this guide, I’ll tell you some clear signs that a Sagittarius guy is into you and go over some of the qualities that these men like in a woman. Keep reading to find out some helpful tips to securing that lasting relationship with a Sagittarius man. I also recommend downloading Sagittarius Man Secrets, where you can also discover even more valuable advice.

What A Sagittarius Guy Likes

Before I go any further, it’s important to make clear what exactly it is that a Sagittarius guy likes. Males of this Zodiac sign are unlike any other in that they are both socially distant and extremely loyal to those they love. Falling in love with a Sagittarius man means putting up with both ultra-rational and reserved behavior and exciting and unpredictable acts of kindness.

Generally, Sagittarius men are looking for the same in you. These men want women who can engage with them on an intellectual level while also providing an understanding social shelter for them. Strict in their moral codes, Sagittarius men also want women who dignified and mannered. Being confident is another big boost for Sagittarius guys—so make sure you are all of this before trying to woo that Sagittarius man in your life.

What A Sagittarius Guy Likes

Keeping all this in mind, it’s time to see just how a Sagittarius man in love act.  

1. He Will Compliment Your Intelligence

One of the biggest signs a Sagittarius man likes you is him complimenting you on your intelligence. If you’ve spent time around a Sagittarius man, you already know that he lives in his head.

These men are forever engaged in intellectual pursuits and even see their love lives through that lens. It comes as no surprise, then, that one of the ways a Sagittarius man will express his love is by complimenting your intelligence.

If your Sagittarius crush is doing this, it’s a clear sign that he likes you.

Accordingly, if a Sagittarius man loves you, he will want to make conversation with you about deeper topics: politics, religion, philosophy, etc. He may also ask for your opinion on a variety of matters.

If he does, you should take this as a sign that he respects your opinion and intellect (and possibly even likes you).

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2. He Will Include You in His Plans

When a Sagittarius man wants you, he will begin to include you in his plans. This means asking you to go with him to different places (even if it’s not exactly a date) and generally making time for you even if he’s busy.

As anyone who’s ever seen a Sagittarius man in love can tell you, men of this Zodiac sign are more than willing to abandon whatever they are doing to help out the person they love.

If you feel like the Sagittarius man you like is into you, ask yourself this question: how much time does he spend with you of his own accord?

If he’s always by himself, never contacts you, and only sees you at work or some other place, these are signs that the relationship may not be going your way.

If, however, he wants to be with you throughout the day, asks you to accompany him in his free time, and makes time for you when you need it, it’s a sure bet that he considers you more than a friend.

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3. He’ll Be Relaxed Around You

Sagittarius men are natural introverts and tend to keep to themselves regarding a variety of social issues.

If a Sagittarius guy is relaxed around you, then, this is a hint that he may be into you. For sure, this indicates that he wants to know you better because he trusts in his security around you.

Remember that he doesn’t just let his guard down for anyone.

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You’ll know a Sagittarius man is relaxed around you when he begins to tell you more about his personal life, wants to see you more and demonstrates more open body language around you. All of this suggests that he wants to get to know you on a deeper level—potentially on a romantic basis.

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4. He Will Contact You Online

Sagittarius men are typically more reserved than other males. This means that he may reach out to you online at some point—but only when he’s into you. If a Sagittarius man you’ve been talking to wants your social media or contacts you there, it’s an indication that he trusts you and has feelings for you enough to want to speak to you more. He may also ask for your email address or phone number (when he’s ready).

All of this is good news for you, as they are clear signs that a Sagittarius man is into you. Make sure to capitalize on the opportunities he gives you to deepen the relationship and make the most of your time together.

Anna Kovach’s Sagittarius Man Secrets will help you understand the habits of this open-minded, romantic zodiac sign. Whether they’re dreamy or doting—it all depends on which one they are!

5. He Will Make You Laugh

Sagittarius men are known for their strong wit and humor, though they generally don’t share it if they don’t like you. If your Sagittarius man is always making you laugh, this is a clear sign that he wants to be with you. Can you recall a time or two when this has happened to you? Don’t take it for granted. Constant displays of humor, especially when combined with the other factors on this list, indicate that your Sagittarius crush is falling in love with you.

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Importantly, your potential relationship will go much farther if you are able to make him laugh in return. If you feel like your crush likes you back, make sure to offer your own sense of humor—you’ll be surprised at what it can do for your relationship.

The Bottom Line

Falling in love with a Sagittarius man can be a rollercoaster of emotions, especially if you can’t tell if the guy likes you in return. Fortunately, there are a number of signs that indicate whether a Sagittarius man loves you. In this guide, I went over crucial aspects of a Sagittarius man’s behavior when he’s falling in love with you.

Feel like your Sagittarius man likes you? Use this comprehensive guide and Sagiattrius Man Secrets to find out for sure!

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